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HIIT Workout Routine:High Intensity Swimming Workouts To Torch Stubborn Body Fat

It has been an extremely brutal winter so far and there is no reason for me to even think about going outside.  I am anticipating summer so much that it is driving me crazy. It also doesn’t help that I am addicted to HGTV’s House Hunters International “Beach Destination.” It’s like pouring salt on an open wound. They couldn’t have picked a better time to show people how amazing it would be to move to a beachfront property in a tropical paradise. They get to enjoy the warmth of the sun while enjoying a refreshing dip in the pool or the ocean every day. Here I am sitting down in front of a heater wondering if I will be able to pull my car out of the driveway or not. That reminds me. I think I have a good topic to write about for my next post…. beach destinations!

HIIT Swimming HIIT Workout Routine:High Intensity Swimming Workouts To Torch Stubborn Body Fat

You probably already know that swimming may be one of the best activities to work your entire body. The health benefits are virtually endless when it comes to swimming but a pool is typically the last place people would want to be seen when trying to shed some excess pounds. Since swimming is a fully body blaster, maybe the pool should be the first place to visit when wanting to slim down.  There is a reason why active swimmers have tight arms and legs with a slim waist. Implementing high intensity swimming workouts is great to burn a huge amount of calories, but it’s also impact free so it’s easy on the joints.

Not Everyone Has An Indoor Pool

The biggest problem people may face is the accessibility due to the cold weather. If you do have access to an indoor pool or a health club that has one then you are on your way to a great body.  In all reality you can’t go wrong with any swimming programs, but did you know that you can dramatically increase your fat burning potential by implementing high intensity interval training (HIIT)? Designing a HIIT workout routine for the pool will without a doubt help you lose that last bit of stubborn body fat.

HIIT Swimming Routine- A Juiced Up Way To Burn More Calories

Regular swimming is still beneficial, but if you need to lose fat fast then adding HIIT to the mix will get the job done. HIIT style of swimming requires short periods of maximum exertion combined with longer recovery periods with less effort. Sprinting for 30 seconds with a 1 minute walk or jog is a normal pattern for intervals. Cardio done in this way is extremely beneficial. Not only does it burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time, but post workout calorie burning is maximized more than a traditional swimming routine.

What Happens When You Combine HIIT With Steady State Cardio

Steady state cardio is when you perform an activity at a constant speed for a much longer duration. Because it may take a couple hours to achieve the same calorie burning capabilities as a HIIT workout, it doesn’t make sense to go down that route. But if you combine HIIT with steady state cardio, an amazing thing happens. HIIT will actually cause fat cells to be released into the blood stream as free fatty acids. So the moment HIIT is finished, we will introduce steady state cardio to burn up the free fatty acids. To recap, short bursts of energy releases the fatty acids in the bloodstream while steady state cardio burns them up.

costa rica   waterfall HIIT Workout Routine:High Intensity Swimming Workouts To Torch Stubborn Body Fat

(Costa Rica! I want to go there so bad. I may not come back though)


Your Personal High Intensity Swimming Routine

HIIT Swimming

1)Warm up briefly by swimming a couple laps

2)Freestyle swim(sprint) for 30 seconds

3)Light swim or paddle(rest) for 1 minute

Note: The sprint/rest interval will be done for 15-20 minutes. 30 second sprint(swim) followed by a 1 minute jog(paddle). If you are completely gassed from HIIT, you can extend the rest period to 2 minutes.

Note: I am a fan of allowing customization to swimming workouts. If you are a beginner you can change to a 30 second sprint followed with a 90 second light swim. This will give you plenty of time to catch your breath to allow you to exert as much effort into the 30 second sprint. If you are more advanced you may change to a 30 second sprint but with only a 30-45 second light swim. No matter what level of training you currently are in, you should be gassed right after the 30 second sprint.

Steady State Cardio After HIIT

1)Swim laps at an easy to moderate pace for 15-30 minutes after your HIIT workout

Note: The entire workout shouldn’t be any longer than a total time of 45 minutes. This workout can be done 3-4 times a week.

A Natural Increase In HGH Levels From High Intensity Swimming

HGH is short for human growth hormone. HGH is a powerful hormone that is involved in burning fat and even preserving muscle mass. Increased levels of HGH doesn’t have to come from an illegal drug or injection, but can naturally be produced by the body. There are a few ways to increase HGH but we’ll stick to how it can be done with intense swimming workouts. High intensity exercise and fasting will naturally increase HGH levels. So to optimize the benefits we can combine the two for maximum fat burning effects.

1)Begin your swimming routine in a fasted state. This means that you won’t consume a single calorie 3-4 hours leading up to the workout. Train on an empty stomach.

2)Wait 1-2 hours after your workout to eat. Waiting to eat will maximize the HGH release after an intense workout.

3)Fasting 1-2 separate times a week will also increase HGH levels which helps burn more fat and  preserves muscle mass.

  0 HIIT Workout Routine:High Intensity Swimming Workouts To Torch Stubborn Body Fat

(I actually got to see this live and it still gives me goosebumps)

high intensity swimming routine 300x192 HIIT Workout Routine:High Intensity Swimming Workouts To Torch Stubborn Body Fat

Let’s Recap

You really can get amazing fat loss results in just a short amount of time by following this routine. So for maximum fat burning potential and HGH release make sure to follow these steps. 

1)Begin each workout in a fasted state. You want an empty stomach…no calories 3-4 hours prior.

2)15-20 minutes of HIIT style swimming. 30 second sprint/1 minute light swim

3)Steady state cardio swimming….15-30 minutes of light to moderate swimming

4)Wait 1-2 hours after your workout to eat for maximum HGH benefits.

