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The Phase One Diet: The Only Proven Antifungal Diet To Combat Both Disease And Weight Gain

The Phase One Diet: The Only Proven Antifungal Diet To Combat Both Disease And Weight Gain

PinExt The Phase One Diet: The Only Proven Antifungal Diet To Combat Both Disease And Weight Gain

We have already established the role of fungus and its ability to cause weight gain and disease. We also know that sugar is yeast and fungus’ food of choice for fuel and growth. So it comes to no surprise that people struggle with weight gain since the approximate sugar consumption in Americans is close to 130 pounds a year. However, our sugar intake is only half the problem. Acquiring an antifungal diet that strategically restricts carbs, sugar, and other fungal contaminated foods while increasing foods rich in natural antifungals is of utmost importance. That is the only way to starve and kill the fungi. This is where the phase one diet comes to the rescue!

enjoying the sun The Phase One Diet: The Only Proven Antifungal Diet To Combat Both Disease And Weight Gain

(There is a strong sense of being free and refreshed when you are healthy. Some of you haven’t had that feeling in years. Like I have said before…you can’t put a price on good health!)

Move Over Fungus Hello Bacteria

Fungi’s role in increased weight gain and serious illness has only recently become a major issue since the elevated use of antibiotics, chemotherapy, and steroid therapy, has emerged.  Fungus used to be a common study in the medical field and within scientific literature but the popularity of virus’ and bacteria eventually shadowed the study of fungi. Bad idea!

Sugar Must Be Removed Or You’re Wasting Your Time

Many studies over the years have displayed fungi’s food of choice with the use of common lab mice.  Fungus grew and multiplied at alarming rates within the mice’s intestines. They also evaluated that mice who were given drugs or who had weakened immune systems were even more susceptible to infection in the intestines. What made matters worse is that the fungi eventually evaded the bloodstream and made their way throughout the body since the digestive tracts were taken over.

Why Cutting Carbs/Sugar Is Only Part Of The Solution

Low carb diets have been around for a long time and for good reasons. But, just cutting back on carbs doesn’t provide the right solution for weight loss or disease prevention. Otherwise I would simply just recommend the Atkins Diet program or something similar. The reason why I never recommend these other diets is because they are simply missing the point. An antifungal diet is the only real solution for starving and killing fungi. 

Certain Foods Can Actually Bind/Absorb Fungal Toxins

 Not only is it important to deny fungi infected foods like corn, peanuts, wheat, various grains, and other foods, but it is more important to include foods that have been known to be highly antifungal. Foods like carrots, broccoli, garlic, green apples, berries, coconut etc bind and neutralize fungal poisons and inhibits their toxic properties. This is the entire foundation of the phase one diet. Select foods that starve and kill fungus while removing their toxic properties from the body is the foundation of an antifungal diet. If you can’t afford the book, here is a simple outline of acceptable foods to eat during the first phase.

Example of Acceptable Foods For The Phase One Diet


2)FRUIT: Berries, Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime, Green Apples, Avocado, Fresh Coconut

3)MEATS: Virtually all meat including fish, poultry and beef

4)VEGETABLES: Fresh, unblemished vegetables and freshly made vegetable juice

5)BEVERAGES: Bottled or filtered water, non-fruity herbal teas, stevia sweetened fresh lemonade, freshly squeezed carrot juice.

6)VINEGAR: apple cider vinegar

7)OILS: olive, grape, flax seed, cold pressed virgin coconut oil

8)NUTS: raw nuts, including pecans, almonds, walnuts, cashews, and pumpkin seeds. Stored nuts tend to gather mold, so be careful!

9)SWEETENERS: Stevia, Xylitol

10)DAIRY: Organic Butter, Organic Yogurt, (use the following very sparingly) cream cheese, unsweetened whipping cream, real sour cream.

Note: The book has the complete diet with foods to avoid and what is okay to eat.

FL1sm The Phase One Diet: The Only Proven Antifungal Diet To Combat Both Disease And Weight Gain

The Fungus Link The Phase One Diet: The Only Proven Antifungal Diet To Combat Both Disease And Weight Gain

(I learned about the diet from this book. I received it as a present and read it from cover to cover in a day. I am still only scratching the surface in regards to fungi’s role in weight gain, illness, disease. I highly recommend this book to be in everyone’s personal library.)

This Diet Is The 1st of 3 Phases

This type of diet may come as a shock to most people and can serve as a wake-up call to realize what kinds of foods are contributing to their weight gain and illnesses. It will also help you recognize underlying food addictions. This will be the toughest and most restrictive out of the three phases but it is crucial that it is followed religiously. The first phase is meant to completely starve the fungus. The first time I went through it I stayed on it for 2 ½ weeks and was amazed at how great I felt.

What I Observed On The Diet

My sugar cravings were gone! I couldn’t believe it. I was amazed when I realized that some of the foods I was eating were directly causing me to crave more sweets, starches, carbs, etc. I also couldn’t believe how clear my sinuses were. It was the first time in years that I could fully breathe through my nose. Even though I was already in good shape, I noticed that I lost even more weight. I had increased definition in areas that I didn’t have before.

What YOU May Expect

I already ate pretty clean so the phase one diet was merely a fine tuning experience for me. Even though I never get sick, the diet definitely gave me more energy, better sleep at night, and clarity of mind. But…for those who need to lose a lot of weight or have some serious illnesses you may have to be on the first phase for a little longer.  It is normally advised to stay on phase one for about two weeks. If you feel better it may be due to one or two things: you have starved the parasitic fungi that need carbs, or you have avoided a certain kind of food that you are allergic to. If illnesses/disease are not clearing up by two weeks then you may have a deeper fungal problem. Therefore you may have to stay on it for a whole month before moving to phase two.

