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Stress And Weight Gain: How Money And Fat Loss Are Connected As The Top Cause Of Excess Stress

Stress And Weight Gain: How Money And Fat Loss Are Connected As The Top Cause Of Excess Stress

PinExt Stress And Weight Gain: How Money And Fat Loss Are Connected As The Top Cause Of Excess Stress

Every day life can be very stressful.  Stress can come from so many variables that it can be tough to handle it all.  If stress is not handled properly, it can lead to weight gain, disease, depression, and all out emotional break downs.  Unresolved stress can also be damaging because it has a building block effect. One or two problems can lay a foundation for other minor issues to build upon.  The next thing you know, you have built an entire city of stress from just two bricks.  I have found that the two most powerful and negative bricks that lay the groundwork for stress and weight gain is money and… ironically, excess body fat.

Money And Fat Loss Stress And Weight Gain: How Money And Fat Loss Are Connected As The Top Cause Of Excess Stress(Beautiful New York City skyline)

The Evil Combination Of “Less And More”

Food and money may seem like two separate entities in life, but you would be surprised how involved they really are.  It is almost like a trap that you can’t seem to escape from.  This trap comes in the form of a simple concept. It takes money to buy food!  Wow, someone better call “Ripley’s.”  Food is a necessity just like shelter, but the trap comes in the form of something a little different.  We stress over not having enough money and complain about having too much body fat.  Having less money with more fat….when is it going to end?

Poor But Obese

In America you are given options and tools to try and eat healthier, but health foods almost always cost more.  People have no problem spending extra money on healthy items, but never consider eating less.  We spend huge amounts of money in the fitness industries through weight loss programs, diet books, trainers, health clubs, with the intentions of losing fat. They have all adopted “healthy” eating plans that are either very detailed or extremely complex…but we still can’t seem to eat less. It’s a circular trap, and we wonder where all our money went!  I hope you can see how the bricks are forming through the stress of money and fat.

We Hate Excess Fat But Are Paying Hefty Premiums To Keep It

Excess body fat is nothing more than a result of overconsumption and emotional eating.  It doesn’t matter if it is all from “health” foods or not.  Too much body fat is indicative of overspending and overeating on food. Remember, somebody is profiting from this vicious cycle.  The food industry is a multibillion dollar industry, and they are profiting from your stressful eating habits. If you have too much fat, you are paying too much money…which causes more stress and weight gain.

What Would You Do With A Few Thousand Dollars

Let’s take a moment and evaluate an average Americans work week in regards to food.  When lunch time rolls around, it is not uncommon for people to go out and spend 10-12 dollars for their meal.  To take it a bit further, it is also not uncommon for people to do this every day for every lunch.  If you take 10-12 dollars and multiply that by 5 days a week for a whole year….that is 2,600-3,120 dollars spent on just lunch. If you skipped lunch even once or twice a week, you would save quite a bit of money and even prevent more body fat.  Saving thousands of dollars over the years that are not spent on something that will contribute to more and more fat can be a very liberating feeling.

Eliminate The Stress Of Money And Fat With A Two-Edged Sword

You would be amazed how quickly you can reverse the equation by taking the issues head on.  Let’s first start by understanding the amazing financial advantage by learning how to eat less.  If you are not spending your money on the very thing that is contributing to your weight gain, money increases.  While more and more money is added to your pockets, losing weight comes along with it.  Now the equation has flipped in your favor.  Excess stress and weight gain is minimized so therefore the worries of money has been alleviated while your waistline is getting slimmer.  This can cause more self confidence and motivation to stick with it and not look back.  You no longer live to eat, but eat to live.  Now you are in a much better position to address the minor stresses in your life since the “The Big 2” have been slain.

PinExt Stress And Weight Gain: How Money And Fat Loss Are Connected As The Top Cause Of Excess Stress


  1. Adam,
    Your site is looking great man. This post is spot on. The fake “food” industry is making a killing off this feeding cycle they have us on. Big business has so much power, and they keep that power by maintaining status quo. That means manufactured (cough) health foods (granola bars, other packaged goods) will keep being promoted in the face of overwhelming evidence that they are making us fat.

    It’s a sad thing, but by implementing intermittent fasting, and eating real foods I somehow feel like I’m sticking it to “the Man”. Not sure if “the Man” cares or not, but if enough people follow “the Man” will have to listen!


    • thefitnesschronicle says:

      “The Man” ahhaha I love it. I just want to make it clear that there is nothing wrong with “big business” but at the expense of damaging people’s health is another. I also realize that the choices people make in regards to nutrition has to be noteworthy. Example, we can’t get all over companies that produce extremely bad and toxic foods because ultimately “people” make the decision to consume it. It is a good thing to educate people on how bad the (cough)ahaha “health foods” actually are and the hidden dangers they have. So yes, if enough people put their feet down in opposition…..”the man” will have to listen. Thanks for the response….well put!

  2. Very good post it seems you are digging in and finding out the real reasons of Health related problems. I guess once these can be identified and managed success to not far behind

    • thefitnesschronicle says:

      I have learned a lot lately in regards to actual health excluding the fitness side of it. That is why I am in the process of researching and gathering as much information as I can so I can include a special section dealing with health and disease. I come from a medical background….but i disagree very strongly with the methods and ideas behind the way health/disease is treated within the medical field.

  3. The Underwear Body says:

    Really enjoyed the read. Back in the day I used to spend a small fortune on food for the privilege of wearing it around my waist, and it caused me A LOT of stress. Its scary/amazing how much money you can save skipping lunch. Nowadays I like to eat less food, but better quality, and I get to look and feel better too.


  4. It is unfortunate that these two factors combined, money and food, are causing us to slowly die.
    The good thing is that stress is definitely manageable and when we eliminate stress, even one small stressor, we can then begin to tackle other stress as well.

    You brought up a good point about food, poverty and obesity. In urban parts of the country you will often find that quality supermarkets are missing as well as restaurants offering anything other than fast food.

    It is a shame that investment is not considered in these areas, but then again, it comes to something you mentioned: healthy food can be expensive.

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