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Spiderman VS. Batman- The Dark Knight Battles The Web Slinging Arachnid

What do you think would happen if billionaire Bruce Wayne made an inappropriate gesture towards Mary Jane? What if Peter Parker is caught snapping an embarrassing photo of Bruce in his Superman pajamas? Let’s say a fight breaks out between the two and you want to place a bet on the victor. Who would you choose? Would it be “The Beefcake” Bruce Wayne or the “Lean and Mean” Peter Parker.  Alright Geeks, here is Spiderman vs. Batman….light sabers unite!

Batman VS Spiderman2 300x187 Spiderman VS. Batman  The Dark Knight Battles The Web Slinging Arachnid

Batman V Spiderman1 197x300 Spiderman VS. Batman  The Dark Knight Battles The Web Slinging Arachnid                                                                                                                                                                        

                                    (I want this article to be humorous, nerdy, and fun)                                                    

Batman Is A Brute

Taking a look at Batman, we can see that he is taller and bulkier than Spiderman. You don’t want to be on the opposite end of his brute punches and kicks. He is also able to withstand more punishment from his fighting due to his muscle size and thick body armor. He wields some pretty nifty gadgets that allow him to glide through the air or grapple the tops of high rise building. Batman would most likely win a “Strong Man” competition and even school the American Gladiators, but would have a hard time winning the “Ninja Warrior.” Overall, He looks pretty intimidating with his bulky muscles, black mask, and cape. His size and bulk doesn’t help him with agility and endurance, but he does get to drive a pretty sweet car.

Spiderman Is The Agile Athlete

Spiderman is lightning quick, flexible, and super agile. His fighting ability is enhanced by his extreme athleticism and balance. He is able to dodge weapons and attacks very effectively which can cause his opponent to run out of juice. Since endurance is a strong attribute of Spiderman, long heated battles will always be in his favor. Spiderman also has great advantages with his web slinging abilities. Firing his sticky webs from any angle can help him momentarily disable his opponent while maneuvering around the sides of buildings.

So Who Would Come Out On Top

Batman’s excessive size would slow him down and hurt him in long drawn out battles. He would do very well in a pure fist fight. A few landed punches, kicks, body slams, is all it would take and good night Suzy! Spiderman’s only chance of winning is to utilize his “spidey sense.” If he can draw upon his amazing athletic abilities and wear down Batman, the floodgates would be open to easy body blows.

 0 Spiderman VS. Batman  The Dark Knight Battles The Web Slinging Arachnid 

(Abed Batman is my favorite character. I couldn’t stop laughing)

Functional Strength VS Raw Size

We have established that Spiderman has way more functional strength than Batman. He can utilize his body size in more athletic and meaningful ways outside the fighting world and into everyday life. Batman would most likely gain a lot of respect in the bodybuilding community but Spiderman’s body type would gain more interest with the ladies. 

 0 Spiderman VS. Batman  The Dark Knight Battles The Web Slinging Arachnid

(A modern day Spiderman) 

If I Had The Choice,Who Would I Be The Spiderman Vs. Batman Dilemma?

Let’s first think about my own fitness goals.  I would much rather be lean and ripped with a lot of functional ability. It is also important to me that I am able to fit into a nice suit and even jeans. This would be very difficult if I had a bodybuilder body. You would think that it would be an obvious choice to be Spiderman, but……I would pick Batman! Let’s be honest, they aren’t superhero’s all the time. Let’s take a look at Bruce Wayne. When he is not Batman, he is a multi-billionaire! He is a rich, handsome, and a famous guy who can literally buy anything and vacation wherever he wants.  Think about Spiderman as Peter Parker, or Superman as Clark Kent. Outside of being a superhero, they are the biggest nerds that work regular, boring, jobs. How much fun is in that?? 

What I Would Fix About Batman

Since I would pick Batman, I would focus on losing the excess muscle mass while increasing muscle density. Slimming down while increasing strength will give me a more of the lean and mean body like Spiderman.  I’ll have the best of both worlds. Spiderman’s physique and ability with Bruce Wayne’s paycheck, sounds great to me!

