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What Is Cancer? Could It Be Fungus? Is There A Cure For Cancer Part II

The late Milton White, MD, fulfilled his life’s work of tedious research stated that “cancer is a chronic, intracellular, infections, biologically-induced (fungal) spore transformation disease.” It is very interesting to know that fungal spores were found in ever single cancer tissue under his study. You would think that these incredible findings would be plastered all over the media throughout the nation. Unfortunately, his lifetime work had been swept under the rug and dismissed.  The conclusion of fungus as cancer was merely left for entertainment in the minds of the curious. However, if we take his statement seriously and rightly compare the properties of a cancer cell and a fungus cell….we might be on to something. So, what is cancer? I think it will shock you!

what is cancer 2 1024x663 What Is Cancer? Could It Be Fungus? Is There A Cure For Cancer Part II

“The Center for Disease Control doesn’t require fungal treatments to be reported. This is why you won’t hear about it in the media”

 Unique Characteristics Of Cancer And Fungus:

1) Both cancer cells and certain fungi can metabolize nutrients in the absence of oxygen (anaerobically)

2) Both cancer cells and fungi must have sugar in order to survive.

3) Both produce lactic acid.

4) Both respond to antifungal medicines. At least some cancers have “amazingly” gone into remission or have reduced in size when an antifungal medicine was used to treat a co-existing fungal infection.

5) Both will die in the absence of sugar.  Of course we would die too if we starved ourselves, but remember that both fungi and cancer cells are particularly fond of carbohydrates- sugar!

Note: Fungal DNA can incorporate with it’s host (human) DNA, forming a hybrid cell. (The Germ That Causes Cancer: Doug Kaufmann, David Holland M.D., Kyle Clark, Jami Clark R.N)

Are We Confusing Cancer With Fungus?

It is quite shocking to see the similarities and it sure does beg the question: “Could we be confusing human cells that are actually infected with fungi, for cancer?” Could it be that simple? If we never consider the possibility of fungi as the problem then we may be inadvertantly overlooking fungi as the cause of a sore, growth, or hot spot on a scan. Therefore a patient could dangerously be led down the path of treatment with radiation and/or chemotherapy when all they needed was an antifungal treatment. What makes matters worse is that common cancer therapies suppress the immune system and can accelerate previous fungal infections. This also allows additional chances for fungal infections to wreak havoc in the body.

Slam On The Brakes!

It is well known that leukemia and fungal infections actively co-exist. Would you really need to go any further with “race for the cure” if we could just investigate in treating leukemia with antifungals and not just for “secondary” fungal infections developed during chemotherapy. They may not have even been secondary. Chemotherapy could have just brought the primary fungal infection to the surface. Is there a cure for cancer right under our nose?

Magnifying Fungi With Cancer Treatments

Both chemotherapy and radiation jeopardizes your immune system. They both can increase and enhance fungal/yeast infections while actually causing cancer. On the flipside chemotherapy and radiation can cure cancer. However, the medical community establishes it as a “cure” if a patient survives after five years from the start of treatment. Unfortunately, if you last through the five years you can develop another type of cancer (mostly in the form of leukemia and lymphoma) 10+ years later. Remember, chemotherapy is a powerful and toxic drug that kills both cancer cells and healthy cells. They just “hope” that it kills more cancer cells than the good…and “hope” the cancer dies before the patient does. The medical field at its finest.

0 What Is Cancer? Could It Be Fungus? Is There A Cure For Cancer Part II

0 What Is Cancer? Could It Be Fungus? Is There A Cure For Cancer Part II

Billions Of Dollars Later Yet More People Have Cancer Than Ever Before

I have found myself to be more aware of the seriousness of this thing they call cancer…but more in regards to stopping it and not just treating it. No matter what the media tells you, cancer research is nowhere close to finding a “cure” and have made no progression since the 1960’s. So why has billions of dollars been raised for research year after year but have nothing to show for? Follow the money trail. There just isn’t any money for pharmaceutical companies with a cure.

This Disease Is Personal

Like most people I have had many family members either die or are currently affected by cancer. I have silently questioned the medical field for many years wondering, “how in the world is cancer still an issue with no cure.” It wasn’t until I thought outside the box and wondered if cancer was something else (fungus??). Pharmaceutical companies are too caught up in trying to patent drugs, not in finding a cure. Remember, research money is funded by pharmaceutical companies. It has become very clear that we have been lied to by powerful organizations. Fear is their biggest asset. As long as they can continue to drive fear into people they can make us believe that they have the answers and resources to calm the emotions.

Who Are The Real Snake Oil Salesman?

The pharmaceutical industry wants you to buy drugs from them. They do this by convincing doctors to prescribe them. Since cancer is a disease that has emotional attachments and makes people desperate, it isn’t that difficult to make sales. Just seems odd that their “medicine” is more like medieval torture and less like science. Yet society finds it normal as long as the “healers” are finely dressed with white lab coats. Don’t get me wrong, both doctors and pharma reps are fine, intelligent, and caring people. They are just doing their job with the information that they are given.

