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Want A More Attractive Face? Lose The Extra Body Fat

Want A More Attractive Face? Lose The Extra Body Fat

PinExt Want A More Attractive Face? Lose The Extra Body Fat

Did you know that you naturally have a more attractive face hidden under that stubborn layer of fat? When you are overweight or obese, you lose a lot of the features that makes your face unique and strong. Take a moment and evaluate some of the prettiest and handsome celebrities, models, athletes, and you will notice that they all have relatively low body fat. Staying lean enhances their face. So if your overall body fat levels are too high, your face will reveal it but in a negative way. A chubby neck seems to blend in with the face while your jaw line and cheekbones are hidden under the extra fat. Not a good thing!

lars burmeister male model 09202010 33 820x1097 224x300 Want A More Attractive Face? Lose The Extra Body Fat

( I will show you what happens to a face when body fat levels are too high within this post)

I Don’t Need Life Insurance…I Need Lean Insurance

I know a lot of people will be able to identify with this because I see it everywhere. I don’t know of anyone that likes it, but so many people carry it. So what is it??? Aaahhh the “double chin.” Having a pudgy face is one thing, but adding the double chin is dreadful. So do you want to make sure you never get that awful face accessory? This is what I call having “lean insurance.” Work to stay lean and fit for the rest of your life will “insure” you from developing a double chin.

Gravity Can Turn That Double Chin Into A Turkey Gobbler

If you continue to allow extra body fat take hold of your body, gravity will eventually have its way with you. Over time the extra fat on your face, neck, arms, belly, legs, etc will sag at an even faster rate. Don’t give it that extra foot hold. Staying fit all year round will help you keep your youthful appearance for a much longer period of time. Think about your high school days! I don’t often mention the college days because that is about the time where most people “blimp out.”

att0034111 Want A More Attractive Face? Lose The Extra Body Fat

(Can you see how Val Kilmer’s cheeks and jaw line are hidden since he gained weight)

What Women Consider Handsome

Women really like a sharp and angular face. This is created when someone has a strong jaw line, chin, and cheekbones. This square jawed look is very masculine and can be found on those who have low body fat. Even though some people’s features stand out more than others, the principle is still the same. Think about some of the “handsome” celebrities. They indeed have these characteristics. Getting lean will make your face more kissable and not used at the expense of others to pinch your pudgy cheeks.

What Men Consider Pretty Or Beautiful

Women’s faces can also be enhanced when they are at a lower body fat. Models understand this when preparing for a photoshoot. Men like a slim face with dominant features but only to a certain extent. I don’t like it when women enter or train for fitness competitions. It’s impressive in the fact that it is difficult to do and requires a lot of dedication. But let’s be honest, it looks terrible and their face take on a very masculine shape. This is not good for the ladies.  If a woman has a more defined six pack than me, I am officially grossed out. End of story! Aim for more suitable levels like Jessica Biel. She is a really fit woman but still has soft and feminine features. Trust me, guys like it.

Attractive Face Want A More Attractive Face? Lose The Extra Body Fat

(Charlize Theron looked terrible after having to gain a lot of weight for “Monster”)

You Can’t Fool Me With That Face

I don’t know too many people that understand this, but did you know that your face and abs are almost in direct correlation? Looking at someone’s face is a dead giveaway to the state of their abs. If someone has a pudgy face with a blurred or almost absent jawline, I can guarantee you they don’t have a toned six pack. It is nearly impossible to have a chubby face and be in phenomenal shape. This is why I can instantly look at someone’s face and be able to determine if they have low body fat.

Style And Fashion Is Sacrificed With Excess Weight

Whether you have 30-50+ pounds to lose or just 10 pounds, you have a much more attractive face under that fat. Think about some great things to motivate you to lose it. Let’s take style and fashion as an example. When someone is lean they have a certain “hipness” to them in regards to style. They are able to wear and “rock” certain clothes that heavier people can’t pull off. This also goes for hairstyles. Lean men and women can go crazy with their hair and can somehow pull it off. If an overweight person does the same, it just doesn’t look right. For example let’s point out bald guys. For those who shave their heads, a chubby face can make you look like the Potato Head man. Meanwhile, a slim guy with a shaved head can still have a certain “GQ” look to them.

russel Want A More Attractive Face? Lose The Extra Body Fat

(Once again, see how a pudgy face takes away from his former masculine one)

Note: I don’t know how many people know this but I recently shaved my head. That is why I brought it up ahaha. I’m still trying to get used to it but I just can’t believe how cold I am all the time! I think I will have to update my “About” picture.

PinExt Want A More Attractive Face? Lose The Extra Body Fat


  1. A chiseled face definitely beats a pudgy one any day!
    It’s crazy but I often look at people with pudgy faces and wonder what they would look like with chiseled looks. Looking at Val Kilmer I am surprised. I still remember him in the movie “The Doors.” Now he looks like the heavier Jim Morrison…

    Great article.

    • thefitnesschronicle says:

      Val Kilmer….what happend to Iceman?? I know man I think the exact same thing. I was shocked when I saw pictures of him. They don’t even look like the same person.

      That is so funny that you mentioned bodybuilders. I was in a mall the other day and saw this huge ripped guy with a hat on and a pony tail looking at some Under Armour pants. One of the employees asked him for help and then all of a sudden…. a womanly voice came out. Aaahhh it was a women and she was huge. Her jawline and cheekbones were sharper than a Ginsu knife!

      Val Kilmer really surprised me. It was fun looking for pictures of celebrities that had to put on weight for movie roles and then comparing them to what they normally look like. It really is amazing how the face tells it all. Matt Damon in The Informant was a pretty crazy transformation.

    • Lavonn says:

      What a great reorsuce this text is.

  2. Cool post! not a topic often spoken about I guess it might offend a few people but certainly all you say is true. Fat face = fat tummy ..I thinks its natural attraction we are all attracted to fit looking partners as they give an impression of health and well being…which is what we all want .. the other extremes like bulky bodybuilders male of female and for a select few.

  3. The Underwear Body says:

    Good post and a point that people don’t really think about. When I was dropping bodyfat I had the vague notion of one day turning my one pack into a six pack, but I didn’t realise you actually get to be better looking as well.

    what happened to Val Kilmer?? In my head he’s still “Iceman”.

  4. Tory says:

    That’s really tihnnkig out of the box. Thanks!

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