Herxheimer Who??

As you starve yeast and fungi, you may experience the “Herxheimer’s reaction.” This is a term to describe your body’s reaction to the microorganisms that spew out toxins in the bloodstream as they die. This sudden “die off” causes reactions in the body that are similar to the flu. There may be incidents where you develop skin outbreaks, rashes, aches, and chills. You may suffer from even worse symptoms than before. Don’t worry, this is a normal phenomenon. It is a good sign because it verifies that you have a fungal problem. As you are “cleaning house” you more than likely are going to feel worst before you feel better. Keep trucking with the antifungal diet and push through until you feel better and the symptoms clear up. For a lot of people it will be a night and day difference. Remember, you can’t put a price on good health! 

PinExt The Phase One Diet: The Only Proven Antifungal Diet To Combat Both Disease And Weight Gain


  1. Sounds interesting. Would be it safe to say that a person who follows a Raw vegan diet is close to the antifungal diet?


    • thefitnesschronicle says:

      Yes, but with an “asterisk.” What I mean by that… a lot of vegans have a very hard time with the diet because it is more of a high protein/low carb approach. Some vegans choose not to eat meat because of the misconception of it being healthier. So when meat is taken out of the equation I have found that people tend to consume much higher amounts of grains and sugar. So what they first thought as to be “healthy” is actually contributing to disease, weight gain, illness, etc. On the flipside, if someone is eating meat from the animals who were fed fungally contaminated grain, antibiotics, and pumped with growth hormones are still going to be affected by fungus. So ultimately a raw vegan diet can be antifungal, as long as it fits within the “included” and “excluded” list on Phase 1. It just may be a little more difficult without meat. I hope that answers your question. If not please feel free to ask me another. Thanks Sam!

    • Libby says:

      Now I feel sutpid. That’s cleared it up for me

  2. Great post, very informative. I did a similar anti-fungal plan a couple months back when studying Paul Chek and his information, amazing how much of a difference it makes when it comes to energy, focus, and overall feeling in your body.

    What was great for me was that I was already feeling great, and something like this just improved upon it.

  3. Minerva says:

    I get on this diet 2-3 different times a year. Especially right after the holidays.

  4. Karen Barlow says:

    I think it’s great that you have included this on your site! There are so many that need to know that fungus is the root of their illness! I started the antifungal diet last year. It saved my life. Literally. I had been diagnosed with a host of diseases including chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia,arthritis, sleep apnea, IBS(20 years) diabetes…just to name a few. Could not get out of bed. I had 3 children at home to care for. Then 2 days after I turned 44 last summer I had 2 mini-strokes. A good friend of mine had been studying the effects of fungus on the body for years and came to me and taught me all about it. Within 5 weeks of starting the diet, I went from not being able to easily get out of the bed due to joint pain to climbing 7,000 on Mt. Rainer with my husband. It was that dramatic. Fungal/yeast overgrowth is a HUGE source of most illnesses. But Docs are not trained to look for that. So they treat the symptoms and never get to the root- which is fungus.
    This is a blog of my journey: I hope it helps at least one. I went off the diet from March to July. Last saturday I restarted it so I am currently dealing with the “die-off”! It’s not fun but I know it’s a good sign that the yeast are being killed.

    • marla says:

      karen…thanks for sharing your story. i’m about to begin my journey on the antifungal diet and am so excited. i truly believe that this has been my problem for over 25 years. your blog is very informative and has great recipes!!! i especially love the music. thanks again!!

  5. Nicole says:

    This question may sound silly, but is this diet safe for people with low blood sugar? I am a little worried because I’m used to eating grains to raise my blood sugar level. Also, what would I take (instead of something with sugar) if my sugar gets too low? Fruit? Thanks so much for your help!

    • thefitnesschronicle says:

      @ Nicole
      Yes it is…but just like anything you will have to monitor yourself. For example, if you are going to use the diet strictly to starve and kill fungi you can still have green apples, berries, grapefruit, etc. Oh and honey but minimally (it has antifungal properties). Sorry for taking so long to reply! Please keep me updated on how you are doing with it!

  6. Diana says:

    I’ve had IBS since 20 yrs old, developed diabeties about 28 yrs old and now I HaveFibromyalgia. I’ve had it for years but I just didn’t know what it was. I case you dont, it’s feeling muscle pain just to have someone touch you or while lying down or walking to long or ANYTHING, JUST PAIN, PAIN, PAIN. I’ve had muscle pain in my chest through to my back to where i could hardly breath at three diffrent times. I’m in pain alot. However, my revelation is that – twice I have went on a High Protein Diet and found at both times my pain completely disapeared! and no more stomach problems. As a matter of fact I felt so well I played 3 hard games of volleyball and still felt wonderful the next day!
    I was sure, I was going to be hurting but I was’nt!!!! I have now learned that fugus may be the root cause of all my problems since it all started with my digestion. I am going to make a life change and do anti-fungal life style for good. Blessings to Everyone who has any kind and problems and I hope you change your way of life eating also. God Bless

    • thefitnesschronicle says:

      @ Diana
      That’s awesome! This is not an uncommon thing to hear when people understand that almost all of their diseases and illnesses is the cause of fugus and it’s mycotoxins. This is why it is painful for me to hear people say that low carb/high protein based diets are bad for you. Any time you go low carb, you are ultimately decreasing fungi/mycotoxin consumption. Please keep me updated on how you are doing and progressing!