High intensity swimming workouts like the one above will do wonders with fat loss and your joints will thank you. Since swimming is a non impact exercise, you can do as much as you want without the risk of injury. Another great reason to use a HIIT workout routine in the pool is that it keeps you cool without all the sweat.

 jwmarriottguanacaste 001p HIIT Workout Routine:High Intensity Swimming Workouts To Torch Stubborn Body Fat

Spiderman VS. Batman- The Dark Knight Battles The Web Slinging Arachnid

What do you think would happen if billionaire Bruce Wayne made an inappropriate gesture towards Mary Jane? What if Peter Parker is caught snapping an embarrassing photo of Bruce in his Superman pajamas? Let’s say a fight breaks out between the two and you want to place a bet on the victor. Who would you choose? Would it be “The Beefcake” Bruce Wayne or the “Lean and Mean” Peter Parker.  Alright Geeks, here is Spiderman vs. Batman….light sabers unite!

Batman VS Spiderman2 300x187 Spiderman VS. Batman  The Dark Knight Battles The Web Slinging Arachnid

Batman V Spiderman1 197x300 Spiderman VS. Batman  The Dark Knight Battles The Web Slinging Arachnid                                                                                                                                                                        

                                    (I want this article to be humorous, nerdy, and fun)                                                    

Batman Is A Brute

Taking a look at Batman, we can see that he is taller and bulkier than Spiderman. You don’t want to be on the opposite end of his brute punches and kicks. He is also able to withstand more punishment from his fighting due to his muscle size and thick body armor. He wields some pretty nifty gadgets that allow him to glide through the air or grapple the tops of high rise building. Batman would most likely win a “Strong Man” competition and even school the American Gladiators, but would have a hard time winning the “Ninja Warrior.” Overall, He looks pretty intimidating with his bulky muscles, black mask, and cape. His size and bulk doesn’t help him with agility and endurance, but he does get to drive a pretty sweet car.

Spiderman Is The Agile Athlete

Spiderman is lightning quick, flexible, and super agile. His fighting ability is enhanced by his extreme athleticism and balance. He is able to dodge weapons and attacks very effectively which can cause his opponent to run out of juice. Since endurance is a strong attribute of Spiderman, long heated battles will always be in his favor. Spiderman also has great advantages with his web slinging abilities. Firing his sticky webs from any angle can help him momentarily disable his opponent while maneuvering around the sides of buildings.

So Who Would Come Out On Top

Batman’s excessive size would slow him down and hurt him in long drawn out battles. He would do very well in a pure fist fight. A few landed punches, kicks, body slams, is all it would take and good night Suzy! Spiderman’s only chance of winning is to utilize his “spidey sense.” If he can draw upon his amazing athletic abilities and wear down Batman, the floodgates would be open to easy body blows.

 0 Spiderman VS. Batman  The Dark Knight Battles The Web Slinging Arachnid 

(Abed Batman is my favorite character. I couldn’t stop laughing)

Functional Strength VS Raw Size

We have established that Spiderman has way more functional strength than Batman. He can utilize his body size in more athletic and meaningful ways outside the fighting world and into everyday life. Batman would most likely gain a lot of respect in the bodybuilding community but Spiderman’s body type would gain more interest with the ladies. 

 0 Spiderman VS. Batman  The Dark Knight Battles The Web Slinging Arachnid

(A modern day Spiderman) 

If I Had The Choice,Who Would I Be The Spiderman Vs. Batman Dilemma?

Let’s first think about my own fitness goals.  I would much rather be lean and ripped with a lot of functional ability. It is also important to me that I am able to fit into a nice suit and even jeans. This would be very difficult if I had a bodybuilder body. You would think that it would be an obvious choice to be Spiderman, but……I would pick Batman! Let’s be honest, they aren’t superhero’s all the time. Let’s take a look at Bruce Wayne. When he is not Batman, he is a multi-billionaire! He is a rich, handsome, and a famous guy who can literally buy anything and vacation wherever he wants.  Think about Spiderman as Peter Parker, or Superman as Clark Kent. Outside of being a superhero, they are the biggest nerds that work regular, boring, jobs. How much fun is in that?? 

What I Would Fix About Batman

Since I would pick Batman, I would focus on losing the excess muscle mass while increasing muscle density. Slimming down while increasing strength will give me a more of the lean and mean body like Spiderman.  I’ll have the best of both worlds. Spiderman’s physique and ability with Bruce Wayne’s paycheck, sounds great to me!

For Those Who Are Giving Fitness A Much Needed Face Lift

Since beginning this site I have been introduced to some great fitness bloggers. They have actively gone against the grain and are helping people reconsider why exactly they work out. By not catering to the “meat head” mentality, they have opened the doors for people to achieve a much better looking body. It’s only a matter of time for the fitness industry to catch up and realize that what is being taught is extremely ineffective and outdated. This is especially true within women’s fitness. There is way too much exercise garbage that is thrown at women that it makes your head spin.

The Top Women’s Diet And Exercise Routine For A Slim And Feminine Physique

Yes! It’s finally here…a workout routine that has been designed perfectly for women.  Rusty Moore of Fitness Black Book has released his “women’s specific” course to help you achieve a fit but feminine physique. Visual Impact For Women is a detailed and flexible diet and exercise guide that can either be done at home or a gym.  I’m not going to lie…. I truly believe this will be the last program you will ever need. Why?? Because it covers every area of fitness that women need to know to achieve the ideal physique.

