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How Did Drew Carey Lose Weight And Battle Diabetes? How You Too Can Defeat The Disease By Understanding The Fungus Link To Diabetes

“I’m not diabetic anymore. No medication needed.” This was a statement made by the actor/comedian Drew Carey, who is well known from the show “Whose Line Is It Anyways,” “The Drew Carey Show,” and currently the new host of “The Price Is Right,” has made quite a body transformation. He has been known throughout his career as “chunky” and was eventually tagged as having type 2 diabetes. However, after recently losing 80+ pounds and is no longer considered a diabetic…how is that possible? How did Drew Carey lose weight so quickly and dare I say “cure” his diabetes? I know many people reading this will already jump to the conclusion that diabetes can’t be cured but only managed. All I ask is that you stick with me for a moment and I’ll explain the missing piece of the puzzle. So whether you are looking to lose weight or battle diabetes…I’ve got you covered!

How did Drew Carey Lose Weight 3 How Did Drew Carey Lose Weight And Battle Diabetes? How You Too Can Defeat The Disease By Understanding The Fungus Link To Diabetes

(What is more fascinating? Losing 80 lbs or the fact that he doesn’t have diabetes anymore. What about both?!!)

He’s Not A Doctor: Just A Simple Man Taking Control Of Health

Carey said that he was able to lose the weight by completely eliminating carbs (grains, starches, sugar, etc) and introduced a healthy amount of meat, fruit, yogurt, and eggs (doesn’t this sound a lot like the foundation of an antifungal diet AKA the phase one diet). He also worked out regularly with an intense cardio program. Drew Carey is a prime example of an average person taking their health seriously and implementing easy and practical nutritional advice. If Drew was able to take a simple approach to his weight loss and curing his diabetes, why would anyone want to seek out drugs that could cause them more harm than good. If diabetes is indeed reversable…could you prevent this disease with a pre diabetic diet? You bet, but let’s move on.

Billions Of Dollars Are Spent On Ways To Keep You In The Dark

It is very frustrating for me to see billions and billions of dollars tossed into treatments, education programs, and diet plans for diabetics that make little to no sense. If you don’t already know, most of the popular diets include eating starches. This is like throwing gasoline on a fire because the digestive system quickly breaks down starches into sugar. The popular diets also include foods that are contaminated with fungus/mycotoxins. Which is far more important when looking at the big picture. If a popular diet does NOT mention words like fungus, fungi, mycotoxins, antifungal, etc then you are more than likely going to be misguided.

Diabetics Are Taught To “Just Live With It

I believe the “just live with it” attitude places chains and bonds on the mindset that there is nothing  a diabetic can do about it. People need to be taught the cure. Unfortunately you will always get a lot of resistance any time you throw around the big “C” word. We already know that diet is extremely important for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. I just disagree with the suggestions and recommendations from the medical field. Once you understand what is causing type 2 diabetes you’ll know how to effectively cure it through an antifungal diet and proper exercise. Believe it or not…you are in control!

The Fungus Link: What Cholesterol Lowering Drugs Have In Common With Diabetes

Did you know that statin drugs (cholesterol lowering drugs) are antifungal? It is known that statin drugs significantly reduce the rate of people developing type 2 diabetes. Even Time Magazine reported in 2001 that statin drugs reduced the risk of developing diabetes by 30% while also decreasing the risk of stroke and high cholesterol. This would make sense if fungi is indeed the culprit behind these problems. Yet, scientists and doctors still haven’t connected the dots. Either they don’t know or don’t want you to know! Both are scary.

Infectious Diabetes 300x300 How Did Drew Carey Lose Weight And Battle Diabetes? How You Too Can Defeat The Disease By Understanding The Fungus Link To Diabetes
(If you want all the inside details on understanding the fungus link to diabetes I highly recommend this book)

Not Convinced? Antibiotics, Fungi, And Liver Cancer

I have previously wrote on the topic of antibiotics and that they are merely byproduct toxins from fungus. Ever since the introduction of antibiotics in 1949 it can’t be ignored that diabetes cases have skyrocketed since then. Yes, type 2 diabetes has been around before antibiotics but you can’t deny the increase in diabetics with each new year.

