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Drinking Coffee Before A Workout: One Of The Best Pre Workout Drinks

Drinking Coffee Before A Workout: One Of The Best Pre Workout Drinks

PinExt Drinking Coffee Before A Workout: One Of The Best Pre Workout Drinks

Coffee is by far one of the most consumed beverages in the entire world. Coffee shops are springing up everywhere in America and I am loving every bit of it. I have been drinking coffee for almost 8 years now and have got to experience some pretty delectable cups of “awesomeness.” I guess I would consider myself a self-proclaimed coffee enthusiast. Although I have been drinking it for many years, it has only been about a year since I discovered that coffee was one of the best pre workout drinks. Especially for fat loss.

CoffeeMorning Drinking Coffee Before A Workout: One Of The Best Pre Workout Drinks

(So far my favorite coffee is “Costa Rican Tarrazu” from Mazzaro’s in St. Petersburg, FL. Coming in at second place is “Guatemala” from Stauf”s in Columbus, OH)

Utilizing The Natural Caffeine Prior To Exercise Boosts Fat Loss

I have frequently stated how beneficial it is to work out on an empty stomach. Exercising in a fasted state does wonders for burning stubborn body fat. Well, did you know that 1-2 cups of coffee prior to exercise can increase your metabolism by 15-20%? It first gives you a calorie free surge of energy to initiate your workout. This is especially helpful for those who exercise early in the morning. It also triggers the body to increase the flow of free fatty acids from fat stores. So your body will use both the caffeine and stubborn fat as energy as opposed to “food energy.”

Caffeine Can Help Increase Muscle Tone But Not Size

We know that persistent, hard, muscle contractions, is what causes true muscle tone. We also know that muscle density has more to do with the nervous system than actually lifting weights. Since caffeine stimulates the nervous system, drinking coffee before a workout will increase the “positive” signals to the muscles. This will help you make harder contractions when lifting heavier weights, thus creating more dense and defined muscles. If you want to gain mass and not density, caffeine may inhibit those gains. The reasoning is that too much caffeine in the system has been known to reduce glucose uptake. This can be a problem if you are looking for post workout nutrition to begin the muscle repairing/building process. So if you want to gain a lot of mass, you may want to skip out on caffeine.

The Quality Of Coffee Is Of Utmost Importance

When most people think of drinking coffee it is typically combined with added milk, creamer, sugar, or flavored syrups. So when I speak of drinking coffee before a workout or just in general, it should be understood that I am talking about whole, fresh, organic, and pesticide-free coffee. This is very important because most commercial grade coffee beans are one of the most pesticide contaminated crops available. The packed and ground beans that you typically get from the store have rancid oils and are usually a degraded bean. Caffeine that comes from a “whole food” source is a lot healthier than that of a synthetic source. Synthetic caffeine doesn’t provide the healthy antioxidants that are needed for the body to utilize the effects properly.

How To Know If You Have A Good Bean

A good coffee bean whether it is roasted or freshly ground should have a pleasant smell and taste. If the coffee tastes stale or with a strong bite and doesn’t have a pleasing aroma, you more than likely have coffee that is rancid. Coffee in this state is completely useless and lacks the natural flavanoid antioxidants and proper nutrients. This is why buying organic, pesticide-free, whole beans are the best. It is a night and day difference in taste.

0 Drinking Coffee Before A Workout: One Of The Best Pre Workout Drinks 

(My name is Andy…your name is liar because you’re telling lies! ahahah)


There Are Some Con’s To Caffeine Consumption

1)      Since some people tend to take things to extremes, I wanted to make sure that 1-2 cups of coffee before a workout is plenty and 2-3 cups of coffee on non workout days is fine. You don’t want to be drinking a whole pot a day. I fell in that trap during college.

2)      Pregnant women should avoid caffeine of all sorts. Consuming only 2 cups of coffee can cause complications during pregnancy. This also goes for people with adrenal problems.

3)      Once again, synthetic caffeine can be harmful. It can actually have addictive properties. This is why a lot of people have a hard time giving up soda. The strong combination of sugar and caffeine wreaks havoc on the body. But caffeine is very beneficial when it comes from real, “whole food.”

coffee beans Drinking Coffee Before A Workout: One Of The Best Pre Workout Drinks

(Your body can handle the caffeine if it is whole, fresh, organic coffee, because it doesn’t hit your system the way synthetic caffeine does.)

Some Final Thoughts

Remember, drinking coffee before a workout is only helpful when it is consumed black. Adding milk and/or sugar defeats the whole purpose. If fat loss is your goal try to make sure you begin exercising on an empty stomach. That means you will want to make sure you haven’t consumed anything 4-5 hours prior. You want your body to use fat as fuel and not food. This is why I think coffee is one of the best pre workout drinks. It contains natural caffeine to give you a burst of energy, antioxidants, and a primed nervous system all without the calories.

Note: If you have had some exceptionally good coffee please let me know where you got it and what kind. I love checking out local coffee shops. Maybe later I will make a list of the top places by state. Let the comments roll!