Womens Diet And Exercise The Top Womens Diet And Exercise Routine For A Slim And Feminine Physique

Why All Women’s Diet And Exercise Routines Are Not Created Equal

A vast majority of trainers today do NOT help women achieve the body they want. Women want a lean, fit, and slender body. Yet, most trainers and popular exercise routines end up leaving a woman with a thick and muscular body.  You don’t want a workout that will make your body look like a smaller sized man…end of story! There is also way too much useless garbage geared towards women. I have seen so many types of exercise programs come and go, but Visual Impact tackles those issues head on. What an amazing relief to know that you won’t ever have to chase after “the next big thing.” What a time, effort, and money saver that is!

The picture below is definitely NOT what you want.

womenbodybuilder01 The Top Womens Diet And Exercise Routine For A Slim And Feminine Physique

“Nobody seems to be listening to what the majority of women want. More women would rather look good in a bikini…than look like muscular fitness models. I GET this…yet most of the people in the fitness industry simply aren’t listening.”  Rusty Moore

A Chapter Summary Of Visual Impact For Women

Introduction: Finally Someone is Listening!
Nobody seems to be listening to what the majority of women want. More women would rather look good in a bikini…than look like muscular fitness models. I GET this…yet most of the people in the fitness industry simply aren’t listening.

Chapter 1: Myth Busting
Sick of hearing that it impossible for you to gain too much muscle because you don’t have enough testosterone? I will discuss that and other myths told to women on a consistent basis.

Chapter 2: Is Cardio Really “Dead”?
Hollywood actresses use cardio like crazy to get fit for movie roles…so why do so many fitness experts claim that cardio is dead? I’ll explain in detail why cardio is an amazing tool to get a slim and sexy physique and why circuit training isn’t always all it is cracked up to be.

Chapter 3: High-Rep Training
Why women have been pushed towards high rep training to “tone” the
muscles. What actually happens in the body when training for high reps. A study which shows that high reps tend to add muscle mass about as well as low reps.

Chapter 4: Low-Rep Training
What happens in the body during low rep training. Why low reps (done
properly) are the ideal way to get a lean and slim physique that looks great in a bikini.

Chapter 5: Training to Failure
Why training to failure or training short of failure makes a HUGE impact on how your muscle look. This is one of the most overlooked variables in all of women’s fitness.

Chapter 6: Free Weights, Machines, and Body Weight Training
The benefits and drawbacks of each type of resistance (free weights,
machines, body weight training, and resistance bands). Why the ideal
workout uses a combination of various forms of resistance.

Chapter 7: Yoga
Great for mobility, but not the fastest route to a slim and lean physique. Why I believe this should only be considered a supplementary form of exercise, not a way to stay slim and lean year-round.

Chapter 8: Adding Muscle to Burn More Body Fat?
Why putting on muscle to lose body fat is a slow indirect approach to getting lean. I will also discuss how adding muscle burns an insignificant amount of calories per day.

Chapter 9: Dieting Challenges for Women
Why the conventional methods you have been taught will make fat loss close to impossible. Women have it tougher than men…but here is a strategy that works well.

Chapter 10: Dieting Strategies in Detail
How many calories should you eat per day? What ratio of carbs, protein, and fat? How many meals? Strategies for women who like to eat every few hours. Strategies for women who like to eat fewer, but larger meals.

visual impact for women 243x300 The Top Womens Diet And Exercise Routine For A Slim And Feminine Physique

Chapter 11: Dieting for an Event
How dieting for an event like a vacation or wedding is much different than the way you would normally eat. Need to lose 5-10 pounds in less than 3 weeks? I outline a tough but extremely effective plan for that.

Chapter 12: A Flat-Out Effective Cardio Workout
An incredibly effective 30 minute cardio routine that drops fat on demand. Ways to adjust it to complement your resistance training routine.

Chapter 13: How to Customize Your Routines
Why there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all workout solution. Mastering what works best for your body is what is going to help you look exceptional in any situation.

Chapter 14: The “Go-To 2 Day Split” – Gym Routine
I will outline the current routine that I use with my girlfriend. Although we train together, I use different schemes to add muscle while she slims down. This is a great starting point to base your customized routine on.

Chapter 15: The “3 Days Per Week” – Gym Routine
Here is a routine you can use if you are only able to hit the gym 3 days per week. This uses a special 3 day split which makes a lot of sense once I explain the principles.

Chapter 16: Setting Up a Simple & Effective Home Gym
I’ll explain some creative ways to train with very little equipment (adjustable bench and dumbbells). As long as you get the set and rep schemes correct, you can get in tremendous shape at home.

Chapter 17: The “Go-To 2 Day Split” – Home Routine
This is the routine to use if you are able to train 4 days or more per week at home. This is the recommended base routine to use from home, that you can customize over time and use year after year.

Chapter 18: The “3 Days Per Week” – Home Routine

This is a simple but effective routine for women who simply want to work out on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This is best for women who are extremely challenged for time.

Chapter 19: How to Lose Muscle Mass on Purpose
Legions of women have muscular thighs and calves that they would like to make slim and defined. This is common especially with women who have been given poor training advice. Despite this being a taboo subject, I’m going to give you a strategy that works.

Chapter 20: Final Thoughts
Working hard for 5-6 months and then being in “maintenance mode” the rest of your life. A simple way to look and feel good for a lifetime.

iStock 000011505778XSmall The Top Womens Diet And Exercise Routine For A Slim And Feminine Physique

No More Wasting Time

As you can see, it cuts right to the core that most women encounter.  The fitness industry has provided so much misinformation and frustration among the ladies.  Enough is enough…you now have the top women’s diet and exercise routine available so I don’t want to waste any more of your time talking about it. Grab it now just in time for summer! If you are married….your husband will thank you!