No Such Thing As Cancer?

So what is cancer? Cancer is a fungus. Plain and simple.  There are hundreds of different species of fungi so it is no wonder why we have so many different types of cancer and diseases. The food that feeds fungus/cancer is sugar and carbohydrates. This is why it is so important to follow an antifungal diet if you currently have a disease or sickness. When you actually take the time and study the fungus link to disease, it will shock you. If you have a disease, think fungus first. You are actually in charge of your own health.

What Would I Do If I Had Cancer

Please understand that I am in no way implying that you shouldn’t see or listen to your doctor. What  I am saying is that you have more control over your health than anyone or any drug can do for you. What would I do if I had cancer? I would seriously make a lifestyle change. Things like:

1) Stop smoking immediately (tobacco leaves in cigarettes are fungally contaminated)

2) Quit drinking alcohol. This also includes red wine for “heart health.” I’m not even going to get into that! (alcohol is a fungal byproduct: mycotoxin)

3) Change my diet and avoid sugar at all possible.  It is also very important to utilize natural antifungal supplements in your quest to regain your health.

4) Seriously consider getting these two books into your personal library. If you can’t buy them you may be able to find it at the library. It will change your life forever!

A) The Germ That Causes Cancer (Summary/shortened version: Easy Reading Handbook

B)  The Fungus Link

Note: Since the vast majority of cancer sufferers will never hear the good news it is up to you and me to spread the word. “Like” this post, tweet it, google +, you name it! Spread the love.

How Did Drew Carey Lose Weight And Battle Diabetes? How You Too Can Defeat The Disease By Understanding The Fungus Link To Diabetes

“I’m not diabetic anymore. No medication needed.” This was a statement made by the actor/comedian Drew Carey, who is well known from the show “Whose Line Is It Anyways,” “The Drew Carey Show,” and currently the new host of “The Price Is Right,” has made quite a body transformation. He has been known throughout his career as “chunky” and was eventually tagged as having type 2 diabetes. However, after recently losing 80+ pounds and is no longer considered a diabetic…how is that possible? How did Drew Carey lose weight so quickly and dare I say “cure” his diabetes? I know many people reading this will already jump to the conclusion that diabetes can’t be cured but only managed. All I ask is that you stick with me for a moment and I’ll explain the missing piece of the puzzle. So whether you are looking to lose weight or battle diabetes…I’ve got you covered!

How did Drew Carey Lose Weight 3 How Did Drew Carey Lose Weight And Battle Diabetes? How You Too Can Defeat The Disease By Understanding The Fungus Link To Diabetes

(What is more fascinating? Losing 80 lbs or the fact that he doesn’t have diabetes anymore. What about both?!!)

He’s Not A Doctor: Just A Simple Man Taking Control Of Health

Carey said that he was able to lose the weight by completely eliminating carbs (grains, starches, sugar, etc) and introduced a healthy amount of meat, fruit, yogurt, and eggs (doesn’t this sound a lot like the foundation of an antifungal diet AKA the phase one diet). He also worked out regularly with an intense cardio program. Drew Carey is a prime example of an average person taking their health seriously and implementing easy and practical nutritional advice. If Drew was able to take a simple approach to his weight loss and curing his diabetes, why would anyone want to seek out drugs that could cause them more harm than good. If diabetes is indeed reversable…could you prevent this disease with a pre diabetic diet? You bet, but let’s move on.

Billions Of Dollars Are Spent On Ways To Keep You In The Dark

It is very frustrating for me to see billions and billions of dollars tossed into treatments, education programs, and diet plans for diabetics that make little to no sense. If you don’t already know, most of the popular diets include eating starches. This is like throwing gasoline on a fire because the digestive system quickly breaks down starches into sugar. The popular diets also include foods that are contaminated with fungus/mycotoxins. Which is far more important when looking at the big picture. If a popular diet does NOT mention words like fungus, fungi, mycotoxins, antifungal, etc then you are more than likely going to be misguided.

Diabetics Are Taught To “Just Live With It

I believe the “just live with it” attitude places chains and bonds on the mindset that there is nothing  a diabetic can do about it. People need to be taught the cure. Unfortunately you will always get a lot of resistance any time you throw around the big “C” word. We already know that diet is extremely important for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. I just disagree with the suggestions and recommendations from the medical field. Once you understand what is causing type 2 diabetes you’ll know how to effectively cure it through an antifungal diet and proper exercise. Believe it or not…you are in control!

The Fungus Link: What Cholesterol Lowering Drugs Have In Common With Diabetes

Did you know that statin drugs (cholesterol lowering drugs) are antifungal? It is known that statin drugs significantly reduce the rate of people developing type 2 diabetes. Even Time Magazine reported in 2001 that statin drugs reduced the risk of developing diabetes by 30% while also decreasing the risk of stroke and high cholesterol. This would make sense if fungi is indeed the culprit behind these problems. Yet, scientists and doctors still haven’t connected the dots. Either they don’t know or don’t want you to know! Both are scary.