For Those Who Are Giving Fitness A Much Needed Face Lift

Since beginning this site I have been introduced to some great fitness bloggers. They have actively gone against the grain and are helping people reconsider why exactly they work out. By not catering to the “meat head” mentality, they have opened the doors for people to achieve a much better looking body. It’s only a matter of time for the fitness industry to catch up and realize that what is being taught is extremely ineffective and outdated. This is especially true within women’s fitness. There is way too much exercise garbage that is thrown at women that it makes your head spin.

Gaining A Ton Of Muscle Wherever It Ends Up Is Not The Way To Go!

Take a stroll  through any popular gym and you will typically see men working very hard packing on as much muscle as possible.  Most of the time their muscle gains will show on parts of the body that will create a very unbalanced look.  Just gaining muscle in any way possible is not the way to go, but so few have even acknowledged the problem.

Gaining Muscle1 300x1991 Gaining A Ton Of Muscle Wherever It Ends Up Is Not The Way To Go!

(This is a great picture of  muscle density. That is what you are aiming for.)

 Developing These Muscle Groups Will Wreck Your Body Image

I can’t stress this enough.  Try at all cost to avoid overdeveloping these muscle groups below.     *I know I will receive an earful from a lot of bodybuilders on this, but I am going to stick to my guns.

Legs: I have not been a fan of men adding excessive mass to their legs.  Yes, you want very toned legs….. but that is where  tough cardio comes into play.  Cardio has a lot of benefits other than just toning the legs but I will get into that another time.  I have not done a single leg lift, squat, deadlift, etc since I finished my college baseball career.  There is simply no need for it.  I haven’t done a leg lift since 2007, but  my legs are ripped from only doing cardio.

This is a little embarrassing….but I will show you a picture of myself back in the day to show you what not to achieve in the lower body.

                   TheFitChronLegsExample Gaining A Ton Of Muscle Wherever It Ends Up Is Not The Way To Go!

Once again this is not what you want! I have actually developed my upper body a lot more since this picture was taken but you can see how a larger lower body can visually mask your overall physique.  Now, I understand that a lot of bodybuilders have MUCH bigger thighs than me, but that is the look that I am really trying to steer men away from…. hopefully you get my point!

Obliques:  There is no need to gain muscle here.  These muscles are located on the side of your waist.  If you spend a lot of time trying to gain mass in this area you will acquire a very wide midsection like those of a professional wrestler.  A common exercise that people use to work this area is the dumbbell side bend.  Avoid this at all cost!

Booty: I also don’t recommend working your butt with any kind of weights.  You don’t want a huge butt.  I acquired a larger butt because of all the direct leg work when I was in college ball but I am glad that is over.  Of course I am going against the grain on this one, but a tough cardio program will give you an overall better looking rear end. You don’t want to add muscle in this area…Trust me on this one

Lower Pecs:  I would recommend focusing your time and effort on chest workouts where you are positioned in more of an incline fashion.  The reasoning for that is because the lower pecs almost always develop more mass than your upper chest.  Extensive work on your lower chest can give a look that is comparative to women’s breasts.  Obviously that is not what you want.  So….working the upper chest is very important because it will create a more even muscle mass from the collar bone down to the lower portion of your pecs. It creates an angular look!   I rarely do flat bench anymore because they work the lower chest more than what you would think.  I wrote another article that will give you a great outline for that hard angular chest.  *Side note… there is no need to EVER do decline presses even though you will see guys doing it all the time.

Traps:  These are the muscles that attach at the base of your neck and extend down to your shoulders.  When these muscles are overdeveloped, it will make your neck look like it is nonexistent.  It also takes away from the look of wide shoulders.  Shrugs are the exercise that develop these muscles so I would simply drop this from any kind of workout routine.

Note: Bottom line? If you want to add muscle and you are after the lean “Hollywood Look”, check out Visual Impact.  It will teach you exactly what needs to be done to accomplish that.