So what does liver cancer have to do with diabetes? Well, a deadly mycotoxin called aflatoxin B1 is commony found in those with liver cancer. High blood sugar and gangrene are commmon symptoms of those with liver cancer which is ironically identical problems of diabetics. Aflatoxin B1 has the capacity of generating the same symptoms and problems as diabetes and liver cancer. This is merely scratching the surface of linking fungus to health problems.

Another Link Between Mold, Brewer’s Yeast, and Diabetes

According to Dr. A.V. Costantini, a scientist named Hayes has successfully induced diabetes in laboratory mice by using a mycotoxin called streptozotocin (from the Streptomyces mold) while a researcher named Coleman fed mice 10% brewer’s yeast (Saccharomyces mold) with the same results. It’s also important to note that brewer’s yeast produces uric acid. It is well documented that uric acid also generates alloxan which is a substance that can negatively affect the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas.

Cryptococcus Mold and Diabetes

Another mold called Cryptococcus also produces uric acid and it’s byproduct alloxan. So why is this important? A scientist in Japan studied this mold in two ways.

1) The Cryptococcus mold was found in the insulin producing areas of the pancreas (islets of Langerhans) in two children dying from type 1 diabetes.

2) The Cryptococcus mold was injected into the pancreatic artery of lab animals to induce cell death in the insulin producing areas of the pancreas (islets of Langerhans). All the animals developed diabetes.

Given the above scenarios and research that I haven’t even mentioned yet should at least make us rethink our strategies and treatments in all endocrine and hormonal disorders. It’s just unfortunate that the medical field won’t even reconsider the possibility. Why? Medicine is a business first and it may negatively hurt profits to cure people. Therefore doctors will continue to treat symptoms instead of curing and educating people on fungus.

Let’s Recap

How did Drew Carey lose weight and successfully battle diabetes? He followed a very strict antifungal diet without even realizing it and challenged himself in the gym with tough cardio. To fully understand why this type of diet is so effective at weight loss and disease prevention then I highly recommend you dive into my two most important articles.

1) Is There A Fungus Link To Weight Loss? A Controversial Topic Befuddles Dietitians And Doctors!

2) The Phase One Diet: The Only Proven Antifungal Diet To Combat Both Disease And Weight Gain

I am in no way saying that you should drop or ignore your doctors advice and direction. I just want you to know that you have more power and control over your health than what you think. You especially have more power to cure your diseases than what a doctor can ever do for you. I want to encourage you to take the responsibility and discipline with your health. Take the time and dive into the Fungus section of this site. It will change your life. I’m that confident.



Is There A Cure For Cancer? Are We Racing For The Cure Or Crawling In The Opposite Direction?

Is there a cure for cancer? A professor from the University of Oklahoma discovered that a plant from the Middle East killed all kinds of cancer in humans, mammals, and even in Petri dishes. All from the plants essential oils. This also included the dreaded breast cancer, which is what we are racing for this month! So why isn’t this information blasted all over the news?

is there a cure for cancer Is There A Cure For Cancer? Are We Racing For The Cure Or Crawling In The Opposite Direction?
(I do Not support the Pink Ribbon Campaign, but that doesn’t mean I’m somehow “for” cancer or “anti research.” I have lost many family members to cancer. Please make sure you read the whole article before jumping to conclusions. Because this is such an emotional issue all I ask is that you put emotions aside and try and see things from a different perspective.)

Prison Break For The Cure

So what is this oil that can essential cure every cancer in America? I can’t tell you! I would go to jail. Why? It’s illegal for anyone to say that a particular substance can cure anything. There are plenty of natural cures available but you’ll be in big trouble if you dare reveal it. So while we are fighting, clawing, jumping, and racing for the cure, we would be breaking the law to cross the finish line. That is if the line ended with a natural food, substance, health food store or even a research laboratory.