Stress And Weight Gain: How Money And Fat Loss Are Connected As The Top Cause Of Excess Stress

Every day life can be very stressful.  Stress can come from so many variables that it can be tough to handle it all.  If stress is not handled properly, it can lead to weight gain, disease, depression, and all out emotional break downs.  Unresolved stress can also be damaging because it has a building block effect. One or two problems can lay a foundation for other minor issues to build upon.  The next thing you know, you have built an entire city of stress from just two bricks.  I have found that the two most powerful and negative bricks that lay the groundwork for stress and weight gain is money and… ironically, excess body fat.

Money And Fat Loss Stress And Weight Gain: How Money And Fat Loss Are Connected As The Top Cause Of Excess Stress(Beautiful New York City skyline)

The Evil Combination Of “Less And More”

Food and money may seem like two separate entities in life, but you would be surprised how involved they really are.  It is almost like a trap that you can’t seem to escape from.  This trap comes in the form of a simple concept. It takes money to buy food!  Wow, someone better call “Ripley’s.”  Food is a necessity just like shelter, but the trap comes in the form of something a little different.  We stress over not having enough money and complain about having too much body fat.  Having less money with more fat….when is it going to end?

Poor But Obese

In America you are given options and tools to try and eat healthier, but health foods almost always cost more.  People have no problem spending extra money on healthy items, but never consider eating less.  We spend huge amounts of money in the fitness industries through weight loss programs, diet books, trainers, health clubs, with the intentions of losing fat. They have all adopted “healthy” eating plans that are either very detailed or extremely complex…but we still can’t seem to eat less. It’s a circular trap, and we wonder where all our money went!  I hope you can see how the bricks are forming through the stress of money and fat.

We Hate Excess Fat But Are Paying Hefty Premiums To Keep It

Excess body fat is nothing more than a result of overconsumption and emotional eating.  It doesn’t matter if it is all from “health” foods or not.  Too much body fat is indicative of overspending and overeating on food. Remember, somebody is profiting from this vicious cycle.  The food industry is a multibillion dollar industry, and they are profiting from your stressful eating habits. If you have too much fat, you are paying too much money…which causes more stress and weight gain.

What Would You Do With A Few Thousand Dollars

Let’s take a moment and evaluate an average Americans work week in regards to food.  When lunch time rolls around, it is not uncommon for people to go out and spend 10-12 dollars for their meal.  To take it a bit further, it is also not uncommon for people to do this every day for every lunch.  If you take 10-12 dollars and multiply that by 5 days a week for a whole year….that is 2,600-3,120 dollars spent on just lunch. If you skipped lunch even once or twice a week, you would save quite a bit of money and even prevent more body fat.  Saving thousands of dollars over the years that are not spent on something that will contribute to more and more fat can be a very liberating feeling.

Eliminate The Stress Of Money And Fat With A Two-Edged Sword

You would be amazed how quickly you can reverse the equation by taking the issues head on.  Let’s first start by understanding the amazing financial advantage by learning how to eat less.  If you are not spending your money on the very thing that is contributing to your weight gain, money increases.  While more and more money is added to your pockets, losing weight comes along with it.  Now the equation has flipped in your favor.  Excess stress and weight gain is minimized so therefore the worries of money has been alleviated while your waistline is getting slimmer.  This can cause more self confidence and motivation to stick with it and not look back.  You no longer live to eat, but eat to live.  Now you are in a much better position to address the minor stresses in your life since the “The Big 2” have been slain.

I Don’t Eat That Much But I’m Still Fat

Now that the holidays are over, the new year is usually started with some kind of diet and exercise resolution.  All the unwanted pounds have added up and you are sick of it.  The first solution I always turn to when losing weight is by eating less.  Wow!….what a concept.  It is such an easy solution but it can be the most extremely difficult path to follow.  The vast majority of people will dash to the closest gym and workout like dogs but still find it difficult to shed those winter pounds.  Some sneaky little problems people tend to ignore or might not even realize that can become a hindrance to dropping the weight is the fact that they are underestimating how many hidden calories consumed.

3779112 f520 I Don’t Eat That Much But I’m Still Fat

(Oh coffee…how I love you!)

The Average Diet

I am in great shape and only eat 2-3 meals a day with water or coffee to drink. I also fast about two times a week so that I am constantly creating a caloric deficit.  Even though I love food, my fasting days make me feel energized and more alert.  Now, the average person eats roughly 3-4 meals a day with snacks and drinks scattered throughout.  When a person thinks of the word “meal,” the first thing that comes to mind is breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  The term “snacks” is usually anything that is consumed outside of breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Drinks for the average American consist of either 2-3 sodas a day, sports drink, Kool-Aid, iced tea, or some kind of other fruity type beverage.  Some may only consume 1-2 types of drinks, but it is not uncommon for someone to consume all of them listed within a given day. So how does this all add up.

You Only Eat 3 Meals A Day…But It Might Actually Be 6-8

If you are having a hard time losing weight, it’s more than likely due to a hidden factor that is causing excessive calorie consumption.  Well I am going to uncover that “hidden” problem so that you will be able to identify it when trying to lose some pounds. One of the “hidden” problems is with the term “meal.”  Most people wouldn’t consider a cookie, muffin, soda, chips, etc as a meal.  Those items are often viewed as snacks.  Well a meal is actually considered to be anything that has the caloric value comparable to an apple.  Now an average meal should be around 300-600 calories.  If you have 3 average meals a day, you are looking at a range of around 1,200-2,000 calories.  Most people would do very well sticking within that range, but it’s the additional snacks and drinks that demolish the diet.  This is why I consistently hear people say “well I don’t eat that much but I still gain weight.” They aren’t counting additional foods or drinks consumed.

Snacks And Sodas Are Usually The Culprits

Like I mentioned before, most people would never consider a cookie, muffin, soda, etc as a meal even though it could easily have 300-500 calories. Remember, everything that is consumed matters when trying to lose weight.  All the snacking that is done outside your regular 3 meals a day, can easily rack you up an additional days worth of calories.  This is the biggest reason people fail to lose weight.  Something to keep in mind…you will almost always “under-calculate” how many calories you actually consume.