Infectious Diabetes 300x300 How Did Drew Carey Lose Weight And Battle Diabetes? How You Too Can Defeat The Disease By Understanding The Fungus Link To Diabetes
(If you want all the inside details on understanding the fungus link to diabetes I highly recommend this book)

Not Convinced? Antibiotics, Fungi, And Liver Cancer

I have previously wrote on the topic of antibiotics and that they are merely byproduct toxins from fungus. Ever since the introduction of antibiotics in 1949 it can’t be ignored that diabetes cases have skyrocketed since then. Yes, type 2 diabetes has been around before antibiotics but you can’t deny the increase in diabetics with each new year.

So what does liver cancer have to do with diabetes? Well, a deadly mycotoxin called aflatoxin B1 is commony found in those with liver cancer. High blood sugar and gangrene are commmon symptoms of those with liver cancer which is ironically identical problems of diabetics. Aflatoxin B1 has the capacity of generating the same symptoms and problems as diabetes and liver cancer. This is merely scratching the surface of linking fungus to health problems.

Another Link Between Mold, Brewer’s Yeast, and Diabetes

According to Dr. A.V. Costantini, a scientist named Hayes has successfully induced diabetes in laboratory mice by using a mycotoxin called streptozotocin (from the Streptomyces mold) while a researcher named Coleman fed mice 10% brewer’s yeast (Saccharomyces mold) with the same results. It’s also important to note that brewer’s yeast produces uric acid. It is well documented that uric acid also generates alloxan which is a substance that can negatively affect the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas.

Cryptococcus Mold and Diabetes

Another mold called Cryptococcus also produces uric acid and it’s byproduct alloxan. So why is this important? A scientist in Japan studied this mold in two ways.

1) The Cryptococcus mold was found in the insulin producing areas of the pancreas (islets of Langerhans) in two children dying from type 1 diabetes.

2) The Cryptococcus mold was injected into the pancreatic artery of lab animals to induce cell death in the insulin producing areas of the pancreas (islets of Langerhans). All the animals developed diabetes.

Given the above scenarios and research that I haven’t even mentioned yet should at least make us rethink our strategies and treatments in all endocrine and hormonal disorders. It’s just unfortunate that the medical field won’t even reconsider the possibility. Why? Medicine is a business first and it may negatively hurt profits to cure people. Therefore doctors will continue to treat symptoms instead of curing and educating people on fungus.

Let’s Recap

How did Drew Carey lose weight and successfully battle diabetes? He followed a very strict antifungal diet without even realizing it and challenged himself in the gym with tough cardio. To fully understand why this type of diet is so effective at weight loss and disease prevention then I highly recommend you dive into my two most important articles.

1) Is There A Fungus Link To Weight Loss? A Controversial Topic Befuddles Dietitians And Doctors!

2) The Phase One Diet: The Only Proven Antifungal Diet To Combat Both Disease And Weight Gain

I am in no way saying that you should drop or ignore your doctors advice and direction. I just want you to know that you have more power and control over your health than what you think. You especially have more power to cure your diseases than what a doctor can ever do for you. I want to encourage you to take the responsibility and discipline with your health. Take the time and dive into the Fungus section of this site. It will change your life. I’m that confident.



Circuit Training Exercises: An Effective Blend Of Resistance And Cardio

If you are at all familiar with circuit training exercises you will know that there are countless combinations and routines to help you drop some pounds. Circuits can be done with your bodyweight, machines, weights, and even mixing a good combination of cardio and weights, etc. The possibilities are endless. You are in the driver seat because you can alter your circuit training to be focused more on cardio or more towards resistance based training. Instead of flooding you with routines I’ll give an outline of some popular circuits I have done in the past.

circuit training exercises 1024x640 Circuit Training Exercises: An Effective Blend Of Resistance And Cardio(My favorite circuits come from Turbulence Training. Circuits, Bodyweight, Intervals, or the Entire collection)

There Isn’t A Perfect Routine: Too Many Variables

If you are new to circuit training routines you are basically increasing your functional capacity of the cardiorespiratory system (aerobic capacity) while challenging your muscles with just enough resistance and vice versa. So how do I fit this into my goals? First and foremost I dedicate my time with lifting weights 3-5 times a week followed up with some HIIT workouts at the gym. I usually take a break from this style of training during the colder months of December-February and use bodyweight circuits for my cardio to boost fat loss over the holidays.

Bodyweight Circuit Training Exercises

8-10 reps 4-5 Sets (circuits) no rest between exercises

1) 45-60 seconds of cardio (fast jumping jacks, running in place, jump ups, etc)

2) Pull ups: Underhand grip, overhand grip, wide grip, etc

3) Pushups: There are so many different ways to perform pushups. Incline, decline, spidermans, close grip, wide grip, etc.