PinExt Drinking Coffee Before A Workout: One Of The Best Pre Workout Drinks


  1. Great article and I am not a coffee drinker!
    I have read about the benefits of drinking coffee before and I truly believe it is true. In various cultures, particularly Latin America, it is seen as a healthy drink. Unfortunately, what is more common these days is seeing coffee transformed in to a sugary drink.
    As with most foods that are healthy many times the benefits are eliminated by putting in the wrong ingredients. Pizza comes to mind. A very healthy meal that usually gets ruined by putting in the fatty ingredients.

    Thanks for the great article.


  2. Teresa Mastracola says:

    How can you be sure that exercising on n empty stomach guarantees that you will be burning all fat and not muscle tissue. It was my understanding that exercising on empty increases the stress hormone cortisol, which converts muscle into sugar, which is a fast-burning fuel.

    • thefitnesschronicle says:

      @ Sam
      AAhhh man you are missing out. Do you not like the taste? I know some people that never liked coffee until I gave them the “good” stuff. I found out they were drinking gas station coffee or your typical Folgers/Maxwell house type of coffee. Those kinds are nasty.

      @ Mark
      Yes sir, right on. Organic coffee is the only way I roll. It really is a night and day difference from more conventional coffee. The best is when you grind the bean within the first few days of it being roasted. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

      Please let me know where you heard that because I think someone might not know what they are talking about.
      The thought of burning muscle tissue on an empty stomach really comes from companies with misleading advertising. Mostly bodybuilding supplement companies causing people to panic that they are going to lose muscle if there stomach is empty. As long as someone is weight training they aren’t going to lose muscle.There is actually a great deal of research on intermittent fasting as a healthy option for both preserving muscle mass while losing fat. The only way the body will use muscle as fuel is when someone is under chronic calorie restriction. I’m talking months and months.
      Now, the problem with eating before working out is that you are burning food energy vs body fat for energy. Eating releases insulin which interferes with your body’s ability to burn body fat. I would suggest that you check out Eat Stop Eat and Starvation Mode Doesn’t Exist

      Thank you for the comment and feel free to ask me any more questions.

  3. Ahmed says:

    Very impressive content + Will Ferrell = awesome site. Keep it up.

  4. thefitnesschronicle says:

    @ Reg D
    I checked out your site but what part of the world do you get your beans from?

  5. Corey says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I agree with you! I have been drinking coffee since I was like 10 which I know is unusual and I have been a Head Barista for a coffee shop for over 2 years. I have found that it increases your workout performance. When I train My Martial Art, it helps me tremendously. I also thought you might like to read about and try to coffee that my business offers. The link is http://products.ytb.com:80/Ganovia/?wa=drcoreybrown. If you have any questions, feel free to email me.


  6. ella says:


    exercising on an empty stomach, does NOT help increase fat loss

    • admin says:

      @ Ella
      That study is leaving out a lot of variables. It also hasn’t taken in consideration of HGH (natural fat burning and muscle preserving hormone) levels increasing in a fasted state in conjunction with intense exercise. Most of those studies can also be pretty vague and doesn’t account for well documented benefits of exercise during a regular fast (24 hr period of no calories).

  7. Hi,

    Hot tea dirinking was emphasized as esophageal carcinoma risk factor formerly by Farhad Islami et al. (Tea drinking habits and oesophageal cancer in a high risk area in northern Iran: population based case-control study – BMJ 2009; 338 doi: 10.1136/bmj.b929)

    Hot coffee drinking may have similar risks and it can lead to gastroesophageal reflux disease also.

    However, in pregnants, two cups of coffee per day or less is recommended as limit consumption.

    Drinking of coffee can also lead to blood pressure-raising and more than eight cups daily may aggravate cardiac arrhythmias.

    Coffee drinking may also increase the risk of osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis.



    • admin says:

      I would actually have to disagree to a point with the study because it is a little misleading. Drinking hot tea has nothing to do with cancer. However, if the tea was infected with fungi/mycotoxins then it would be a risk factor. This is the same point with coffee. Cancer or gastroesophageal reflux disease with regards to hot coffee isn’t the issue. Low grade coffee that has been stored in silos or bins that have developed mold is an issue. Fungi and it’s mycotoxins are the root problems to osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis…not coffee consumption in general.

  8. Hi

    Yes coffee, tea, green tea are all okay as theses drinks will not spike insulin levels and take you out of a fasted state. Try and drink plenty of water as this will help the body to detox and flush out any harmful toxins.

    • admin says:

      @Personal Trainer
      I have had the best results with freshly ground coffee. Also, green tea extract seemed to work better than regular green tea for me. Have you had similar findings?

  9. I always drink coffee before working out, and I do think it helps with energy and performance. I read some time ago that you should not drink coffee AFTER a workout, but it did not say why, so your explanation about it inhibiting glucose uptake explains that. Do you think coffee before a workout would still inhibit glucose uptake after working out, from your post workout drink? I would have thought it would be mostly cleared from your system by then. Thanks for a very informative article.

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