Areas To Evaluate Overeating Or Improper Mindsets

1)Small snacks can be very high in calories–  A common mishap is snacking on food and high sugar drinks that are small but pack a huge punch in calories.  Even healthy items like nuts can sometimes be a problem. Yes, they are good for your body but can damage fat loss efforts due to their high caloric content in just a small handful.  The difference is not sitting down with a bag of nuts while watching tv. It is not uncommon to eat over a half a days worth of calories in one sitting. Other small items to look out for are cookies, muffins, cake, chocolate candies, Little Debbie treats, chips, etc.  A lot of people can snack on these and not even leave a dent in their stomach.  This is why snacking on these kinds of treats can easily damage your fat loss efforts.

2)Large meal portions– Obviously Americans are “Kings” when it comes to portion sizes.  If we don’t have a plate full of food the size of a station wagon…then we aren’t satisfied.  This may be one of the hardest areas for people to show some discipline.  It can be very hard not to go for seconds when the meal tastes amazing.

3)Extra Workouts– Another little rule that will save you a lot of energy, time, and work.  “You can’t outwork a bad diet.”  It doesn’t matter how hard and often you workout, you can still get fat.  People still think that working out allows them to overeat.  Could this mindset be the reason why we see so many “slightly chubby” trainers as well as other daily gym goers?  If you are still consuming more calories than what you burn, you won’t lose weight.  It is way more difficult to burn 1,000 calories exercising than it is to eat 1,000 calories.  I see this problem and mindset all the time.

0 I Don’t Eat That Much But I’m Still Fat

 0 I Don’t Eat That Much But I’m Still Fat

4)Health Foods– This is another important factor to consider. It doesn’t matter how healthy a certain food is…if you are eating too much you will have difficulty losing weight.  It doesn’t matter if it is a “special healthy shake” or an organic whatever, you won’t lose weight if you keep taking in more calories than what you burn.

 0 I Don’t Eat That Much But I’m Still Fat

*It is a lot harder to over indulge on fruits and vegetables because they do contain fiber and a lot of water which will keep you full.

You Don’t Have To Deprive Yourself: Flexibility Is The Key

I can’t stress this enough.  When fat loss is your goal, you MUST count everything that goes into your mouth.  I don’t mean to literally count the calories you eat.  Just be aware that everything that is eaten matters.  In order to have a successful weight loss plan, there needs to be flexibility that allows you to enjoy your food without being deprived.  For example you might eat pizza for dinner every Saturday because your family all come together for this particular meal.  We know that most pizzas are very high in calories.  So how do you make it work in your fat loss goals? Fast the day before or try and eat very little.  You can also pig out on your favorite desserts at a party.  Just make some adjustments the next day.  Eat only 1-2 meals for the next few days.  It doesn’t even have to be that extreme.  Once again, fasting 1-2 times a week can take care of those issues. These are all little ways to keep your calories in a deficit.

Low Weight High Reps vs Low Reps High Weight. Drawing a Line Between Mass And Strength

A lot of people tend to think that if they get stronger they will get bigger and vice versa. I have visited countless fitness sites over the years that tend to cling to this idea without really putting much thought into it.  Most of them are very well respected companies but are still missing the main point. Is there a difference in training for mass as opposed to just strength? Low weight high reps vs low reps high weight, what style of rep scheme produces what for the body? Does this apply to both men and women? If you can grasp this simple concept, you will save yourself a lot of time and effort in the gym. You will also be way ahead of the game than most gym rats trying to get in shape.

circuit training1 Low Weight High Reps vs Low Reps High Weight. Drawing a Line Between Mass And Strength

Getting “Bigger” Does Not Always Mean You Are Getting Stronger

To make a quick clarification, a lot of the guys you see in the gym are big and strong.  But the way I define “big” is likely to be completely different than what you would think.  There are quite a few big guys who throw up some pretty heavy weights on a regular basis. The problem they normally succumb to is being slightly chubby with no real muscle definition. They are big enough to fill a shirt but overall definition is not impressive one bit.  On the other side of the spectrum you have ripped guys who are considered “smaller” within the eyes of the bodybuilding world but are lifting just as much if not heavier weights than the “bigger” guys.  I also know some people who actually have very big muscles, but are actually not that strong at all. So how can this be?

Low Weight High Reps vs Low Reps High Weight=Two Different Looks

Few people even understand that muscle tone and muscle mass are completely different and also do not look the same. Rusty Moore explained the concept with a very good analogy.  Training for mass is like filling up a water balloon.  The balloon is visually bigger but soft to the touch.  The balloon will also look even softer the more the balloon is filled.  Muscle tone on the other hand would directly relate to increasing the thickness of the rubber on the balloon. Muscle thickness is typically known as density.

*I don’t typically like to show men without a shirt on this site but I need for you to see the difference between muscle tone and muscle mass.

High Reps Vs Low Reps Low Weight High Reps vs Low Reps High Weight. Drawing a Line Between Mass And Strength                                                                                                                               

Reps And Rest Distinguishes The Two

Strength Reps:  If you are aiming at gaining strength then you need to lift heavy weights.  Low reps high weight means lifting heavy weights in the 2-4 rep range but avoid lifting to failure.  This type of training is aimed at making sure you are not gassing out with each set.  Pick a heavy weight that you know you can lift a few times but try and make sure you are at least one rep or two short from maxing out.  For example, if there is a weight that you know you can only lift for 6 reps, then stopping at 4 reps would be perfect. You can even have a slight pause or break with each rep so your nervous system is caught up.  Lifting in this fashion will give your muscles a rock hard look. Since you are keeping a rep or two in the tank, you will want to do about 5-6 sets.