4) Dips

5) Burpees

6) Squats/Lunges

7) Planks: 30-45 seconds

Combining HIIT With Weights

Before starting Visual Impact I was able to use a great combination of intervals and weights. This type of circuit training routine works very well at home if you have have a barbell or a dumbbell…or both. This may be a little difficult to complete in a busy gym due to the various exercises needed to complete the circuit.

I first start off with about 45-60 seconds on a treadmill. It doesn’t matter what you use to start. It can be an exercise bike, running in place, jump rope, stepmill, etc. There is a couple of ways to go through the circuit. Perform each exercise for 6-8 reps and continue to the next without any rest. (Your first time might take a little longer than usual because you may have to adjust the amount of weight used to hit the proper rep range.)  Once you finish all of the exercises that is the completion of one circuit…then rinse and repeat for 4-5 times.  Your whole routine should last around 30-45 min.

Circuit Weight Training Summary:

6-8 reps, 4-5 sets (circuits), no rest between exercises

1) Cardio: 45-60 seconds (Make it even more intense by busting your butt in this portion)

2) Chest:  Incline barbell bench press or Incline dumbbell bench press (this can be done on a flat bench as well)

3) Biceps: Standing barbell curl or standing dumbbell curls (Try not to throw up the weight and flex the muscle while curling.)

4) Back: Bent over row with a barbell or dumbbells (Make sure not to round out your back. You want to keep it arched)

5) Calves: Standing or Seated 10-5 reps (I like standing while holding dumbbells by my side. Just a personal preference.)

6) Shoulders: Standing barbell shoulder press or standing dumbbell shoulder press (Here is a post on how to make the most out of this lift)

7) Triceps: Lying tricep extension or dumbbell tricep kickbacks

Note: This may be difficult to complete in a gym because you will more than likely be waiting on someone. Keep in mind, most of the exercises that you will be doing will be indicative to your personal goals and equipment available.

The Concept Behind These Workouts

The structure of these circuit training exercises can indeed mimic the effects of HIIT. Since there is no rest you can finish an entire full body workout and burn an exceptional amount of calories while boosting HGH release. It also will help preserve muscle mass by having just enough resistance from the weights or bodyweight.

The GSP Workout: My Rushfit Review On The Knuckle Sandwich King

I will come out and say that I am not a fan of UFC, however there is something that we can learn from the GSP workout creator Georges St Pierre. Georges aka “Rush” and “GSP,” is a MMA champion who has been coined as one of the most fit athletes in the world. He disciplines, conditions,  and trains in various combat styles which gives him explosive strength along with a very lean body. So does this program fit with my personal approach to fitness? Let’s find out with my little Rushfit review…

3 The GSP Workout: My Rushfit Review On The Knuckle Sandwich King


 (St Pierre’s body type is ideal for his size. He has just the right amount of muscle with very low body fat levels. His success as a fighter goes to show you that you don’t have to be big and bulky.)

 No Neon Tights Or High Chunky Socks Here

I have been exposed to many home workout dvd’s over the years and I was glad that it didn’t have an 80’s flashback or a Zumba feel like most routines. With most home based workouts it doesn’t require a lot of space and the only equipment you need is a set of 10-15 lb dumbbells. However, there is a portion where he performs movements like swings/getups that could have been utilized with a kettlebell. There are some other movements that would work perfect with a kettlebell instead of a dumbbell (due to the different distribution of weight between the two). It isn’t a deal breaker but since kettlebells are not that expensive anymore it would have had its place in the routine.

I’m Not The Only One Struggling

What I liked about the program is that it is challenging. Even Georges himself struggles through it. Georges trainer, Eric Owings is actually the one who pushes him through the conditioning. I like that it does have a tendency to make you do the same.  I found myself trying to keep up with him which ultimately increases the effectivness of your workout. I did appreciate that a clock was always showing. It helps you push through right to the last second. The workouts from warm ups to cool downs are all around 45 min and are the same with each dvd. They all have series and lesson promo’s where St Pierre breaks down how to perform the exercises correctly.

Strength and Endurance/Fight Conditioning Workout

In mixed martial arts fights each round is about 5 minutes. So the workout is set up in rounds/circuit style to relate the intensity of what a fight would be like. However, it seems like they were trying to over sell the relation of every piece of  exercises to fighting. Of course there is a bit of marketability when doing this but it isn’t necessary. This doesn’t take anything away from the actual effectiveness of the workout because it really does kick your butt (no pun intended). Exhausting and rewarding all at the same time.  Note: If you don’t have the funds for the full program you can get the Strength and Endurance Workout portion of the program for about $11.

