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get rid of man boobs

How To Get Rid Of Moobs:What Is More Effective? Diet Or Man Breasts Exercises?

Imagine yourself at your favorite restaurant placing a reservation. While you anxiously stand at the entrance, you catch a glimpse of yourself in a tall mirror. “What is that protruding from my chest” you ask. Without hesitation, you realize that your manly body has been overtaken by man boobs!

masculine chest1 How To Get Rid Of Moobs:What Is More Effective? Diet Or Man Breasts Exercises?

Why Haven’t I Noticed Before?

You haven’t noticed it until now, but the sudden realization that you let yourself go for so long starts to become a little overwhelming. Feeling a bit embarrassed, you consciously move your body in quirky ways as to somehow hide your chest area hoping that no one has noticed. The hostess calls your name and breaks the chatter within your mind. As you follow her to your seat you feel a sense of paranoia as you weave through crowded tables. “Are all these people looking at me? Do they notice them?” You find your seat and begin flipping through the menu. You can’t seem to concentrate because all you want to do is go home and search the internet as to how to get rid of moobs.

What Happened To My Masculine Square Pecs?

Have you ever felt like that? I had no idea that this was an issue with men until I asked those who struggled with moobs aka “man boobs.”  It is a “low blow” to a man’s ego when his chest begins to resemble that of female breasts. In their quest to solve the problem, a wardrobe full of baggy shirts, thick sweaters, and excess layers to hide their chest becomes the norm. They tirelessly search the internet for cures, workouts, and man breasts exercises in hopes to firm up the chest. They find something that appears legit, so they put it to work. After a few weeks, nothing happens. All the workouts and man breasts exercises didn’t do anything. So what now?

Killing Yourself In The Gym Didn’t Work: Is There Something I’m Missing?

So you feel like curling up in a ball because all your hard work in the gym didn’t appear to make any changes. What if I told you that your diet is more to the solution than anything else? Could there be a possibility that certain types of foods you are eating are not only causing you to gain weight but slightly feminizing your body? Let’s take a look.

Fungus May Once Again Be The Root Of The Problem

Zearalenone, is a Fusarium mold toxin that is found heavily in our grain food supply. The highest levels of this mycotoxin can be found in North American cereal grains. The U.S. doesn’t screen for this mycotoxin, therefore it is left in our food supply. This mycotoxin is found to stimulate the pituitary gland to produce growth hormone and other effects like infertility and miscarriages. What is striking is that Zearalenone produces estrogen like effects, causing femininization in male animals.  I strongly believe that this mycotoxin is not only linked to your weight gain, but the very root cause of men and even young boys in developing man boobs.

The Solution:

How to get rid of moobs quickly is the ultimate problem. So the best way to tackle the issue:

Diet Is Crucial: (Steps 1&2)

1)    Eliminate the feminizing properties of Zearalenone and other weight gaining properties of fungi:

This is where a lot of diets fail. If this mycotoxin is the cause of your chest fat and not just from being overweight, a diet that is allowing grains and other fungus contaminated foods won’t help you. Remember, this is a fungus. To starve and kill fungus, you need an antifungal diet.

2)    Creating a caloric deficit for weight loss with fasting:

Intermittent fasting is incredible. This is always my “go to” solution for those who need to lose weight. Combine intermittent fasting with an antifungal diet is the most effective and fastest way to teach you how to get rid of moobs. Nailing down the diet with intermittent fasting is where the rubber meets the road. You will be shocked how effective this is.

Strength Training & Cardio

3)    Chest workouts for men: HIIT Cardio

Combining strength training with high intensity cardio is meant to facilitate your efforts. So many people get this backwards. You can do all the man breasts exercises and tough cardio you want and still not get anywhere if the diet isn’t in check. You just can’t outwork a bad diet. So once you have your diet in check, go hardcore on strength training and cardio. Instead of laying out a chest workout and cardio here, click on the link above and it will take you to my previous articles that lays it out step by step.


Fastest way to lose weight and chest fat: Conquer this first!

1)    Antifungal diet

2)    Fasting

The moment you have the diet and fasting under control, quickly add in:

3)    Strength Training

4)    High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Note: If you want the complete package to a fully “manly” body makeover then click here.