Drugs And Surgery Is The Only Way?

In recent years, there has actually been a few natural cures that has broke the surface. Unfortunately, the end results are always the same. Before anyone can take advantage of the findings, a strong and ruthless attempt to silence, discredit, and smear the names and organizations who provided the information unfolds. False information and the ability to “quackify” (yes, I just made that up) the people promoting it is all in their bag of tricks.

Where America Can Boast!

The U.S. has the best emergency medicine in the entire world. Hands down, no competition. Keeping someone alive and fixing the problems that people would have otherwise died from anywhere else, is incredible. The medical field has created some of the most advanced machines and software in regards to diagnostic technology. It doesn’t end there. This technology has further stretched it’s hand in very critical areas. Our sanitation systems are top notch and our water supply is kept free from disease infestation. Other parts of the world don’t have this luxury.

Our Approach To Disease Prevention: Grade F

But when it comes to diseases like cancer, diabetes, mental health, obesity, heart disease, and lot’s of non life threatening conditions, we have dropped the ball. While other countries are struggling with their health in regards to a filthy water supply and inadequate sanitation, the listed diseases are profoundly absent. America’s approach to health is only one of hundreds of health philosophies around the world, yet we rank very poorly when it comes to overall health and disease prevention. I think we could learn something.

Searching For Water In The Desert: Is There A Cure For Cancer That Researchers Are Missing

The medical industry is searching “cures” for diseases they don’t even know is causing it? If they can’t even agree nor define what is actually causing cancer, what good is the research or the approach to cure it. Without having this crucial knowledge, the efforts in finding a solution in surgery, drugs, and radiation treatments make little to no sense. I believe the medical field is moving in a direction of uncertainty and not towards a cure.

You Can’t Patent A Green Apple

This also brings up the area of patentable control. Why would drug companies look for something natural that they can’t patent. If they can’t control a certain area of health through the use of of licensed professionals and patents then there will be no funding for any “research.” That is why it is not uncommon for researchers to have their funding cut off if they have groundbreaking findings for cures from natural substances and not chemicals that drug companies can patent and sell. It only makes sense for drug companies to fund conventional medicine only when it benefits them.

is there a cure for cancer 2 Is There A Cure For Cancer? Are We Racing For The Cure Or Crawling In The Opposite Direction?

(Every single person needs this in their own personal library. Including medical schools)

The Fungus Link

Now what about the 40+ years of research and experience by Doug Kaufmann and Dr. Holland that other health professionals are slowly discovering and backing up their work in regards to the the link between cancer and fungus/mycotoxins. There is endless amounts of research that agrees and supports their observations but very little voices to announce it to the public. Do you think medical establishments will allow this information to be mainstream. Of course not! Do you have any idea how much money drug companies would lose if people learned that they are able to cure their diseases through diet and natural substances alone? You better believe they will be working overtime to silence the voices and put a halt to these efforts.

Business Is Gooood!

Does it come to any real surprise that I do NOT support the Pink Ribbon campaigns or any other medical foundation? Don’t get me wrong, I highly admire the spirits, attitude, and generosity towards these campaigns. I just know that the efforts are going in the opposite direction. Just take a moment and think about it. Go to the websites, events, and other social gatherings rallied around “finding a cure.” It has turned into an enormously profitable business. Are you really sure your money and time is actually going towards research for a cure, or is it just paying yet another Ferrari bill. Did you also know that “Susan G. Komen for the Cure” supports planned parenthood? So once again, are you sure your time and money is going where it should?

Note:  It may sound crude and insensitive but seriously stop and evaluate things for a moment. The cancer business is highly profitable. Why is that millions and millions of dollars are poured into these organizations but have nothing to show for?

0 Is There A Cure For Cancer? Are We Racing For The Cure Or Crawling In The Opposite Direction?

I strongly believe that natural, inexpensive, and highly accessible cures for cancer and all other diseases have been discovered. They have existed for a long time. The question of ” is there a cure for cancer ” won’t become clear until you understand “the link.”