  7. Sherry says:

    I have been eating fungus-free for about 3 months, and I love it! But, lately I’ve been reading about the health benefits of ganoderma, the “King of herbs”, from Asia. It sounded wonderful until I found out that it is actually a mushroom. A fungus! Is there any way of reconciling the seemingly opposing issues of antifungal eating and the incredible health benefits of ganoderma?

    • thefitnesschronicle says:

      Yeah, I will definitely lodo some research on it and will let you know what I find. Thanks for the heads up!

  8. Bri says:

    Does this book say anything about green tea? Should that be restricted too? I didn’t see it on your beverage list.

    • admin says:

      For phase one tea is excluded. Except non-fruity herb teas (ex organic althea root, burdock root, chamomile, chicory (in tea), comfrey, ginseng, hibiscus)
      Sorry for the delayed response.

  9. Rhonda Corley says:

    Do you think this may help with restless legs and insomnia?

    • admin says:

      @ Rhonda Corley
      Yes absolutely! If you didn’t know already, you may have a magnesium deficiency. A lot of readers have had success with Natural Calm to combat insomnia.
      There are also several supplements to consider if sleep is a problem. Common herbals include mucuna pruriens, chamomile, passionflower, and valerian root. L-tryptophan and GABA are classic sleep promoting amino acids that may prove effective for most people. Inositol in sufficient quantities is a surprisingly effective sleep compound in the B-vitamin family. Melatonin is a hormone that regulates the sleep cycle and is available as a supplement, (NOTE: Melatonin, though effective, is a hormone. I, therefore, recommend against using melatonin on a continuous, chronic basis in order to prevent any possible diminishing of the body’s pineal gland.)
      Please keep me updated on how you do. I would love to hear the results!

    • Karen Barlow says:

      YES! I had both before going on phase one. ( Along with quite a few other things!)

  10. Jason Mesmer says:

    My brother suggested I might like this post on fungus. He was totally right. This post truly helped me out understanding the fungus link to disease. You can not imagine simply how much time I had spent looking for this info! Thanks!

  11. Natalee Warren says:

    Hi, I’ve gone on this diet before, about 1 1/2 yrs ago. It really cleared up some sinus issues I had but they are coming back now. However, I am breast feeding, do you have any input on doing the diet while nursing? Thanks for any help.

    • admin says:

      @Natalee Warren
      Yes, the sinus issue was a huge thing for me. If it is coming back…just get back on phase one and get on your antifungal supplements. If you are nursing I don’t know how it would hurt you. On the diet you will be eating pretty darn healthy. Give me a little bit for some research so I can figure out if there is something I’m not thinking of at the moment and I will get back with you.

  12. Sue J says:

    Hi – I had problems with yeast many years ago and managed to clear it after 18 months with diet. I had shingles earlier this year and it has returned again big style. The problem is I am hearing and reading a lot of contradictory information. I am vegetarian and have been living on only quinoa, rice, vegetables, the odd egg, salad and water.

    Some information sites and books say you can have citrus fruits – others only lemons or limes. Some say yes to raw unpasturised honey – whilst others say its an absolute no-no, same with cider vinegar, beans, wholemeal foods (i.e. pasta) and fruit. You think you are doing the right thing for a week, then learn that apparently what you’ve been taking was wrong.

    It’s difficult enough obtaining vitamins because some include lactose (I’m intolerant) and beef gelatine in the capsules, or wheat etc. I would be so grateful if someone could please recommend foods that are satisfying yet anti-fungal.

    • admin says:

      @ Sue J
      I hear your pain. A lot of information on nutrition with regards to disease make little to no sense. This happens because most researchers, dieticians, etc don’t know mycology. If fungus is indeed the root cause of all diseases then recommending foods to people that simply fuel fungus and allow it to proliferate doesn’t make sense. With that being said, I’m not going to knock vegetarianism but I have found that it can be very difficult for vegetarians to battle yeast/fungus. I’m not saying that it can’t be done….just a lot more difficult. I didn’t list the entire phase one diet in the post because it is in the book but I can still help you out and move you in the right direction.
      Fruit: green apples, berries, avocados, grapefruit, lemons, limes: Why? They are amazing antifungals
      Honey: Of course raw is the best but honey is too antifungal. However, too much can still fuel fungus. So just to be on the safe side, I won’t include honey until phase 2, or after a month of being on phase one.
      Apple cider vinegar: great antifungal. I use it every day. 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with stevia. Bragg is my favorite.
      Potatoes/Legumes(beans and peas) They are excluded on phase one
      While you are going on phase one I would actually hold off on any vitamins. Instead I would take some extremely powerful antifungal supplements like Psyllium Hulls (binds and neutralizes mycotoxins: Also if you have high blood pressure make sure there isn’t “licorice” in the ingredients) , olive leaf extract (I use Seagate), Garlic, Grapefruit seed extract, Oregano oil (This stuff is incredible. Very powerful but can be difficult at times to hide the taste. Just a few drops in water is enough to make a dog/cat run for the hills ahha). There is many more but I like these the most.
      If you want an entire cookbook full of antifungal meals that are phase one friendly then I would recommend “Eating Your Way To Good Health” Please keep in contact and let me know how you progress or if you have any questions.

  13. Baez says:

    I want to lose about 30-40lbs but I don’t want to do a restricting diet only to gain the weight back as soon as I reach my goal weight and stop dieting. Right now I eat between 1700-2100 calories per day and I use the elliptical machine for 35 minutes daily. For fluid intake, I am only drinking water. Can I still lose weight this way?.