Strength Rest:  Allowing enough rest from each set is key. Give yourself around 2 minutes of rest to make sure you have ample time to recover.  Remember, you are not lifting to failure or exhausting your muscles while trying to gain strength.  Let’s recap with what the strength routine would look like.  Lifting heavy weights for 2-5 reps, 5-6 sets, with around 2 minutes of rest between each set.

Note: Another tip for accelerating muscle tone is to work them often. Since you are not lifting to failure, you will find that you aren’t as sore the next day.  Don’t worry about overtraining, very few people will ever reach that category. Consistently gaining strength while keeping your body fat low will definitely give you a great looking body.

I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself. I had to include this video because its hilarious.

 0 Low Weight High Reps vs Low Reps High Weight. Drawing a Line Between Mass And Strength

It doesn’t relate to the post…well I guess it does because one guy is lifting ahaha

Mass Reps: If you are strictly wanting to gain mass and don’t care about muscle tone, then training to failure will be your friend.  Low weight high reps training to failure is best in this fashion.  This may damage a lot of ego’s while training for mass. Struggling with light weights over time isn’t really the average gym goers cup of tea, but get over it. The 12-15 rep range will exhaust and slightly damage the muscle.  Wearing out the muscles with each set is causing cumulative fatigue.  What this means is that you may be able to do 12-15 reps the first set but only 8-10 reps the next set, then only 5-6 reps for the third set.  Since you are doing higher reps for fatigue you will only need 3-4 sets.

Mass Rest: The amount of rest for mass is much different than training for strength.  To keep the mindset of muscle fatigue, you will only rest around 30-45 seconds between each set. This is another big reason why you will have to use a lot lighter weight to consistently reach the 12-15 rep scheme.  So your routine will look a little like this: 12-15 reps for 3-4 sets with 30-45 second rest.

Note: Once again, lifting strictly for mass will increase the size of the muscle but will appear rounder and softer.  Lifting for strength won’t give you large muscles but will definitely give a hard and dense look.  So whatever your goal, whether it is for size or density,you can train accordingly.Just keep in mind: 1) low weight high reps for mass.  2) Low reps high weight for strength

Why A Pre Workout Snack Isn’t The Best Idea To Cut Body Fat

This is a shorter post, but this topic really needs to be addressed right away. One of the biggest mistakes people make in the gym is NOT preparing their body to cut body fat.  I would say that a large majority of people are using a pre workout snack as “fuel” to get them going. This fuel may come from the calories in shakes, sports drinks, energy drinks, or other types of food. So why are pre workout food/drink calories a bad idea?

3041566199 5da48067d41 Why A Pre Workout Snack Isn’t The Best Idea To Cut Body Fat

 What The Body Stores As Energy

I’m sure you have heard this a lot, but the body stores fat as an energy reserve. So what is so important about that statement? Well it means “everything” if you want to make sure you are optimizing fat burning potential!  So this means that your body will not burn fat if it still utilizing “food energy” stored in the muscles.  So, the body will only burn body fat once “food energy” has been used up.  Don’t forget this! Food energy will always be used up first.

Carbohydrates=The Main Fuel For Energy

Carbohydrates give you energy. It is one of the main fuel and energy sources that the body uses.  This food energy is stored in the muscles as a sugar called glycogen. Any time you workout the body will burn the stored food energy.  Well, what happens when there is no more food energy to be burned?? 

Body Fat Will Be Used For Energy

 When your body has no more food energy, its only source left is to burn the fat reserves. If your body is consistently filled up with “food energy”, you will find it very difficult to cut body fat. Don’t make this mistake. So how do you go into a workout in the best fat burning condition?

Workout  On An Empty Stomach

If you want your body to burn fat and not food calories, then I suggest to NOT consume any calories 4-5 hours before your workout.  I see this mistake all the time.  Begin your training on an empty stomach. Consuming a protein shake, carbs, or a sports drink right as a small pre workout meal is the worst thing you can do.

Note: Your metabolism isn’t going to slow down and you won’t lose muscle. This theory might be one of the biggest lies in the fitness industry. Skipping meals or even fasting will not hurt you, but will actually benefit your tremendously. This is the whole idea about intermittent fasting that I consistently point to on this site.

Now The Body Is Prepped

Now that the body is prepped to maximize fat burning, you can now begin your workouts knowing that excess fat reserves will be used for fuel. The type of workout you choose really doesn’t matter at this point. You just want to make sure you are preparing each workout the same, which is in a slightly fasted state.  Ever since I ditched my pre workout snack, it has helped me to stay lean all year round. A simple change of working out in a fasted state has made such a big impact for me in regards to losing stubborn body fat.

Note: If your workout is specifically dealing with strength training or just fat loss, then wait at least an hour post-workout to consume any calories.  If you are mass building, then you will want to consume post-workout calories right after training. (that still isn’t set in stone)

What Is Muscle Tone? How To Increase Muscle Defintion And Density For A Rockin’ Hard Body

iStock 000004874850XSmall What Is Muscle Tone? How To Increase Muscle Defintion And Density For A Rockin Hard Body

(I am itching for a vacation. Here is a picture for great motivation to stay in shape!)

It is extremely important to understand what is muscle tone is so we can move forward and develop an effective way to achieve it. Let’s first define it.  Muscle tone = residual muscle tension or the continuous and passive contraction of the muscles. What this means is that true muscle tone is when your muscles look tense and flexed in a relaxed state.  This happens when the nervous system is actively tensing the muscle even when you aren’t doing anything.   