How To Get Rid Of Moobs:What Is More Effective? Diet Or Man Breasts Exercises?

Imagine yourself at your favorite restaurant placing a reservation. While you anxiously stand at the entrance, you catch a glimpse of yourself in a tall mirror. “What is that protruding from my chest” you ask. Without hesitation, you realize that your manly body has been overtaken by man boobs!

masculine chest1 How To Get Rid Of Moobs:What Is More Effective? Diet Or Man Breasts Exercises?

Why Haven’t I Noticed Before?

You haven’t noticed it until now, but the sudden realization that you let yourself go for so long starts to become a little overwhelming. Feeling a bit embarrassed, you consciously move your body in quirky ways as to somehow hide your chest area hoping that no one has noticed. The hostess calls your name and breaks the chatter within your mind. As you follow her to your seat you feel a sense of paranoia as you weave through crowded tables. “Are all these people looking at me? Do they notice them?” You find your seat and begin flipping through the menu. You can’t seem to concentrate because all you want to do is go home and search the internet as to how to get rid of moobs.

What Happened To My Masculine Square Pecs?

Have you ever felt like that? I had no idea that this was an issue with men until I asked those who struggled with moobs aka “man boobs.”  It is a “low blow” to a man’s ego when his chest begins to resemble that of female breasts. In their quest to solve the problem, a wardrobe full of baggy shirts, thick sweaters, and excess layers to hide their chest becomes the norm. They tirelessly search the internet for cures, workouts, and man breasts exercises in hopes to firm up the chest. They find something that appears legit, so they put it to work. After a few weeks, nothing happens. All the workouts and man breasts exercises didn’t do anything. So what now?

Killing Yourself In The Gym Didn’t Work: Is There Something I’m Missing?

So you feel like curling up in a ball because all your hard work in the gym didn’t appear to make any changes. What if I told you that your diet is more to the solution than anything else? Could there be a possibility that certain types of foods you are eating are not only causing you to gain weight but slightly feminizing your body? Let’s take a look.

Fungus May Once Again Be The Root Of The Problem

Zearalenone, is a Fusarium mold toxin that is found heavily in our grain food supply. The highest levels of this mycotoxin can be found in North American cereal grains. The U.S. doesn’t screen for this mycotoxin, therefore it is left in our food supply. This mycotoxin is found to stimulate the pituitary gland to produce growth hormone and other effects like infertility and miscarriages. What is striking is that Zearalenone produces estrogen like effects, causing femininization in male animals.  I strongly believe that this mycotoxin is not only linked to your weight gain, but the very root cause of men and even young boys in developing man boobs.

The Solution:

How to get rid of moobs quickly is the ultimate problem. So the best way to tackle the issue:

Diet Is Crucial: (Steps 1&2)

1)    Eliminate the feminizing properties of Zearalenone and other weight gaining properties of fungi:

This is where a lot of diets fail. If this mycotoxin is the cause of your chest fat and not just from being overweight, a diet that is allowing grains and other fungus contaminated foods won’t help you. Remember, this is a fungus. To starve and kill fungus, you need an antifungal diet.

2)    Creating a caloric deficit for weight loss with fasting:

Intermittent fasting is incredible. This is always my “go to” solution for those who need to lose weight. Combine intermittent fasting with an antifungal diet is the most effective and fastest way to teach you how to get rid of moobs. Nailing down the diet with intermittent fasting is where the rubber meets the road. You will be shocked how effective this is.

Strength Training & Cardio

3)    Chest workouts for men: HIIT Cardio

Combining strength training with high intensity cardio is meant to facilitate your efforts. So many people get this backwards. You can do all the man breasts exercises and tough cardio you want and still not get anywhere if the diet isn’t in check. You just can’t outwork a bad diet. So once you have your diet in check, go hardcore on strength training and cardio. Instead of laying out a chest workout and cardio here, click on the link above and it will take you to my previous articles that lays it out step by step.