Rushfit’s Ab & Core Conditioning

There are a few moves in this section that you need to be careful with. I’m not a fan of any movements that flex the spine forward like situps, crunches, etc. If you aren’t familiar with the book Low Back Disorders by Dr. Stuart McGill, I highly recommend you read it. In it he says “when the spine is fully flexed, we’ve measured the spine losing up to 40% of its ability to bear compressive loads. In other words, the spine is strongest when in a neutral position.” I just suggest that you stick to plank exercises, ab wheel exercises, hanging leg raises, and back/hip bridges for your ab conditioning. Your spine will thank you. If you have done ab workouts for any length of time then you will naturally have a six pack. I would just focus my efforts on staying lean more than anything to reveal the abs.

getimage.asp?m=2468&o=4193&i=50322 The GSP Workout: My Rushfit Review On The Knuckle Sandwich King

Any Drawbacks?

I don’t know if I’m just being nitpicky but I found that Georges and Erik didn’t have the best chemistry. At least not in the sense of making a workout program. I also thought Georges should have spoken more even though this broken English is difficult to understand sometimes. One feature I wish was available was the ability to turn off the sound and just listen to their instructions so I can play my own music. Not that big of a deal…

Note: A little word of advice. If you are currently wearing street clothes that has “tapout” written all over it, get rid of it. Just because you are in shape doesn’t mean sacrificing personal style.

Inside The Trenches: How I Would Use The Program

The complete program is only 8 weeks long so how would I utilize this in my overall fitness goals? My main workout is Visual Impact. Everything I do revolves around the principles of this program. However, every now and then I will take 1-2 months off from my program and transition to strictly bodyweight, circuit training, or programs like the GSP workout. I typically do this in the colder months of December-February when I don’t want to drive in the snow. So if I want a rigorous fully body workout without all the equipment to helps me stay lean through the holidays, this would be it.  I hope this Rushfit review was enough information to give you a better understanding of what is inside. Feel free to ask any questions or let me know what you thought about it.

Is There A Cure For Cancer? Are We Racing For The Cure Or Crawling In The Opposite Direction?

Is there a cure for cancer? A professor from the University of Oklahoma discovered that a plant from the Middle East killed all kinds of cancer in humans, mammals, and even in Petri dishes. All from the plants essential oils. This also included the dreaded breast cancer, which is what we are racing for this month! So why isn’t this information blasted all over the news?

is there a cure for cancer Is There A Cure For Cancer? Are We Racing For The Cure Or Crawling In The Opposite Direction?
(I do Not support the Pink Ribbon Campaign, but that doesn’t mean I’m somehow “for” cancer or “anti research.” I have lost many family members to cancer. Please make sure you read the whole article before jumping to conclusions. Because this is such an emotional issue all I ask is that you put emotions aside and try and see things from a different perspective.)

Prison Break For The Cure

So what is this oil that can essential cure every cancer in America? I can’t tell you! I would go to jail. Why? It’s illegal for anyone to say that a particular substance can cure anything. There are plenty of natural cures available but you’ll be in big trouble if you dare reveal it. So while we are fighting, clawing, jumping, and racing for the cure, we would be breaking the law to cross the finish line. That is if the line ended with a natural food, substance, health food store or even a research laboratory.

Drugs And Surgery Is The Only Way?

In recent years, there has actually been a few natural cures that has broke the surface. Unfortunately, the end results are always the same. Before anyone can take advantage of the findings, a strong and ruthless attempt to silence, discredit, and smear the names and organizations who provided the information unfolds. False information and the ability to “quackify” (yes, I just made that up) the people promoting it is all in their bag of tricks.

Where America Can Boast!

The U.S. has the best emergency medicine in the entire world. Hands down, no competition. Keeping someone alive and fixing the problems that people would have otherwise died from anywhere else, is incredible. The medical field has created some of the most advanced machines and software in regards to diagnostic technology. It doesn’t end there. This technology has further stretched it’s hand in very critical areas. Our sanitation systems are top notch and our water supply is kept free from disease infestation. Other parts of the world don’t have this luxury.

Our Approach To Disease Prevention: Grade F

But when it comes to diseases like cancer, diabetes, mental health, obesity, heart disease, and lot’s of non life threatening conditions, we have dropped the ball. While other countries are struggling with their health in regards to a filthy water supply and inadequate sanitation, the listed diseases are profoundly absent. America’s approach to health is only one of hundreds of health philosophies around the world, yet we rank very poorly when it comes to overall health and disease prevention. I think we could learn something.

Searching For Water In The Desert: Is There A Cure For Cancer That Researchers Are Missing

The medical industry is searching “cures” for diseases they don’t even know is causing it? If they can’t even agree nor define what is actually causing cancer, what good is the research or the approach to cure it. Without having this crucial knowledge, the efforts in finding a solution in surgery, drugs, and radiation treatments make little to no sense. I believe the medical field is moving in a direction of uncertainty and not towards a cure.