    • admin says:

      @ Baez
      First find out your basal metabolic rate…consume less calories than your BMR. If you want to lose weight you are going to have to be a little restrictive at times. Without knowing your full circumstances I would recommend some intense intervals like: HIIT sprinting workouts, swimming workouts, etc. I’m not a fan of ellipticals because they are easy and tend to be very inaccurate in amount of calories burned. I would also recommend intermittent fasting. Think diet first….then intense cardio to supplement your caloric deficit.

  14. Shaunette fair says:

    Hey. Can I do an anti fungal diet if I am skinny. Will it make me lose more weight and look like a skeleton?

    • admin says:

      That question is a little tough to answer because of multiple variables. Meaning…. do you currently have an illness, disease, cancer, etc? If so, the diet will work wonders if health problems are an issue. If health problems aren’t an issue it is still good to follow because it will prevent you from getting sick. The reason why the diet works so well for obese and overweight people is because it restricts the foods that make it very easy for them to gain weight (ex: corn, sugar, grains, excess carbs). Because fungi can manipulate the body it causes them to crave and hunger for the very foods that is causing them to overeat and/or increase overall body fat. Now, I don’t know what you mean by “skinny.” I say that because in a nation surrounded by overweight people you may seem skinny to everyone else when in all reality you are at an optimal size. So without seeing you it is hard to make a recommendation. Now, with that being said, I would say no….you won’t look like a skeleton. However, even though I have wrote on how fungi can cause disease and weight gain. It has also been known to have reverse effects (anorexia) in other people and animals. If fungi isn’t a problem and you are perfectly healthy but find yourself losing more weight than what you would like….eat more food and/or increase carbs consumption. You are completely in control. That is what I love about this stuff!! I hope I didn’t overwhelm you with info. I’m just very passionate about this and have seen and heard of some incredible transformations from my readers. Please keep me updated on your progress and don’t feel like you are bothering me with questions.

  15. Bee says:

    I am 28 weeks pregnant, and have developed some kind of fungus akin to ring worm. I object to skin creams and my doctor isnt keen on me ingesting any pills. Do you think this diet is too drastic for pregnancy even though I’m past the second trimester? (doctor said I probably could, but since he has never seen it,he doesn’t want to recommend it.)

    • admin says:

      There is indeed a relative reduction in carbs. However, you do want your baby to have the best nutrients possible. I don’t understand how an increase in vegetables, fruits (those allowed on phase one), and grass fed, hormone free, antibiotic free meat would be harmful. On the diet you are eliminating the very things that can cause problems for the baby as well as yourself. What I would do is either get the book or check it out from the library and copy the full, detailed, diet and show it to your doctor.
      Now the diet will take care of the fungus on the skin but it is definitely helpful to use a topical antifungal like tea tree oil, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar. However, antibiotics, increased consumption of sugar, will keep causing you to have skin problems.
      What I would do: 1) show the doctor the diet 2) ask if a probiotic can be taken 3) ask if a prescription antifungal would harm the child (I would go the natural way if at all possible)
      I hope this helps a bit. If I didn’t give a clear enough answer please message me back. Keep me updated!

  16. Adam says:

    My spouse and I stumbled over the fingus link and thought I should check things out. I like what I see and hope I can learn enough for my own health. Look forward to more articles.

  17. joe spann says:

    i ve watch the show a few times i know a good thing when i see it. i am 5″10 I weight 256 lbs Iam 52 yrs old I do some cardo, I played sports when i was younger my diet is poor I am ready to start the phase one diet!!! I will start by buying the book!!!! my target date 1/1/2012 !!!

    • admin says:

      Hey good for you! I like to hear people taking control of their own health. Keep me updated on how you do with phase one. Along with the diet make sure you are lifting weights with some intense cardio.

  18. wendy says:

    Just started two days ago I have convinced my pain is from a fungus. I have tried this before but always stopped after a few days of being pain free.

    However, at this point, I am in intense pain for what I am told is 4 degenerated discs in different locations.

    My joints ache, I have migraines, back and neck pain. I am a teacher, coach and most importantly a mom. I want to feel athletic and healthy again.

    I am commiting self to this eating plan because I dont believe in pain killers. Swimming, biking, yoga and other low impact excerise will be followed as well. I am determined to find a way to have the old me back! Wish me luck!

    • admin says:

      Good for you!! You have no idea how happy I am for you. Just stick with it as long as you can and/or until your symptoms are relieved. I am a huge fan of swimming because it is completely non impact and great for the joints. Walking is fantastic to decrease inflammation/pain. I’m not to fond of yoga though (I think I will have to write an article on that one ahhah). Please, please, keep me updated on your progress.

  19. Kathy says:

    I am a 50 yr old woman who has been plagued with a red rash on my neck and eyelids periodically. I didn’t want Togo the steroid route so ended up at an acupuncturist. She had me tested for food allergies and it turns out I am severely allergic to eggs,almonds, green beans and pineapple! Also, I am moderately allergic to cow’s milk, gluten, etc. apparently, I have been allergic to eggs my whole life may account for my IBS ! I thought I had it in check but last week after Xmas dinner, my face swelled and the rash started all over again. I am starting the Phase One diet tomorrow and hope this clears it up once and for all! Wish me luck!

    • admin says:

      What exactly did the acupuncturist do to test you for food allergies? I’m not saying that they are bad to go to but there is a lot of alternative therapies out there that are completely worthless. You just have to be careful. Now, I do know that some people have specific food allergies. However, a lot of “allergies” they are told that they have is sometimes pretty bogus. What did you eat for your Christmas dinner?
      Get on the phase one diet and do whatever it takes to stick with it. Your body will thank you. Please keep me updated on your progress or struggles. I’m here for you! Sorry for the delayed response.