Fastest way to lose weight and chest fat: Conquer this first!

1)    Antifungal diet

2)    Fasting

The moment you have the diet and fasting under control, quickly add in:

3)    Strength Training

4)    High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Note: If you want the complete package to a fully “manly” body makeover then click here.

Is There A Fungus Link To Weight Loss? A Controversial Topic Befuddles Dietitians And Doctors!

Have you ever thought about what makes bread rise?  Could this same component be the very root of weight problems?  It comes to no surprise that obesity is increasing at alarming rates. Weight problems now cost more than smoking or alcoholism in regards to long term disability and health care expenses! I never truly understood the dangers until I saw that obesity leads to much higher risks of cancer, heart disease, birth defects, arthritis, …and the list goes on and on.  Is it a possibility that a known poison that exists in our food supply, medication, and even in the air we breathe to be completely overlooked as the cause of disease and weight gain? You will soon find out the fungus link to weight loss!      

MeasuringTapeApple Is There A Fungus Link To Weight Loss? A Controversial Topic Befuddles Dietitians And Doctors!       

So What Exactly Has Caused The Increased Weight Gain And Disease?       

There has been a lot of speculation from doctors, dieticians, and even people in the fitness industry, as to why Americans are getting heavier. With all these different theories flying around it can be very overwhelming for those who actually want to “take the bull by the horns” and try to lose weight. While every new fat burning pill, exercise gadget, diet book/plan, comes out in the market like clockwork, Americans are still growing heavier and heavier. I believe there are two distinct things that have caused the obesity rate to skyrocket to over 50% of the population. Things that people never would have imagined.       

The Birth Of The Food Pyramid       

I believe the first reason for increased weight gain is that carbohydrates in the form of grains and sugars have been labeled and even recommended as “safe” for consumption by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. This doesn’t sound that bad at first glance, until you realize that our grain supply is universally contaminated by a fungus…which is reason two!  It’s interesting to note that in the late 70’s the U.S. Department of Agriculture warned that consuming high fat foods was bad. Then in the 90’s it was applied to all “fats” as “bad and should be consumed in small quantities.” This is where butter, bacon, eggs, meats, oils, etc were shoved to the side while bread, cereals, and pasta became the staple of health. This is why you see fats at the top (to be used sparingly) of the pyramid and bread at the bottom.       

food pyramid Is There A Fungus Link To Weight Loss? A Controversial Topic Befuddles Dietitians And Doctors!      

Why I Believe Following The Food Pyramid Is Dangerous To Your Health       

This food system was pushed so hard on doctors and dieticians until the general public caught on to the idea as truth. We simply jumped on for the ride. Americans bought into it without even realizing what just happened. No one seemed to notice that the ones involved with creating the popular Food Pyramid were not scientists or highly educated nutritionists. In reality, the entire system was brought into existence by a group of lawyers under Senator George McGovern! How crazy is that?? We now have felt the tidal wave of misinformation as we are continually cautious of fat in foods. It’s like harboring a fat phobia even though we know that margarine is dangerous while eggs, avocados, and nuts actually decrease risks of heart disease. So you may be wondering, what does all this information have to do with my waistline? Stick with me and I will show you how it all comes together.       

Why It Is Relevant To Study Weight Gain In Animals       

The word “animal” is defined as “a living sentient organism that has membranous cell walls, requires oxygen and organic foods and is capable of voluntary movement.” To label a human as an “animal” is definitely insulting and I am in no way saying that an animals’ life is as worthy as a human. But for metabolic and scientific purposes, we are considered animals. This is crucial for understanding how fungus can cause weight gain in animals and why it is relevant to humans.       

I Don’t Believe High Fat Foods Is The Sole Reason For Weight Gain       

Low-fat this and low-fat that, I can’t escape it! Since the food pyramid has infested the minds of dieters, the response to why people gain weight is often the knee-jerk answer of “eating too much fatty food.” Well let’s think about this for a moment. Why is it that both animals and humans continue to gain so much weight while on low-fat to even no-fat diets? It’s very interesting to know that farmers understand this concept better than anyone. They fatten their livestock by feeding them a predominately high carbohydrate diet of grains and grass, and not one of high fat. Farmers know that this strategy demonstrates the ease of conversion of carbohydrates into fat. But they don’t stop there!       

