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The GSP Workout: My Rushfit Review On The Knuckle Sandwich King

The GSP Workout: My Rushfit Review On The Knuckle Sandwich King

PinExt The GSP Workout: My Rushfit Review On The Knuckle Sandwich King

I will come out and say that I am not a fan of UFC, however there is something that we can learn from the GSP workout creator Georges St Pierre. Georges aka “Rush” and “GSP,” is a MMA champion who has been coined as one of the most fit athletes in the world. He disciplines, conditions,  and trains in various combat styles which gives him explosive strength along with a very lean body. So does this program fit with my personal approach to fitness? Let’s find out with my little Rushfit review…

3 The GSP Workout: My Rushfit Review On The Knuckle Sandwich King


 (St Pierre’s body type is ideal for his size. He has just the right amount of muscle with very low body fat levels. His success as a fighter goes to show you that you don’t have to be big and bulky.)

 No Neon Tights Or High Chunky Socks Here

I have been exposed to many home workout dvd’s over the years and I was glad that it didn’t have an 80’s flashback or a Zumba feel like most routines. With most home based workouts it doesn’t require a lot of space and the only equipment you need is a set of 10-15 lb dumbbells. However, there is a portion where he performs movements like swings/getups that could have been utilized with a kettlebell. There are some other movements that would work perfect with a kettlebell instead of a dumbbell (due to the different distribution of weight between the two). It isn’t a deal breaker but since kettlebells are not that expensive anymore it would have had its place in the routine.

I’m Not The Only One Struggling

What I liked about the program is that it is challenging. Even Georges himself struggles through it. Georges trainer, Eric Owings is actually the one who pushes him through the conditioning. I like that it does have a tendency to make you do the same.  I found myself trying to keep up with him which ultimately increases the effectivness of your workout. I did appreciate that a clock was always showing. It helps you push through right to the last second. The workouts from warm ups to cool downs are all around 45 min and are the same with each dvd. They all have series and lesson promo’s where St Pierre breaks down how to perform the exercises correctly.

Strength and Endurance/Fight Conditioning Workout

In mixed martial arts fights each round is about 5 minutes. So the workout is set up in rounds/circuit style to relate the intensity of what a fight would be like. However, it seems like they were trying to over sell the relation of every piece of  exercises to fighting. Of course there is a bit of marketability when doing this but it isn’t necessary. This doesn’t take anything away from the actual effectiveness of the workout because it really does kick your butt (no pun intended). Exhausting and rewarding all at the same time.  Note: If you don’t have the funds for the full program you can get the Strength and Endurance Workout portion of the program for about $11.

Rushfit’s Ab & Core Conditioning

There are a few moves in this section that you need to be careful with. I’m not a fan of any movements that flex the spine forward like situps, crunches, etc. If you aren’t familiar with the book Low Back Disorders by Dr. Stuart McGill, I highly recommend you read it. In it he says “when the spine is fully flexed, we’ve measured the spine losing up to 40% of its ability to bear compressive loads. In other words, the spine is strongest when in a neutral position.” I just suggest that you stick to plank exercises, ab wheel exercises, hanging leg raises, and back/hip bridges for your ab conditioning. Your spine will thank you. If you have done ab workouts for any length of time then you will naturally have a six pack. I would just focus my efforts on staying lean more than anything to reveal the abs.

getimage.asp?m=2468&o=4193&i=50322 The GSP Workout: My Rushfit Review On The Knuckle Sandwich King

Any Drawbacks?

I don’t know if I’m just being nitpicky but I found that Georges and Erik didn’t have the best chemistry. At least not in the sense of making a workout program. I also thought Georges should have spoken more even though this broken English is difficult to understand sometimes. One feature I wish was available was the ability to turn off the sound and just listen to their instructions so I can play my own music. Not that big of a deal…

Note: A little word of advice. If you are currently wearing street clothes that has “tapout” written all over it, get rid of it. Just because you are in shape doesn’t mean sacrificing personal style.

Inside The Trenches: How I Would Use The Program

The complete program is only 8 weeks long so how would I utilize this in my overall fitness goals? My main workout is Visual Impact. Everything I do revolves around the principles of this program. However, every now and then I will take 1-2 months off from my program and transition to strictly bodyweight, circuit training, or programs like the GSP workout. I typically do this in the colder months of December-February when I don’t want to drive in the snow. So if I want a rigorous fully body workout without all the equipment to helps me stay lean through the holidays, this would be it.  I hope this Rushfit review was enough information to give you a better understanding of what is inside. Feel free to ask any questions or let me know what you thought about it.

PinExt The GSP Workout: My Rushfit Review On The Knuckle Sandwich King


  1. GP says:


    Thanks for reviewing it honestly.

    I recently started on the Visual Impact training plan as well (Week 3 of phase 1 currently) and was looking into Rushfit. Unlike most of the target audience, I am naturally thin (140 lbs @ 5’8″). I am trying to get to the 160-165 range, but I don’t mind staying 140-150 as long as I am lean and fit and it looks good. Will this program make me lose weight drastically, or can I simply offset this by increasing my calorie intake/doubling the recommended meals?

    • admin says:

      Hey man if you are naturally thin and don’t have to worry about shedding excess pounds to stay lean then I wouldn’t worry about Rushfit (at the moment). I would just stick with Visual Impact until you reach your ideal size/mass. You will without a doubt be lean and fit after you go through the program. If you still want a little more mass afterwards…you can tweak it. Want less mass but more definition….you can tweak it.
      Once you reach your goal…everything is basically maintenance or improving muscle tone. No matter what program you choose you are not going to wither away if you are lifting weights, using bodyweight and eating normally. Also to give you a little perspective: I’m roughly 5’10 and about 167 lbs. I stay within 5-7 pounds of my ideal weight for most of the winter. I am super lean (like front cover of a fitness magazine lean) at 160 lbs. So I wouldn’t worry so much about your weight. Just monitor your size and body fat levels and adjust from there. I hope that makes sense.

  2. MorCar06 says:

    Great review! I just finished Day#5 yesterday (I am currently just doing The S&E Workout every Mon, Wed, and Fri)

    Prior to performing this consistent program, I was fortunate enough to lose about 30 lbs of, well, “unnecessary weight” by simply sticking to a very strict nutrition/caloric intake program. Now that my body is going through the true motions of a structured and, at least for me, DIFFICULT routine, I have already seen some changes in both my body and my over-all fitness. My question is this…Based on what you’ve personally experienced, is my routing of M-W-F doing the same program for, say 3 months enough to get me to where I want to be looks-wise? Also, being that this is probably the best shape and best health status i’ve been in the last 16 years or so (just quit smoking too) – will this allow me to just keep my tone and over-all leanness? Thanks in advance for the advice, and again, great review!

    • admin says:


      Congrats! Quit smoking and dropping 30lbs is awesome.
      Now for your question… its hard to say?? What kind of “look” are you trying to achieve? Do you want to look like a male model (like Calvin Klein or Abercrombie model), a fitness model (may need a little more muscle mass), or a bodybuilder (I would avoid)?? I follow the visual impact program to make sure I have the right muscle mass in all the right areas along with the cardio suggested to help me remain lean.

      Keeping your overall leanness comes through keeping your diet in check. This helps your body fat levels to remain low. I use bodyweight workouts like rushfit and turbulence training as a way to maintain muscle mass when I take a short break from strength training. It also helps me with my cardio when I don’t get to go outside for my sprint intervals.
      Hey thank you for your comment. If you reply again please use your real name because I want to know my readers by name. It makes me feel more connected.
      If I didn’t answer your question well enough please keep me updated.

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