  20. Thanks for referring me to this post on the anti-fungal diet. I have done low carb diets before, but always had problems after about 3 weeks, so found if I had a re-feed day on carbs once per week that prevented any problems.

    Also I did know a lot of this about fungus but have never really tried to address it properly. I think I’ll give it a go and see how I get on. Might get the book too, although I find reading books difficult. I don’t know if it’s a symptom of chronic fatigue syndrome, but my concentration span is very poor.

    Thanks again anyway.

    • admin says:

      Most low carb diets don’t have fungi on the mind. For example, carrots are usually excluded because of it being a high glycemic food. However, carrots are extremely antifungal and are on phase one for a reason. This is just one scenario why most low carb diets completely miss the point. I highly recommend the book to anyone. If you don’t like to read they also have an audio version…which is awesome. It is called the Fungus Link Trilogy. I have a question for you in regards to chronic fatigue syndrome. Have you been exposed to water damage in a house, school, office, etc?

  21. bob says:

    So is the die off supposed to feel like I’M dyeing?
    Flu symptoms sure, but I’m coughing so much i can hardly take a breath and my nose is endlessly plugged and running since I started the phase 1 and acidophilus tablets 3 times a day.
    When does this end? How many days am I expected to feel like I want to die?! If this is the result of the diet, to hell with it, I’ll live a short happy life of kettle corn and booze. I can stick to the diet sure, but Do I seriously have to FEEL like this for a month+?

    • admin says:

      Wow, it sounds like it is working. It shouldn’t last that much longer but it all depends on how bad the fungal infection is. I know people that had a really rough two weeks and then more of a sick feeling for another week. Some only feel sick for a week while others don’t feel anything. Bob, hang in there! I know it can be frustrating and extremely unpleasant but keep truckin! It is worth it to have your health back. If you want a good testimony I would check out Karen’s story on her blog at http://www.goodbyefungus.blogspot.com
      Are you on any antifungals? That will help speed up the process. Keep me updated.

    • Lisa says:


      You definately have die off of the fungus, I also felt that bad when I did phase 1. I was ready to quit when I realized I wasn’t taking the psyllium husk to pull the mycotoxins and fungal die off out of my system. When I added that in I felt great within 48 hours it made all the difference! I used 1 tblsp to 6 oz water 2x’s a day. Hope this helps you.

  22. Tanya says:

    I really enjoyed this post. I’ve been doing an enormous amount of research in regards to just simply being healthy. I’ve studied micronutrients (super foods), paleo diets, raw diets, juicing, fasting, etc. It was only through my research to try and help diminish my cellulite through diet that brought me to an anti candida/fungal diet and eventually, this post. I’ve suffered from athlete’s foot for over a decade, I’ve been on birth control for over 5 years but this was a long time ago. I was on prednisone a long time for over 2 weeks but at very heavy doses to help combat a severe reaction to penicillin. Most of this occurred in my mid-20′s and I’m now age 38 and have only over the last year noticed fungus affecting 2 additional toenails than before. I also noticed that my ability to lose weight has severely decreased over the last 2 years as well. When I walk through the fragrance section of a store, I feel like I’m gonna die and the reaction is very severe. I’ve been constipated practically my whole life and refuse to rely on laxatives. I’ve also suffered from GERD for over a decade as well. I’ve had nasal drip for over a decade as well.

    Through my reading and research, I’ve decided on the following diet: a smoothie of spirulina, wheat grass powder, gingo berry powder, greek yogurt, coconut oil, blueberries and/or green apples for breakfast. And this was before I even came across your post. For lunch, I typically stick to nori with tuna and salmon roe sprinkled with kelp or soft-boiled eggs or steak and raw veggies.

    For dinner, its a salad filled with organic greens, avocado, onion, cucumber and tomato with a salad dressing composed of only extra virgin olive oil mixed with organic apple cider vinegar.

    I will be adding fresh garlic to the salad and brazil nuts as well.

    I WILL be buying the book because I’m so new to concept of fungus and I know I really need to educate myself. However, until I’m able to receive it, I do have questions:

    Tomatoes? I’ve read they’re bad for anti-fungal diets. Same with onions and carrots. Same with ANY sugar of any kind including all fruits. The premise is that sugar is the food source for fungus and that tomatoes are acidic. You mention berries as ok and all veggies (this would include carrots, tomatoes and onions). I was curious why some say no to the aforementioned and some yes?

    Raw and organic cocoa nibs ok?

    Nitrate and sugar free bacon ok?

    English tea ok?

    Thank you so very much for helping so many of us on our road to health.

    • admin says:

      I was going through all the comments and I realized I skipped yours. Sorry about that. Anyways, welcome!! Thank you for the thorough comment and I applaud you for doing the research. Some people never take the time to do that and would rather pop a pill but wonder why they aren’t getting any better.

      Your first paragraph has all the signs of a fungal infection in the body. Toenail fungus and athletes foort can be treated with topical antifungals, however, a lot of feet issues is merely the outward appearance as to what is going on inside the body (more than skin deep). Penicillin=fungus/mycotoxin. Birth control increases yeast overgrowth. Inability to lose weight (read my article on “The Fungus Link to Weight Loss”). GERD and nasal issues are most likely from the antibiotics and the former bad diet. Even the Mayo Clinic knows that 100% of chronic sinus infections is due to fungus.