Strategizing Mind To Muscle Link For Greater Muscle Density

If someone is looking to increase muscle tone in a certain part of the body, elevating the nerve impulses to that area will be the goal.  Contrary to what you may have been told, great muscle tone is actually a side effect of an alert nervous system.  The more you have a mind-to-muscle link when lifting weights, the more toned the muscle will be.

Lifting Soup Cans For High Reps Are Not Effective For Muscle Tone

 Once you understand this piece of information, you will be light years ahead of conventional training advice.  Trainers completely drop the ball in this area of fitness. I would guess that about 95% of trainers have their women clients lifting light weight for high reps to increase muscle tone.  When someone is lifting in the higher rep range, they will experience a “pump” which creates a temporary illusion of muscle tone.  The moment the “pump” subsides, muscle tone will be gone as well.  Muscle tone of this fashion will typically be gone a couple hours after you are done weight training.  Now if you want muscle tone all day and not just in the gym, then you will need to have a different approach.

You Need To Lift Heavy Weights For Muscle Tone!

I’m sure that statement alone will have women running for the hills in fear of “packing on muscle” like a man. Please, give me a moment to explain and I will save you from the heartache and frustration of working your butt off in the gym without getting the results you want.  So take a deep breath, sit back and remember….you are not going to get huge muscles this way.  Now, back to the nervous system! Muscle tone will greatly increase because the nervous system will be activated more from lifting heavy weights.  There is a two-fold reaction to get to this point.  The two ways to lift heavier weights is by increasing “muscle size” or increase efficiency of your nervous system.  You obviously do NOT want the increased muscle size so you will have to learn how to get progressively stronger for muscle tone.  This can be done by lifting in the 3-5 rep range for 5 sets.  Follow a basic strength training routine, but immediately hit the cardio in a very intense manner. I like high intensity interval training so you aren’t in the gym for hours and hours.  I  also recommended cutting back on the junk and implementing fasting to drop even more body fat.  In summary; cut back on the calories,  lift heavy weights for low reps, get stronger for amazing muscle density.

Here is a quick video that explains how HIIT is done.

 0 What Is Muscle Tone? How To Increase Muscle Defintion And Density For A Rockin Hard Body

 If you want a variety of HIIT workouts, these guys have it all. Just a suggestion:  Turbulence Training

Why Don’t Most Heavy Lifters  Have Muscle Definition

Another factor to consider is the presence of too much body fat.  What is muscle tone to you if you can’t see it? It doesn’t matter how hard you work to increase definition if you have body fat that covers it.  This is a big reason why you don’t see a whole lot of really defined men at the gym.  These guys are trying to get as big and strong as possible, but neglect any type of cardio and are eating like pigs.  This isn’t your goal as a man or woman.  You want good muscle definition without the bulk so your focus will be on gaining strength while losing fat.

High Intensity Interval Training Workouts And The HGH Flush

In a previous post I introduced my readers to a simple form of high intensity interval training workouts (HIIT) for fat loss and since then I have had many questions about it and how it works. I’m going to dive right in and clarify HIIT with an added bonus.

stiller High Intensity Interval Training Workouts And The HGH Flush(Some people haven’t experienced the HGH flush since they played dodgeball in junior high! By the way…Ben Stiller is my favorite actor)

Want A Cardio Program That Makes Your Body Burn Fat?

When intense aerobic exercise is performed in a specific manner, your body will release Human Growth Hormone (HGH). This is your own natural fat burning hormone.  This is the very concept of what High Intensity Interval Training does for your body. I’m sure you have seen a lot of media press about athletes and high profile rappers using HGH substances but this is not what I am talking about.  You don’t need to mess with that stuff because HGH is naturally produced in your body.  I will show you how it can be utilized.

Increase HGH-Burn More Fat

Research has shown that increasing HGH will indeed obliterate fat.  There have also been a lot of studies in regards to HGH slowing down the aging process but I will have to leave that issue for a future post. I want to stick to my main point of how an aerobic workout program like HIIT will have your HGH levels skyrocket! Let’s first get to the program.

A Typical Standard For High Intensity Interval Training Workouts

1) Walk on a treadmill for 5 minutes at a moderate pace (between 3.5 and 4.0 on most treadmills)

2) After 5 minutes, speed up the treadmill to a jogging pace for one minute (start at 7.0 or 8.0)

3) After one minute of jogging, slow back down to your set moderate pace (somewhere between 3.5 to 4.0 as discussed before)

4) After one minute of moderate, speed up the treadmill to your previous jogging pace, but this time add .5 to the speed (so if you first did 7.0…now you are   going to set it at 7.5)

5) After one minute of jogging, return to the same set moderate pace for one minute.

6) Alternate every minute between jogging and walking for 20-30 minutes…making sure that you use the same walking speed each time, but increase to jogging speed by .5 until you can’t jog any faster for one minute.

To take more advantage of the natural fat burning state your body is in, continue with 10-20 minutes of steady state cardio.  This will burn off the last pesky and stubborn bits of body fat.

*This is the only time I would recommend steady state cardio. Remember specifics!

*If you are doing HIIT after strength training, aim for only 10-15 minutes. 30 sec sprint, 90 second walk/jog

-You will notice early on that the intervals at the beginning won’t be so hard.  As time goes on it will become a lot tougher. Once you work your way up and are in better shape….. sprinting on the treadmill will be the way to go.  Sprinting will take care of that last bit of body fat. I truly believe that every single person will burn fat if they stick with this type of aerobic program.

