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Red Wine Health Benefits? Is Red Wine Good For You? What About Alcohol In General?

Red Wine Health Benefits? Is Red Wine Good For You? What About Alcohol In General?

PinExt Red Wine Health Benefits? Is Red Wine Good For You? What About Alcohol In General?

I understand that this post will not be earning popularity awards any time soon but I was stunned with the findings from the Center for Disease Control. They revealed that almost 70% of Americans over age 18 consistently drink alcohol. What really shocked me was realizing that it computes to over 200 million people. We live in a nation of alcohol drinkers. Is this a problem? Cold the overwhelming increase in disease and illnesses be linked to even moderate alcohol consumption alone? Or am I making mountains out of molehills?

red wine collage Red Wine Health Benefits? Is Red Wine Good For You? What About Alcohol In General?


To Drink Or Not To Drink…That Is The Question

I’m sure you are aware of all the latest studies concerning red wine health benefits, but even doctors are a little wary of giving the green light to consume because Americans tend to take things to the extreme. It’s also a very common thing to hear people give their two cents on how good it is for you and your heart. So is red wine good for you? Or does this just give us an excuse to indulge? What about other types of alcohol? Let’s dive in a bit!

Resveratrol To The Rescue?

Both scientists and health professionals have stated that the antioxidants, polyphenols, and plant compounds found in wine have been known to fight diabetes and even cancer. One of these powerful antioxidants that has been popularized is Resveratrol. Resveratrol is from the grape skins and has been found to fight diabetes, heart disease, and even obesity. If all these benefits are legit, why shouldn’t all of us raise our glasses to good health?

Alcohol Is A Worthless Drug

Harris Stratyner, the director of addiction recovery services at Mount Sinai Medical Center, makes a strong statement in Forbes Magazine on the topic of alcoholism. “Alcohol is a worthless drug that affects every single cell in your body.” Why would he say this? Is there something that researchers may be missing? Well the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology published a piece in the late 80’s stating that producers use moldy grains like corn, barley, hops, and even fruit that are too contaminated with mycotoxins for human and animal consumption are discarded, but not for alcohol production. So in all reality, your beverage has more than just alcohol in it.

Did We Forget…Alcohol Is A Mycotoxin

Alcohol is a mycotoxin byproduct of brewer’s yeast. Both brewer’s and bakers yeast is known as Saccharomyces cerevisiae. When yeast and carbohydrates are introduced for the fermentation process, the slow conversion of alcohol comes into play. What makes matters worse is that brewer’s yeast alone is known to produce uric acid (fungus produces uric acid) which is what people with gout suffer from, diabetes, and increases the chance of woman getting breast cancer. I believe we have severely underestimated how risky alcohol consumption really is.

Let’s Recap..

Wine is fermented with yeast, which is a fungus. The alcohol in the wine is a mycotoxin byproduct of brewer’s yeast. These are just a few things that people should never consume, yet we do it all the time. No wonder why we have soaring rates of breast cancer, liver cancer, and cirrhosis of the liver. Mycotoxins are enabled to wreck chaos within the body. I strongly believe that the most potent mycotoxins from alcohol and antibiotics are directly linked in some shape or form to almost all diseases. I think we are underestimating the damaging effects even in the smallest quantities.

So Once Again…Is Red Wine Good For You?

We know that fungi is known to cause high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease but the powerful antioxidant resveratrol is supposed to prevent these three things. So here you have a cure with an uncommon mixture with the cause?? I don’t doubt resveratrol’s ability to promote good health and help prevent disease, but until they are able to get it fungi/mycotoxin free, it is a waste of time and money. The “health benefits of red wine” or any other kinds of alcohol has way more risks that far outweighs any real benefit.

whole grain cereals 300x300 Red Wine Health Benefits? Is Red Wine Good For You? What About Alcohol In General?

“Those who eat a diet rich in whole grains tend to weigh less.” No they don’t. That is a blatant lie. Don’t let cereal commercials influence their agenda on what good health means.

What Happens When Health Issues Are Taken Mainstream

It merely seems like mainstream food companies, drug companies, and doctors are putting their fingers on nutrition but are recommending foods that make little to no sense for good health. But this is a common practice in our society. Just take a look at our sugar laden, grain (fungi contaminated) cereals, that have the “heart healthy” stamp of approval by American Heart Association (which makes no sense at all). I’m sure you have also noticed the big push on “whole grains” and “gluten free” products that have hit the market. If you are at all familiar with fungi’s role in disease, you already know how pointless and overhyped these foods really are.  I feel this is the same mindset with “red wine health benefits.” I would seriously think twice before you toast your alcohol to good health.

What If I Am In Good Shape?

Don’t get me wrong, people can still be in really good shape and drink alcohol. But it doesn’t always mean that they are healthy. Fit people can still fall prey to disease if they are consuming fungi/mycotoxin contaminated food and drinks on a regular basis. I also know that alcohol (beer, wine, scotch, etc) can be detrimental to a lot of those struggling with weight issues and disease.

Note: I was a heavy drinker in high school and my early college years but I gave up alcohol in 2003 and haven’t had any since. It is amazing to know how much money I have saved because of it and how my body has thanked me for it. I am not afraid to admit that I’m a little bias against alcohol consumption because I know the damage it does to the body, families, and lives.

PinExt Red Wine Health Benefits? Is Red Wine Good For You? What About Alcohol In General?


  1. To be honest we probably shouldn’t drink at all. We don’t need it.
    Reality is most people love that taste, the effects, the social aspects etc ..
    I drink regularly (1-2 drinks per day) mostly on weekends I try and not drink any on the weekdays so at least my body has a break.
    I have to say yes like others things it can become an addiction and get out of control but that’s a different kettle of fish. I ‘m assuming we can control it.

  2. Steve says:

    you are wrong, brewers yeast has been considered a wonder food since the 30s

  3. Nice!

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