      You are definitely heading in the right direction for the diet. Good for you! You are going to love the book. I guarantee you finish it in a few days because you won’t want to put it down. It has the complete diet in it so you won’t be left scratching your head. Until then…tomatoes and onions are good and carrots should be a staple in your diet. Carrots are one of the highest antifungal vegetables. Drinking fresh carrot juice (from a juicer) packs a big punch to fungi. To be honest I’m not sure why others would exclude those….doesn’t make sense.
      Cocoa nibs- I’m not sure. From what I remember I believe they are fermented. Usually things that are fermented have a high risk of fungal contamination. Let me look into that some more and I will get back with you. I would just stay away from them for the moment.
      Bacon- I’m not much of an eater of pork but they don’t fuel fungi. So as long as their is no added ingredients of sugar, nitrates, corn syrup. You also have to make sure the pig wasn’t fed any grains, given antibiotics, or growth hormones.
      English tea- Coffee and tea is excluded for the phase one. There are a few of them that are allowed like chamomile. I’m not much of a tea drinker so I will check to see what the other ones were and I will get back with you.
      I hope this helps. Please keep me updated on how you are doing!!

  23. Debbie says:

    The last couple of weeks I have had small patches of dryness around my eyes and just in the last few days my skin under my eyes were swollen when I got up and my eyes have also itched around them, but not inside the eye itself. Could this just be allergies or maybe a cause of fungi? I have not been sick with anything. Thank you for your answer!

    • admin says:

      I have had someone ask the same question a few months back. What you are describing sounds a little like eczema (a yeast infection). Have you recently taken antibiotics or birth control? I always “think fungus first” until proven otherwise. You don’t necessarily have to feel sick for something like that to happen. If you get one the phase one diet and it goes away you’ll know. If not…it could be something else???

  24. teri says:

    Hi I am on the phase one diet and I am also waiting on the books I ordered from you.

    I don’t drink caffeine at all, although I was drinking cafix which is a natural instant beverage that does not have caffeine. The ingredients are roasted barley, rye, chicory, and sugar beets. I would like to know if I can continue to drink it or not, because of the grains. thanks much. I love the show, know the cause and watch it every day.

    • teri says:

      Thanks for answering my question. The reason I drink cafix is because I am caffeine sensitive. Cafix does not have any caffeine and yet it tastes just like coffee, which I like. If you know of anything else that tastes like coffee yet no caffeine, and no grains I would be interested to know.

      I wanted Olive Leaf Extract that was a liquid and Seagate only has capsules so I had bought Gaia Organics but it has alcohol. So on Saturday I did order the Seagate brand.

      I appreciate how busy you are answering questions but if you can email me on my personal email I would really appreciate it. I have a question to ask and I would be more comfortable asking it privately.


  25. teri says:

    Hi, I watched the show today on quinoa. I’m confused. Can you please explain to me why if quinoa is a seed why it has 23 grams of carbohydrates? Also I believe I read that quinoa is a vegetable. Is that true also?

    Also in the recipes you did you used quinoa, amaranth, and tapioca flour. Are they all allowed on the phase 1 diet?

    My previous question was if it is ok to use the Cafix instant beverage made with roasted barley, rye, chicory and sugar beets. Is it ok to drink it.

    I bought the olive leaf extract but it has organic grain alcohol in it. Is that how it does come or
    is there olive leaf extract that does not have alcohol?

    Thanks for your time in answering my questions, I appreciate it and love the show.


    • admin says:

      Sorry for the delayed response. Yes, there seems to be a lot of confusion about quinoa. It is a seed that is a relative of leafy green veggies. It seems to float back and forth from phase 1 to phase 2 quite a bit. I have found great results from myself and others to wait to eat it until phase 2. Why, because it does have more carbs (a lot of fiber too). So wait to eat quinoa and amaranth until phase 2 because you are intially trying to starve fungi with phase one. I believe tapioca flour is more of a starch so I would hold off on that as well.
      In regards to Cafix…I would hold off because barley and rye aren’t phase one. A side question for you…why do you drink Cafix? There is no right or wrong question to it. Just wondering.
      What brand of olive leaf extract did you buy? It shouldn’t have any grain alcohol in it (it kind of defeats the purpose). I use Seagate. Thanks Teri! Please keep me updated on how you are doing. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want!

  26. teri says:

    Hi, I am following the phase 1 diet . It seems all the anti-fungals are taken on an empty stomach. So what I do is take the grapefruit seed extract in a small amount of carrot juice. I then wait about 10 minutes and then I take the olive leaf extract in a small amount of water. Then 10 minutes later, the oil of oregano in organic veggie juice. Is this correct or should I put them all together? I just want to do what will give me the best and quickest results.

    I am also taking bioten, 14 mg 2x’s per day with food. Psyllium huskI started today 2x’s with large glass of water and clorophyl

    • admin says:


      What you are doing sounds pretty good. The only difference for me is that I had to take my garlic supplements with a meal. If I took it on an empty stomach it would make my skin stink ahahha. I’m not kidding!
      If I haven’t addressed it already make sure that your psyllium husk doesn’t have any added ingredients. I have seen a lot of store brands that have added sugar, syrups, corn starch, citric acid, etc. Pretty much defeats the purpose.

      • teri says:

        Thanks for getting back t me. My psyllium husks are solgar brand. The other ingredients are vegetable cellulose, vegetable magnesium stearate, water. and may contain vegetable glycerin. is that ok.

        Also I see some people have bought the fungus kits from bio nutrients. Is that necessary being that I already bought what I had told you. If it is I will. What do you think? I have everything I had mentioned in the last email.

        Should I be rotating all these or can I take them all every day including my probiotics.


