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best ways to get in shape

What Is The Best Way To Get In Shape? Well What Shape Are We Talking About?

When people are wanting to know the best way to get in shape, the first place people normally search is the internet. There is a million different ways, theories, and approaches on how to exercise, lose weight, build muscle, etc but a lot of them are designed to sculpt a body that you may not want. There is a huge difference between just working out and actually having a specific goal in changing the shape of your body. You can put a lot of time and effort into exercising, but if the exercises/routines aren’t creating the right body shape that you desire, then what good is it to you? I’ll show you what I mean…

Best Way To Get In Shape What Is The Best Way To Get In Shape? Well What Shape Are We Talking About?

(Of course this is an extreme case but I hope you get the point. Women would much rather have a slim and feminine physique like Jessica Biel than the contest bodybuilder that has very manly features. Unfortunately, most workouts for women create a body that looks like a smaller version of men)

Why You Don’t Necessarily Want To Copy An Athlete’s Routine

Let’s take a look at athletes for a moment.  The way that a high performance athlete trains can be radically different compared to someone who trains to achieve a specific body shape. If you didn’t catch that last sentence, read it again ahaha! Trained athletes have very detailed workouts but it isn’t tailored to improve the “look” of their bodies. Their routines are designed to maximize performance and/or agility into the sport they are engaged in. Olympic power lifters train to get better at the bench press, squat, and the dead lift. High divers will train to make them better divers. Cross country athletes will train to increase endurance. Gymnasts will work to become more flexible and powerful. All these athletes will have different structured routines that will aid in increasing their performance. It has nothing to do with them trying to create a particular look. This is very important to understand!

Let’s Go To The Dark Side For A Moment

Think about the way that contest bodybuilders and figure models work out. Everything they do is revolved around creating a specific look and shape to their bodies. So if you want to look like a professional bodybuilder then you would want to mimic their training to achieve that particular look. Now you are probably thinking to yourself…but I don’t want to look like that! Well I don’t want you to look like that either but for some reason people don’t see the connection.

So What Does This Have To Do With You??

Have you ever thought about the structure of your current routine? Have you ever wanted to change the shape of your body but you later found out that it didn’t work or it produced a “look” that you weren’t too fond of?  Well did you know that an extremely high percentage of popular workout routines are modeled after bodybuilding routines? This goes for both men and women. Despite men/women wanting to stray away from the huge bodybuilder look, they are still training under a program that will create it. This is a huge reason why people continue to buy the next best exercise routine or program.  They aren’t satisfied with what they are doing because what they are following is creating an unwanted look.

Picnik collage2 What Is The Best Way To Get In Shape? Well What Shape Are We Talking About?

(Once again, most guys would rather be lean and functional than to look like a bodybuilder. I honestly thought that look was dead but it’s still alive and kicking!)

What Your Body May End Up Looking Like

The more and more you train like performance based athletes/contest bodybuilders the more and more your body will take on their distinct look. This is simply because their goals (not yours) are based on the training that is required to get there.  I see this happen over and over. Men and women begin exercise programs in high hopes to lose weight, or “get in shape” only to later be discouraged that their hard work and sweat didn’t create the “look” they wanted. Going into the gym without a plan or defined goal is not the best way to get in shape. It is a recipe for disaster. You also don’t want to just “wing it” when it comes to your workouts. Determine your goals first and be clear about what kind of body you want to develop.

Removing The Guesswork

Ok, so most guys would much rather have the lean and functional “Hollywood” look while women would much rather be slim and feminine…so how do you get it? This is why I put my full support into Visual Impact For Men and Visual Impact For Women. It helps you understand why you do certain kinds of lifts, rep/set range, types of cardio and why you may want to stay away from other things. With this knowledge of how to get in shape, you can tweak the routine to your specifications or goals. You are in control. So there is ultimately no reason to ever have to try the next best workout/program/routine ever again.