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High Intensity Interval Training Workouts And The HGH Flush

High Intensity Interval Training Workouts And The HGH Flush

PinExt High Intensity Interval Training Workouts And The HGH Flush

In a previous post I introduced my readers to a simple form of high intensity interval training workouts (HIIT) for fat loss and since then I have had many questions about it and how it works. I’m going to dive right in and clarify HIIT with an added bonus.

stiller High Intensity Interval Training Workouts And The HGH Flush(Some people haven’t experienced the HGH flush since they played dodgeball in junior high! By the way…Ben Stiller is my favorite actor)

Want A Cardio Program That Makes Your Body Burn Fat?

When intense aerobic exercise is performed in a specific manner, your body will release Human Growth Hormone (HGH). This is your own natural fat burning hormone.  This is the very concept of what High Intensity Interval Training does for your body. I’m sure you have seen a lot of media press about athletes and high profile rappers using HGH substances but this is not what I am talking about.  You don’t need to mess with that stuff because HGH is naturally produced in your body.  I will show you how it can be utilized.

Increase HGH-Burn More Fat

Research has shown that increasing HGH will indeed obliterate fat.  There have also been a lot of studies in regards to HGH slowing down the aging process but I will have to leave that issue for a future post. I want to stick to my main point of how an aerobic workout program like HIIT will have your HGH levels skyrocket! Let’s first get to the program.

A Typical Standard For High Intensity Interval Training Workouts

1) Walk on a treadmill for 5 minutes at a moderate pace (between 3.5 and 4.0 on most treadmills)

2) After 5 minutes, speed up the treadmill to a jogging pace for one minute (start at 7.0 or 8.0)

3) After one minute of jogging, slow back down to your set moderate pace (somewhere between 3.5 to 4.0 as discussed before)

4) After one minute of moderate, speed up the treadmill to your previous jogging pace, but this time add .5 to the speed (so if you first did 7.0…now you are   going to set it at 7.5)

5) After one minute of jogging, return to the same set moderate pace for one minute.

6) Alternate every minute between jogging and walking for 20-30 minutes…making sure that you use the same walking speed each time, but increase to jogging speed by .5 until you can’t jog any faster for one minute.

To take more advantage of the natural fat burning state your body is in, continue with 10-20 minutes of steady state cardio.  This will burn off the last pesky and stubborn bits of body fat.

*This is the only time I would recommend steady state cardio. Remember specifics!

*If you are doing HIIT after strength training, aim for only 10-15 minutes. 30 sec sprint, 90 second walk/jog

-You will notice early on that the intervals at the beginning won’t be so hard.  As time goes on it will become a lot tougher. Once you work your way up and are in better shape….. sprinting on the treadmill will be the way to go.  Sprinting will take care of that last bit of body fat. I truly believe that every single person will burn fat if they stick with this type of aerobic program.

The HGH Flush

Your body will naturally release HGH when you are working out above your aerobic threshold. This is what happens when working out in a HIIT fashion.  To further increase the release of HGH, make sure you are training on an empty stomach.  Studies have shown that if you don’t consume any calories 3-4 hours before training and one hour after training, will indeed maximize the effects.  I’m not sure who coined the term “HGH Flush,” but it fits accordingly.  I have only heard a few people discuss this, but it is a good indicator of HGH release.  A good way to know if you have experience the HGH flush is to observe your skin.  When you are short of breath and your skin is red and hot to the touch…you have achieved the HGH flush.  This is what you are trying to experience every time you work out in this fashion.

Note: This program is the basic of the basic of HIIT.  There are “MANY” different types of high intensity interval training workouts that don’t use a treadmill.  I wanted to introduce HIIT  because many people have never experienced this type of routine. I will provide more HIIT routines and options in later posts.

PinExt High Intensity Interval Training Workouts And The HGH Flush


  1. Nice outline of a HIIT routine combined with steady state cardio that should provide a nice HGH release if done properly. I agree that most people would see significant fat burn with such a routine done 2-3 times per week.

  2. Jeremy & Kim says:

    Hi Adam,

    You are dead right about HIIT. It will burn way more fat than simply doing long boring cardio workouts. We love that HIIT can be done just about anywhere. You can do jump rope HIIT routines in the comfort of your own home or you can do sprints on the beach (if there is one near by). HIIT is always one of our key ingredients to burning fat fast.

    Keep working hard.

    • thefitnesschronicle says:

      Sprints on the beach! Yes Please! You are right, HIIT is key for optimum fat burning. It has been kicking my butt lately. Some days I dread it, while other times I can’t wait. Do you ever have those days?

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