  27. teri says:

    I’m sorry I didn’t mean to send yet. Can you please tell me the best way to take all of this. I also take garlic supplements. If you can lay out a plan for all this for the most efficiency and best results I will greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks so much,


  28. Alexis says:

    In reviewing these posts it appears that the effects of gluten and casein sensitivity may have been overlooked. If you avoid eating grains and dairy products it doesn’t necessarily solve the problem for gluten-sensitive individuals because some foods are cross reactive to gluten e.g., quinoa, hemp (yes Omega 3 filled hemp seed milk), as well as chocolate and coffee among others.

    If you really want to know which foods don’t work well for your body, you might wish to undergo the tests to see if you carry the gene for gluten sensitivity and casein sensitivity (Entero Lab) and also Array 4 (Cyrex Lab) to see if you get a cross reaction to certain foods. These tests are key to understanding your genetic predisposition to certain foods and will be very helpful information to you throughout your lifetime.

    • admin says:


      Fungi and mycotoxins can cause some pretty sever gastric symptoms, some perhaps similar to those experienced by Celiac patients. I would argue that the sensitivity Celiac patients have to gluten might actually have more to do with fungi and their toxins than the actual wheat protein itself.

      So is gluten free more healthy? One thing that I have noticed is that corn does not contain gluten, and is therefore permissible for Celiac patients to consume. Many of them replace the wheat and wheat products in their diet with corn products. It is known that wheat is commonly contaminated with these mycotoxins, corn is universally contaminated. In other words, the alternatives that Celiac patients turn to may be more detrimental in the long run.

      This also goes for the issue with casein. Milk can also be contaminated with mycotoxins because of the cows who ate antibiotic and mold laced feed coupled with growth hormones which are all fungal byproducts. So the consumption of milk products can and will fuel fungi for these very reasons. On the other hand, milk is high in lactose (sugar that feeds fungi). Another reason why milk is excluded on the phase one.

  29. Loida Aeillo says:

    Beyond that, medications can be very helpful, and most are inexpensive. OTC drugs that support with allergies consist of antihistamines, decongestants, expectorants, eye drops, and nose sprays. You’ll find only a few classes of drugs that remain by prescription only, specifically steroid inhalers and asthma medications. The rest have been approved for over-the-counter use. You just will need a bit know-how to reap main advantages.

  30. Produce a food diary where you record every thing you eat. Also maintain track of any physical discomfort, such as bloating, gas or any other stomach discomforts. Record the date and time of each. Analyze the results. Pay particular attention to probably the most typical allergic foods, such as dairy and yeast products. Are there foods that, whenever eaten, are followed by discomfort? You’ve possibly discovered your food allergy.

  31. Hay fever seasonal allergic rhinitis is a dilemma for about 35 million Americans. Sneezing, stuffy or runny noses, itchiness in your eyes, throat, ears – all of these are typical for those suffering from allergies caused by pollen or mold.The best way to avoid sinusitis dizziness would be to treat the sinus infection and resort to a healthy diet and supplements that will increase your immune system. A weak immune system is normally the primary cause of sinus infections.

  32. Casey Faraci says:

    * Swelling

  33. kimberly says:

    Can you have bloating or swelling on the first week or so of the phase one diet? I have noticed bloating and so has my daughter, is this part of the cleansing process as the yeast and fungus die off? Thanks so much for your response, Kimberly & Jessica

    • admin says:

      @Kimberly & Jessica

      This very well could be the die off reaction. It’s difficult to say because people react differently. For example, I didn’t have any reaction while close family and friends went through some pretty strong flu like symptoms. If you aren’t taking psyllium hulls I would highly advise you to get it. This may help with the bloating and swelling by moving the bowels and cleaning you out along with the myctoxins.
      I have a question for you:

      1) How long have you been on it?
      2) Are you taking antifungals (natural and/or prescription)?

      • kimberly says:

        Thank you for your reply! I have been on the phase one diet for 2 weeks as of today. It seems like my body hasn’t really given up the bloating, water retention, since I started. I haven’t really felt sick whereas my daughter has had some harsher symptoms. We have not been using phylum hulls but we will get some tomorrow and see how that works. We have only been eating foods that are anti-fungals. We haven’t cheated on this diet, I actually feel really good with the food we have been eating, except that I feel so bloated. Thank you for your suggestions,

        • admin says:


          If you really try hard to stay on it for a month I think you will be amazed. The psyllium hulls should do the trick. It will bind and flush out the mycotoxins and keep you regular.
          I’m excited for you and your daughter! Keep drinking water, freshly squeezed lemon/lime and sweetened with stevia (pure stevia) or xylitol to taste. Once again….keep me updated with any changes or questions.

  34. Taylor says:

    I’m a 20 year old male who used to be in top shape. I was the starting point guard on the high school basketball team, captain of the school soccer team and was able to run for hours on end. When I went to university all that stopped and I started smoking weed like 5 or 6 times a day. I found weed helped with my IBS so I convinced myself I was using it for medical reasons. I started getting really lazy and unmotivated and I thought it was related to the constant smoking, so I stopped. After stopping nothing happened except i lost some of my musical creativity(lol). I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and have had nasal problems all my life. I get cyst outbreaks randomly and wake up dizzy and out of it every morning. I dropped out of school and am now basically locked in my room all day, tired, making depressing music on the computer as that has become the only thing I can really do. My relationships with friends and family have fallen apart as my depression makes me unpleasant to be around. My diet is poor and I don’t drink enough water, I consume way too much salt and I think my salt addiction is 10 times worse than any sugar cravings but I’m still convinced my random and scattered problems are fungus related due to what I’v been reading. I really want to get my life back, get back to school and playing sports again.