The HGH Flush

Your body will naturally release HGH when you are working out above your aerobic threshold. This is what happens when working out in a HIIT fashion.  To further increase the release of HGH, make sure you are training on an empty stomach.  Studies have shown that if you don’t consume any calories 3-4 hours before training and one hour after training, will indeed maximize the effects.  I’m not sure who coined the term “HGH Flush,” but it fits accordingly.  I have only heard a few people discuss this, but it is a good indicator of HGH release.  A good way to know if you have experience the HGH flush is to observe your skin.  When you are short of breath and your skin is red and hot to the touch…you have achieved the HGH flush.  This is what you are trying to experience every time you work out in this fashion.

Note: This program is the basic of the basic of HIIT.  There are “MANY” different types of high intensity interval training workouts that don’t use a treadmill.  I wanted to introduce HIIT  because many people have never experienced this type of routine. I will provide more HIIT routines and options in later posts.

I’m Addicted To Food And Why Can’t I Stop Eating:Why Friends Can Negatively Influence Fat Loss

Think for a moment when you have been in a position where you are dining with  friends and this scenario arises.  You are sitting in a restaurant and have already made a conscious decision in choosing a meal that won’t rack up a whole days worth of calories in one sitting.  You open the menu and find yourself salivating over the picture of a triple-decker cheeseburger with endless garlic fries and soda.  The battle of the mind begins.

i cant stop eating Im Addicted To Food And Why Cant I Stop Eating:Why Friends Can Negatively Influence Fat Loss

You have been doing a great job with intermittent fasting,  strength training, HIIT cardio,  and have all been kicking your butt.  You have been seeing amazing results from week to week and want to continue into the next week on a positive note…..so you decide eating a meal on the lighter side.  In your mind it’s a done deal and you feel good about it.  But before you open your mouth, all your friends have blurted out their orders of an appetizer the size of a spare tire, a triple-decker cheeseburger, and the two foot brownie sundae for dessert.  While handing the menus to the waiter they turn in your direction, anxiously awaiting a decision.  Without even thinking about it, your initial decision turns to “I’ll have what they are having,” followed with a little bit of remorse of “why can’t I stop eating.”

Is There A Reason Why I’m Addicted To Food? Why Pals Shape One Another’s Health Behaviors

Do you remember junior high lectures about how strong peer pressure can be?  Of course most of the topics were in directed towards more serious things like sex outside of marriage, alcoholism, drugs, tobacco, etc.  If your friends are dabbling or diving into these acts of behaviors, typically your behaviors will model it. Research has found that areas like these are considered socially contagious behaviors(it is thought that food addicts grab hold of these habits). So contagious that evens a small group of friends that decide to get a flu shot(despite how harmful and ineffective they are) make big impacts on others deciding to get one even though they never planned to in the first place.

So What Does This Have To Do With Diet?

As you can see, your friends’ health decisions have a weird way of influencing us.  Sometimes without even knowing it!  I like to call it “The (Sundae) Ripple Effect.”  Having a close friend who’s packing on the pounds left and right can make you almost 60% more likely to do the same.  Research shows that how much you weigh directly correlates on who you hang out with.  James Fowler,Ph.D and Nicholas Christakis,M.D. both studied social networks for about ten years and have found that “consciously or unconsciously, people look to others when deciding what and how much to eat, and how much weight is too much.” What they mean by this is best described in the previous scenario in the restaurant.  You had your mind made up about what you were NOT going to order and had no desire to even glance at the dessert menu.  That all changed when everyone else ordered the colossal dinner package.

We May Seek Relationships That Influence to Indulge

I am going to come out and say it….women are the worst culprits when it comes to this.  Some of you ladies may be laughing because you know it’s true.  Not every day do you hear about a guy calling up a buddy asking him to come over so they can eat out of the same carton of ice cream because he had a crummy day at work.  Women are notorious for this.  Many women have “junk food and I can’t stop eating friends” that they call up on any given time of the day to say “I had a terrible day, do you want to come over and fry up some cheese sticks and polish off a package of Oreo’s.  That would make me feel a lot better.” 

Being A Copycat Is Not Always A Bad Thing

On the reverse side of the issue, research has also shown that you can pick up “good” habits from friends.  If your group happens to be eating just an appetizer as their meal, do you want to be the one who strolls in and orders a six course feast?  Most people will want to behave appropriately to leave a good impression on those around them.  This is also the case when friends start eating right, eating less, stop eating junk food, and weight train consistently, can rub off on you and positively impact you to do the same. Of course women typically will take this idea to the next level.  If there is competition between two women, whether it is over a man, school, work, fitness, etc-they use “under eating” as a weapon.  When women compete to gain an edge, they will most likely choose a smaller or lighter meal than their rival.  It is a weird way of showing the other person that they are winning.  Researchers have also found that even  if a women hasn’t ate anything after a couple days, will still eat as much or even less than their competitor.

Friends Can Also Try To Sabotage Each Other

Let’s say you have been away from the gym for years and your diet has fallen by the wayside.  You decide to take positive action by getting your butt in gear by working out and getting your diet in control.  Friends might come along and pressure you into skipping your workouts or influencing you to order the cheese fries over your original decision of a salad. The reason for this…….they don’t want to be reminded of their own struggles with weight by watching a healthy eater make careful choices” says Susan Bowerman of UCLA’s Center for Human Nutrition. “We want them to join our ‘Im addicted to food’ club.”

I Am Not Saying Your Friends Are Evil

I wanted to make a clear point that I am not here to tell you to go and find different friends.  The whole point of this article is to make you aware of your surroundings and how friends can influence your fat loss goals.  You can still be in charge of your fat loss despite what your friends are doing and saying. Being able to recognize the negative influence can give you the leg-up on how to handle these obstacles head on and turn them into something positive.  This will help you battle against the “why cant I stop eating” syndrome.Like I said before, your friends may not even know they are doing it.  That is the point.  You never know, your good habits may end up being the positive influence on your friends to get fit.