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Why Celebrity Workout Routines And Popular Hollywood Diets Are Untruthful and Overrated

I just got back from an awesome vacation and wanted to write about this particular topic right away. I got burnt pretty bad from walking the beaches of Florida so I was having a hard time falling asleep at night. Since I was a little restless I decided to do some channel surfing in my hotel. I couldn’t find anything worth watching until I stumbled across a celebrity trainer giving fitness advice for women over 40. I believe the routine was designed for Courtney Cox. I don’t know the name of the show or host but it was quite comical to watch the workout unfold. The trainer instructed the host to perform this weird “row/arm flap” move with a three pound dumbbell.  Watching just a few exercises taught by the trainer confirmed how useless this celebrity workout routine really was. The problem is that normal women across the country will latch on to this ineffective plan and wonder why they aren’t getting results.

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Good Genetics And Bad Advice

I don’t want to dive too deep into the topic of genetics so I will keep it brief. Way too many people blame bad genetics for being fat. Unless you have some rare condition, being overweight or obese is not an excuse for bad genetics. Genetics may incline you to gain weight a little easier than others but you still have total control of your eating and exercise habits. A comment by the show’s host explains my point. “You don’t want too heavy of a pound if you want Christy Turlington’s arms.” Even though the trainer agreed with the statement, it simply isn’t true. Lifting heavy weights for low reps tones the arms. You just have to make sure you are stopping a rep or two short of failure with ample rest between sets.

Exceptional Genetics=Less Effort

 Ok..back to genetics. Women like Courtney Cox and Christy Turlington have great “slim” genetics that work in their favor. People with exceptional genetics can perform bicep curls while holding an apple or tricep extensions with a feather and still get great looking arms. Ok maybe that is a little extreme but I hope you get the point. Just keep that in the back of your mind for a moment. So what does this have to do with celebrities?

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Why I Talk About Hollywood Diets And Celebrities??

It comes to no surprise that celebrities generate more searches per day than just about any other topic online. With that being said, it is very popular for writers/companies/bloggers/myself to use celebrity names to drive traffic to their sites.  There is a huge buzz of interest to know and follow the lives of Hollywood actors. The largest portion of searches come from people looking for the latest celebrity workout routine or Hollywood diets. In reality they just want the slim “Hollywood Look” but are unsure how to get it. So they blindly imitate what they think the stars are doing.

This Is A Huge Reason Why I Started This Site

There is a growing amount of those who are sick of the bulky “bodybuilder” look and just want a functionally fit body. That is what this site is laser focused on. I want to give the proper information and tools to those who are searching to sculpt a slim and toned body that resembles that of famous celebrities, models, and athletes. That is the main reason why I use celebrity names to drive traffic to this site. So there you go….

Copying An Exact Routine Will Not Get The Job Done

Even though you may be able to find a detailed workout that is supposedly followed by a celebrity, I don’t trust them. A vast majority of the workouts are very vague, basic, outdated, ridiculous, and weird. Following their routines from popular sites, magazines, and publications, are typically nothing but sales techniques.  For the most part you are not going to get in top shape by following them. Even though I do have some routines for you on this site to follow, understanding the core principles behind them is what counts. With any routine, you must know why and how things work. This is why I provide the tools and information behind the workouts and not just a “plan” to follow. Once you understand how fitness works, you can essentially mold your own routine to sculpt the kind of body you want.

Hollywood Has A Dirty Secret

Many celebrities have to spend countless hours in the gym and with the use of complex diets to achieve an ideal body. Since most celebrities don’t adapt a lifestyle of fitness, they are under some serious time crunches to get ready for a movie role. Because of this…diet and exercise is just not enough to get “movie ready” in such a short time. What they don’t tell you is the other “thing” they use for a quick fix…HGH pharmaceutical injections!  This is the little secret that they don’t want you to know about. The widespread use of HGH injections used by celebrities is what enabled them to get in phenomenal shape in record time. HGH does an amazing job of increasing muscle mass and fat loss even without exercise. So no matter how bad celebrity workout routines are structured, they will achieve phenomenal results very quickly with the use of HGH.

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Don’t Be Discouraged…You Can Achieve The Same Results Without Injections

I don’t ever recommend the use of pharmaceutical HGH to get fit. I find it more impressive for those who can stay in great shape no matter what time of year without any use of pharmaceuticals. Don’t worry…you can definitely reach the same look of any celebrity so don’t give up. If you couldn’t I wouldn’t be writing about it. I’m trying to teach you how to do it the right and healthy way. I also truly believe that your body will thank you in the long run.

Take Note Of Celebrity “Transormations” For Movie Roles

You already know what I am talking about. The ones who are sporting a chiseled body for their current movie yet a few months earlier they looked like they could have been a spokesperson for Krispy Kreme donuts! A doctor’s prescription is most likely present when you see ridiculously fast transformations. I am not saying that all celebrities are involved with this stuff. I am just skeptical of the “over the top” body changes in such a short time.  I will say that guys like Matthew Mcconaughey, Jason Statham, and Hugh Jackman seem to stay in pretty good shape year round. They may or may not be using HGH, it is difficult to know. I will try and give them the benefit of the doubt.

Note: I discourage any kind of pharmaceutical injections. Great health does not come from the use of drugs, injections, magic fat loss pills, etc. Good health also doesn’t just come from the latest Hollywood diets or popular celebrity workout routines. It comes from getting your butt off the couch and putting the material and principles to good use.