Antibiotics: Livestock’s Weight Gaining Program And Not For Disease Prevention       

Feeding livestock nothing but carbohydrates is nothing new but adding antibiotics to the weight gaining program definitely is! It is known that livestock feed is laced with millions of pounds of antibiotics. Did you read that right…I said millions.  I’m sure your first thought is that farmers give antibiotics to the animals to protect them from disease. Well the problem is that agribusinesses feed the livestock that is laced with antibiotics to promote growth, not for disease. If it wasn’t for the abuse of antibiotics, there is simply no reason for livestock to get sick in the first place. Think about it. Why would you give antibiotics to a healthy animal?       

So How Is Fungus Involved And What Role Does It Play In Weight Gain?       

Carbohydrates like grains are universally contaminated by fungus. So a high carbohydrate diet (rich in grains) causes weight gain in both humans and animals, while the addition of antibiotics enhances weight gain. Well did you know that antibiotics are fungal derivatives? Whether antibiotics are ingested or injected, the body is the fungus’ new home. It’s more important to know that once fungus enters the body, it is able to manipulate the host to force its own will and purposes. It is also important to comment on the previous question of “what do you think makes bread rise?” Yeast! Did you know that yeast is also a form of fungus? If a fungus like that causes bread to rise, think about what it does in your body.       

Portobello Mushroom Is There A Fungus Link To Weight Loss? A Controversial Topic Befuddles Dietitians And Doctors!      

(Mushrooms are not vegetables. They are fungus)      

Fungus Needs Carbohydrates To Survive And Thrive       

Do you find yourself craving sugary and starchy foods all the time? Foods like sweets, grains, potatoes, pasta and bread. Sometimes the cravings are so intense that you can’t seem to get enough. Have you always been like that? If not, think about a time when your diet seemed to change overnight. Did you go to the doctor for a simple illness and was prescribed antibiotics? Remember, antibiotics are fungal derivatives and they have now taken residence in your body. Since the parasitic fungus needs carbohydrates to survive, it manipulates your body and causes you to crave sugary and starchy foods. Now you have a pantry stocked with foods that continue to fuel the fungus while you progressively gain weight.       

A Calorie Is Still A Calorie…But       

It is still a general rule that if you consume more calories than what your body burns you will still gain weight. But it has to be noted that the presence of fungus is the exception to the rule. A calorie is still a calorie, but the ones we get from fungal contaminated grains and other foods have growth promoting components. So you may actually be gaining weight without actually overeating. I still have to make a comment that people do underestimate how much they actually eat. It also doesn’t help that people may be overeating because of the strong influence that fungus has in regards to igniting cravings thus causing weight loss to come to a screeching halt. If fungus can be starved and killed, cravings for high carbohydrate foods that cause excess weight gain will diminish. Eating less will be much easier, so fat loss will be quicker and more effective.  

Fungus Link To Weight Loss1 Is There A Fungus Link To Weight Loss? A Controversial Topic Befuddles Dietitians And Doctors!
 Is There A Fungus Link To Weight Loss? A Controversial Topic Befuddles Dietitians And Doctors!The Fungus Link To Weight Loss Book Is There A Fungus Link To Weight Loss? A Controversial Topic Befuddles Dietitians And Doctors!   

Ok This Article Is Super Long      

Since the article is extremely long I figured I would have to wait and write a separate one on how to effectively starve and kill the fungus. There is so much more to write about because I have only scratched the surface in regards to the fungus link to weight loss. I have wanted to write about this for a long time but have struggled with the proper approach. This issue is such a big deal to me and I strongly feel that millions of lives will be changed due to the restoration of their health, and not just for weight loss.  If you don’t want to wait on me I highly recommend reading the book.