    • admin says:


      Thank you for your honest and thorough comment. It sounds like you have been through a lot!
      I think you have already diagnosed what is going on with your health. When the diet is poor the rest of the body spirals out of control. Weight issues, depression, cravings, diabetes, cancer, IBS, etc are all linked to a fungal infection. Going through the phase one for about a month should take care of your issues. I would highly advise to get off the grass, alcohol, and surround yourself with people that aren’t in the party scene who can motivate you and keep you accountable.
      A good mixture of the antifungal diet along with time in the gym with intervals and strength training and you will be back in action! Keep me updated Taylor. Please feel free to pick my brains on anything. I want to hear how you are doing these next few weeks/months.

  35. Taylor says:

    I’v also been on lots of anti biotics for strep throat over the years, to the point where I am immune to amoxicillan. I also took anti inflammatory pills for a sports injury in high school and that’s where my IBS started, I’m not sure if that is where this all started, but the timelines match up

    • admin says:


      I missed this comment… remember antibiotics are fungal byproducts that kill all bacteria, even the good bacteria in the intestines which allows yeast to flourish. I would start getting on probiotics to regain the balance in the intestines.
      Once again, I think you are starting to see the link!!

  36. jonathan says:

    Hi ive had a fungal infection for about 1 year now. I think its from a black mold infestion and i have different colouration on my skin and my nose gets blocked. How long is it recommended to stay on the phase 1 part of the diet?

    • admin says:


      Even though the phase one diet is typically advised for two weeks… I always highly recommend a month. This helps get the kinks out and help people to get used to the diet. However, I would stay on it until you find relief.
      Where is the black mold infestation located? If it is in your house it won’t matter how many antifungals meds/supplements or however long you stay on the diet if that doesn’t get taken care of. Mold infestation is very detrimental to your health.

  37. Carol says:

    I understand how the Phase 1 diet can make someone feel better in many aspects. What I am unsure of is how it would affect someone with Multiple Sclerosis (MS)? I want to start the Phase 1, I am just making sure that with having MS it wont have any affect to the many symptoms of MS. Also, I am not on ANY drugs that “help” MS sufferers. I refused 22 years ago and I still stand by it. I do take some vitaminsv 2/3 times a week (potassium, for leg cramps and “charlie horses”, high potency D-3 (immune and bone health), Super B-Complex (for extra vit C, folic acid, dietary supplement to convert food into energy), and sometimes I will take Grape Seed Complex with Reservatrol for an antioxidant support). I am still walking, talking, and living my life pretty normally with just some minor set backs due to the MS. So really what I want to know, should I keep taking my normal vits and will this diet help me and not put me into an unwanted flare of MS?

  38. Louise says:

    What about kombucha? I have read that it promotes good bacteria in the gut like apple cider vinegar Thanks for all the helpful information!

  39. BJ says:

    Hi there,

    I’m curious if there is a correlation between fungal/yeast and cystic acne? I have had two infections over the past year and discovered that during this time I suffered from blemishes that were deep under the skin on my forehead and near my ears. I’ve never been acne prone so this caused me a good deal of grief as you can imagine. My derm kept giving me benzo and tretinoin but it never stopped them from forming. I also suffer from with chronic sinus issues, I live with a bottle of Ocean nasal spray as I’m constantly stuffed up.

    I asked an older friend of mine if she had ever suffered from a yeast infection and she said she did a lot in her late 20′s. (my first exp was 30, I’m now 31.) Ironically enough, in a completely different conversation she told me she was a flight attendent but had to quit because she suffered from terrible cystic acne to the point she had to have cortisone shots…and it just so happens this was also in her late 20′s! I cant help but think there’s a connection. Your thoughts?

    And one more question, is dandruff a result of something fungal too?

    I bought this book and I can’t wait to get started. Until it arrives, I’m sticking to only the foods outlined above. Thanks!

  40. Mike says:

    Is your book in audio book form? And if so where can I get it?

  41. Daniela says:

    Hi there, I am a full time working mum with 2 kids 5 and 6 years old. I was wondering if there is any link between repettitive cistites and possible fungal infection in the bladder. I have cistites 2 times a month (for more than one year) , being at the stage of taking antibiotics every day. I always had urinary infections but not at this frequency. Urine samples are hazy but also have long chains of “white-yellow” gel appearance. I also have ring worms on my skin, more on the stomach area. I had ring worms before when pregnant with the 3rd child. Ist child was still born at 23 weeks ( incompetent cervix) and found to have white spots in his lungs which make me think it was candida or something simillar.
    Do you think i should follow the fungus diet, for how long? I am quite concerned being on antibiotics all the time which seem to work less efective than before. My GP does not belive that the 2 conditions might be related.
    I have a capucino every morning to make me “happier”, I do not drink alcohol since all these problems started. I do not have any other conditions, i do not take any other medication, my weight is on the lower limit ( 52 kg, 160 cm).
    Not sure what to do, your adive will be highly appreciated. THANK YOU

    • admin says:

      @ Daniela
      I would only be surprised if your condition “wasn’t” caused by fungus. Just about everything you are stating is common with fungal infections. Antibiotics are merely throwing fuel on the fire. Get on the diet right away and follow it religiously. Get on some powerful antifungals that I have listed through the comments and follow the diet for about 3-4 weeks and then come back and tell me how you are doing. I want to hear how you are progressing!

  42. deloris says:

    diabetic,have psoriasis,heart problems, trouble with high bood pressure.
    can this diet help any of these.

    • admin says:

      @ Deloris
      All of the above. You will be shocked how interconnected all those conditions are. It won’t hurt you to try it.

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