You Can’t Patent A Green Apple

This also brings up the area of patentable control. Why would drug companies look for something natural that they can’t patent. If they can’t control a certain area of health through the use of of licensed professionals and patents then there will be no funding for any “research.” That is why it is not uncommon for researchers to have their funding cut off if they have groundbreaking findings for cures from natural substances and not chemicals that drug companies can patent and sell. It only makes sense for drug companies to fund conventional medicine only when it benefits them.

is there a cure for cancer 2 Is There A Cure For Cancer? Are We Racing For The Cure Or Crawling In The Opposite Direction?

(Every single person needs this in their own personal library. Including medical schools)

The Fungus Link

Now what about the 40+ years of research and experience by Doug Kaufmann and Dr. Holland that other health professionals are slowly discovering and backing up their work in regards to the the link between cancer and fungus/mycotoxins. There is endless amounts of research that agrees and supports their observations but very little voices to announce it to the public. Do you think medical establishments will allow this information to be mainstream. Of course not! Do you have any idea how much money drug companies would lose if people learned that they are able to cure their diseases through diet and natural substances alone? You better believe they will be working overtime to silence the voices and put a halt to these efforts.

Business Is Gooood!

Does it come to any real surprise that I do NOT support the Pink Ribbon campaigns or any other medical foundation? Don’t get me wrong, I highly admire the spirits, attitude, and generosity towards these campaigns. I just know that the efforts are going in the opposite direction. Just take a moment and think about it. Go to the websites, events, and other social gatherings rallied around “finding a cure.” It has turned into an enormously profitable business. Are you really sure your money and time is actually going towards research for a cure, or is it just paying yet another Ferrari bill. Did you also know that “Susan G. Komen for the Cure” supports planned parenthood? So once again, are you sure your time and money is going where it should?

Note:  It may sound crude and insensitive but seriously stop and evaluate things for a moment. The cancer business is highly profitable. Why is that millions and millions of dollars are poured into these organizations but have nothing to show for?

0 Is There A Cure For Cancer? Are We Racing For The Cure Or Crawling In The Opposite Direction?

I strongly believe that natural, inexpensive, and highly accessible cures for cancer and all other diseases have been discovered. They have existed for a long time. The question of ” is there a cure for cancer ” won’t become clear until you understand “the link.”


Walking VS Running: Does Walking Help You Lose Weight Or Is It Something That Only “Unfit” People Should Do?

I was recently flipping through some fitness magazines and found an article called “How many calories do you burn walking vs running.” It peaked my interest because I wanted to see what they had to say about it because I am not a fan of long distance running (jogging) yet most fitness publications praise it. It was a short and vague article that simply stated that you burn the same amount of calories if you jogged one mile or walked one mile. The scenario changes once you cross the one mile threshold. The article concluded that walking was more beneficial for just overweight and obese people only because they were unable to run. I will tell you why I completely disagree with that last statement and why walking provides benefits to all people.

beach 1024x768 Walking VS Running: Does Walking Help You Lose Weight Or Is It Something That Only “Unfit” People Should Do?

(I wouldn’t mind taking my daily walks here)

Walking Isn’t Just For Fit People: What Intense Exercise Lacks

Many people ask, “Does walking help you lose weight?” Yes and No. When it comes to managing and/or losing weight, diet is the number one factor. I can’t stress this enough. If diet is under control then brisk walking can provide many additional benefits that intense exercise doesn’t. Brisk walking for about 30 minutes a day can greatly reduce both inflammation and sluggish blood flow (hemostasis). Intense exercise does NOT reduce inflammation. Walking regularly also helps strengthen the joints, increases energy, slows cognitive decline, and lowers blood pressure.

Burning Minimal Calories: Don’t Let That Be An Issue

HIIT, circuits, bodyweight cardio, etc are all pretty intense exercises that shred body fat, increase metabolism, boosts HGH, and increases endurance in a short amount of time. Even though walking around 2,000 steps will only burn 100 calories don’t let that stop you from doing it. Walking isn’t meant to be your sole source of exercise, nor is it your “go to” for weight loss. It should supplement your workouts. The more you can incorporate this activity into your daily routine the better.

Not Real Exercise?

The thought of walking as not a “real” exercise is bogus but there is some key differences. Like I said before, walking should not be your only source of exercise. Now, if you are really out of shape then this is the best place to start. Whatever it takes to get you from a sedentary lifestyle to an active one is a push in the right direction. However, walking as fast as a snail isn’t going to help you much. It doesn’t matter how “out of shape” you are, the body will adapt very quickly to your walking routine so there will need to be a change in effort to capture the most benefits.

Put A Little “Spring In Your Step”

To get the most out of your walks you need to have a pace faster than a snail. Walk as if you are late for something. Keep in mind that your speed level may be a stroll for another. To keep the effectiveness of your efforts you should be able to feel your heart rate increase. You should also be able to hold a conversation with a partner but still be slightly out of breath when talking.

