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What Is Muscle Tone? How To Increase Muscle Defintion And Density For A Rockin' Hard Body

What Is Muscle Tone? How To Increase Muscle Defintion And Density For A Rockin’ Hard Body

PinExt What Is Muscle Tone? How To Increase Muscle Defintion And Density For A Rockin Hard Body

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(I am itching for a vacation. Here is a picture for great motivation to stay in shape!)

It is extremely important to understand what is muscle tone is so we can move forward and develop an effective way to achieve it. Let’s first define it.  Muscle tone = residual muscle tension or the continuous and passive contraction of the muscles. What this means is that true muscle tone is when your muscles look tense and flexed in a relaxed state.  This happens when the nervous system is actively tensing the muscle even when you aren’t doing anything.   

Strategizing Mind To Muscle Link For Greater Muscle Density

If someone is looking to increase muscle tone in a certain part of the body, elevating the nerve impulses to that area will be the goal.  Contrary to what you may have been told, great muscle tone is actually a side effect of an alert nervous system.  The more you have a mind-to-muscle link when lifting weights, the more toned the muscle will be.

Lifting Soup Cans For High Reps Are Not Effective For Muscle Tone

 Once you understand this piece of information, you will be light years ahead of conventional training advice.  Trainers completely drop the ball in this area of fitness. I would guess that about 95% of trainers have their women clients lifting light weight for high reps to increase muscle tone.  When someone is lifting in the higher rep range, they will experience a “pump” which creates a temporary illusion of muscle tone.  The moment the “pump” subsides, muscle tone will be gone as well.  Muscle tone of this fashion will typically be gone a couple hours after you are done weight training.  Now if you want muscle tone all day and not just in the gym, then you will need to have a different approach.

You Need To Lift Heavy Weights For Muscle Tone!

I’m sure that statement alone will have women running for the hills in fear of “packing on muscle” like a man. Please, give me a moment to explain and I will save you from the heartache and frustration of working your butt off in the gym without getting the results you want.  So take a deep breath, sit back and remember….you are not going to get huge muscles this way.  Now, back to the nervous system! Muscle tone will greatly increase because the nervous system will be activated more from lifting heavy weights.  There is a two-fold reaction to get to this point.  The two ways to lift heavier weights is by increasing “muscle size” or increase efficiency of your nervous system.  You obviously do NOT want the increased muscle size so you will have to learn how to get progressively stronger for muscle tone.  This can be done by lifting in the 3-5 rep range for 5 sets.  Follow a basic strength training routine, but immediately hit the cardio in a very intense manner. I like high intensity interval training so you aren’t in the gym for hours and hours.  I  also recommended cutting back on the junk and implementing fasting to drop even more body fat.  In summary; cut back on the calories,  lift heavy weights for low reps, get stronger for amazing muscle density.

Here is a quick video that explains how HIIT is done.

 0 What Is Muscle Tone? How To Increase Muscle Defintion And Density For A Rockin Hard Body

 If you want a variety of HIIT workouts, these guys have it all. Just a suggestion:  Turbulence Training

Why Don’t Most Heavy Lifters  Have Muscle Definition

Another factor to consider is the presence of too much body fat.  What is muscle tone to you if you can’t see it? It doesn’t matter how hard you work to increase definition if you have body fat that covers it.  This is a big reason why you don’t see a whole lot of really defined men at the gym.  These guys are trying to get as big and strong as possible, but neglect any type of cardio and are eating like pigs.  This isn’t your goal as a man or woman.  You want good muscle definition without the bulk so your focus will be on gaining strength while losing fat.

PinExt What Is Muscle Tone? How To Increase Muscle Defintion And Density For A Rockin Hard Body


  1. I think you have the magic formula. Lifting heavy with low calories will turn anybody into a fit looking muscular body .. ever since I started doing that I haven’t looked back

    • thefitnesschronicle says:

      I have not looked back either. You said it man. One simple principle really makes your workouts worth the time and effort.

  2. Great tips for increasing muscle tone. This is certainly a misunderstood area in the mainstream. Low reps, heavy weights, and a lean body are where it’s at!

  3. That’s a great explanation of muscle tone. It’s amazing how many people think you need to lift light weights for high reps to improve muscle tone, which is completely false as you say.

    Just one question; you say you can increase strength either by increasing muscle size or by increasing the efficiency of your nervous system. I understood that you could actually increase the strength of your muscle fibres, without making them bigger by training in the 4 – 6 rep range, whereas using reps of 1 – 3 was more for increasing nervous system efficiency – so two ways you could become stronger without increasing muscle size. Would you agree with that?

    • admin says:

      Low rep ranges with a lot of rest between sets is where you will increase strength, muscle density (tone), and increase nervous system efficiency (where the muscle looks slightly flexed in a rested state). If you just lifted for strength for an extended period of time you will indeed create muscles that are hard as a rock. There will still be some growth but no way near noticeable like what you would see when training for mass (high reps, low weight, short rest). So yes… training for strength really isn’t increasing the size of the muscle but is making it more dense. Great question. Are you following the Visual Impact program?

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