When Intervals And Other Intense Exercise Isn’t Enough

I used to think that intense exercising 3-4 times per week and a clean diet was enough to stay healthy and lean. I was wrong. The times where I had the lowest body fat levels, had the most energy, and felt the most healthy, was when I walked for upwards of 30 min to 1 hour a day. Don’t get me wrong, someone can still achieve high levels of fitness without walking but they are missing out on the health benefits of this low level activity. Just don’t make walking to lose weight a high priority.

Be Careful Where You Get Your Information

I tend to stray away from most mainstream fitness sites and publications simply because they contain a lot of recycled garbage and misinformation despite the high numbered followers and readers. It doesn’t help when you read bad advice from bodybuilding magazines expressing that that you should spend most of your time resting (laying down) when you aren’t building muscle. They propose that walking is not essential and is only for obese people. Once again, terrible advice.

Final Conclusions:

I didn’t touch on the running portion so I highly recommend reading Marathon Cardio: Cardiovascular Endurance Training Is Ineffective For Fat Loss. This post helps to understand when to use walking vs running and why. To recap: Don’t worry about “does walking help you lose weight.” Walking will supplement weight loss and increase health benefits when used in conjunction with strength training and intense exercise. So get out there and make it a daily activity.

The Hardgainer Workout:How To Build Muscle Mass Without Looking Like A Meat-Head

What if I told you that almost everything you have been taught about how to build muscle mass is completely wrong? You see, most hardgainers make their way into bodybuilding sites or mainstream fitness magazines looking for tips to increase mass in the shortest time possible. Unfortunately, the common advice will bombard you with supplements, some kind of bodybuilding hardgainer workout, muscle building meals, etc…but in the end it will ultimately ruin your look. Don’t make this mistake.

James Bond QOS 1024x768 The Hardgainer Workout:How To Build Muscle Mass Without Looking Like A Meat Head(Daniel Craig is a good example of having a decent amount of mass without looking cheesy. Building the right amount of muscle in all the right areas will help you look great in a suit. Not the other way around )

The Best Advice Is Not Mainstream

I have come across many young guys over the years who have experienced a tough time adding muscle mass. They lift weights regularly but don’t seem to be able to increase in size. Now if they do get bigger, it is usually from excess body fat because they have been sucked in to thinking that they can increase muscle gains by eating more. The problem…gaining mass has nothing to do with nutrition and excess calories but has everything to do with training. I know that it’s going to upset a lot of people but it’s true. Don’t worry about what magazines and supplement companies are telling you. This is why you will see a lot of big guys in the gym with little to no definition.

Understanding The Difference Of Lifting For Mass And Lifting For Strength

When you are strictly training for mass, stay away from low reps. Lifting in the lower rep range (2-4) with heavy weight is useful for creating great muscle tone and density. However, mass is achieved in the high rep range(8-12) but with a lower weight and lifting to failure. Lifting in this range will create a pump. I’m sure you are familiar with this term. This is where your muscles swell and become fuller during your training. The increase in muscle size during high reps in the is due to the increase in volume of the cellular fluid in the muscle. This is what is commonly known as sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. This fluid can account for almost 1/3 of the muscle size when training in this fashion. It is almost a faux muscle growth because the size can increase and decrease very quickly.

Hardgainer Workout: Typical Mass Building Routine Done Strategically

There are plenty of workouts and approaches to building muscle mass so I am not saying that this is the only one that works well. There are 3 and 5 day splits, pyramids, reverse pyramids, and many more. The problem with most of these workouts is that they are designed to pack on a lot of mass no matter where it ends up. I don’t want to do this to you. I want to strategically add the right amount of mass in all the right places to create a visually appealing physique.

Day 1: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps

1)      3 Exercises for each body part (chest, shoulders, triceps)

2)      Rep range of 8-15

3)      4 Sets per lift

4)      Pyramid Set & Rep for incline bench, standing military press, lying tricep extension (12,10,8,6,12-15)

5)      Train to failure, use the same weight (except for the pyramid)

Note:  Exercises for Day 1

           Chest: Incline barbell bench press, dumbbell flyes, incline dumbbell press

Shoulders: Standing military press, dumbbell lateral raise, seated shoulder press machine

Triceps: Lying tricep extension, cable pressdowns, dips/dip machine

Day 2: Back, Biceps, Forearms

1)      Rep range of 8-15

2)      4 sets per lift

3)      Pyramid set & rep for seated cable rows, straight barbell curls

4)      Train to failure, use the same weight (except for the pyramid)

Note: Exercises for Day 2

Back: Chin ups (may have to  be weighted), seated cable rows, nautilus pullovers

Biceps: Straight barbell curls, seated incline dumbbell curls, standing dumbbell curls

Forearms: Reverse barbell curls, wrist curls

Nutrition: Eating More Food For Bigger Muscles??

It is a common misconception that “if you want to get big you have to eat big.” What people don’t realize is that the push to consume more protein, supplements, shakes, etc is merely hardcore advertising to sell you more….everything I just listed. Like I mentioned before, eating more food to increase muscle gains simply doesn’t happen. The added weight is almost always from excess fat and not muscle. The faster you understand how to build muscle mass with the right training, the less you will stress over nutrition. Even though mainstream fitness will have you think otherwise, trust me on this. Your waistline will thank you too! Don’t believe me? I highly recommend you read “How Much Protein.”

How Much Protein 300x274 The Hardgainer Workout:How To Build Muscle Mass Without Looking Like A Meat Head

What To Keep In Mind So You Don’t Overdo It

A lot of young guys will want to put on a lot of mass in a hurry but end up getting carried away with it. Don’t make the mistake in thinking that you have to keep training for mass because you just don’t feel big enough. Mass building for too long will make your muscles look soft and bloated and not hard and angular.Your physique will have a more visually stunning appearance with  a combination of low body fat levels with toned and dense muscles. Woman prefer this look over the massive bodybuilder look any day.

Bonus: Perfect Addition To A Hardgainer Workout

videobanner2 The Hardgainer Workout:How To Build Muscle Mass Without Looking Like A Meat Head
(This technique works very well for hardgainers)

How To Get Rid Of Moobs:What Is More Effective? Diet Or Man Breasts Exercises?

Imagine yourself at your favorite restaurant placing a reservation. While you anxiously stand at the entrance, you catch a glimpse of yourself in a tall mirror. “What is that protruding from my chest” you ask. Without hesitation, you realize that your manly body has been overtaken by man boobs!

masculine chest1 How To Get Rid Of Moobs:What Is More Effective? Diet Or Man Breasts Exercises?

Why Haven’t I Noticed Before?

You haven’t noticed it until now, but the sudden realization that you let yourself go for so long starts to become a little overwhelming. Feeling a bit embarrassed, you consciously move your body in quirky ways as to somehow hide your chest area hoping that no one has noticed. The hostess calls your name and breaks the chatter within your mind. As you follow her to your seat you feel a sense of paranoia as you weave through crowded tables. “Are all these people looking at me? Do they notice them?” You find your seat and begin flipping through the menu. You can’t seem to concentrate because all you want to do is go home and search the internet as to how to get rid of moobs.

What Happened To My Masculine Square Pecs?

Have you ever felt like that? I had no idea that this was an issue with men until I asked those who struggled with moobs aka “man boobs.”  It is a “low blow” to a man’s ego when his chest begins to resemble that of female breasts. In their quest to solve the problem, a wardrobe full of baggy shirts, thick sweaters, and excess layers to hide their chest becomes the norm. They tirelessly search the internet for cures, workouts, and man breasts exercises in hopes to firm up the chest. They find something that appears legit, so they put it to work. After a few weeks, nothing happens. All the workouts and man breasts exercises didn’t do anything. So what now?

Killing Yourself In The Gym Didn’t Work: Is There Something I’m Missing?

So you feel like curling up in a ball because all your hard work in the gym didn’t appear to make any changes. What if I told you that your diet is more to the solution than anything else? Could there be a possibility that certain types of foods you are eating are not only causing you to gain weight but slightly feminizing your body? Let’s take a look.

Fungus May Once Again Be The Root Of The Problem

Zearalenone, is a Fusarium mold toxin that is found heavily in our grain food supply. The highest levels of this mycotoxin can be found in North American cereal grains. The U.S. doesn’t screen for this mycotoxin, therefore it is left in our food supply. This mycotoxin is found to stimulate the pituitary gland to produce growth hormone and other effects like infertility and miscarriages. What is striking is that Zearalenone produces estrogen like effects, causing femininization in male animals.  I strongly believe that this mycotoxin is not only linked to your weight gain, but the very root cause of men and even young boys in developing man boobs.

The Solution:

How to get rid of moobs quickly is the ultimate problem. So the best way to tackle the issue:

Diet Is Crucial: (Steps 1&2)

1)    Eliminate the feminizing properties of Zearalenone and other weight gaining properties of fungi:

This is where a lot of diets fail. If this mycotoxin is the cause of your chest fat and not just from being overweight, a diet that is allowing grains and other fungus contaminated foods won’t help you. Remember, this is a fungus. To starve and kill fungus, you need an antifungal diet.

2)    Creating a caloric deficit for weight loss with fasting:

Intermittent fasting is incredible. This is always my “go to” solution for those who need to lose weight. Combine intermittent fasting with an antifungal diet is the most effective and fastest way to teach you how to get rid of moobs. Nailing down the diet with intermittent fasting is where the rubber meets the road. You will be shocked how effective this is.

Strength Training & Cardio

3)    Chest workouts for men: HIIT Cardio

Combining strength training with high intensity cardio is meant to facilitate your efforts. So many people get this backwards. You can do all the man breasts exercises and tough cardio you want and still not get anywhere if the diet isn’t in check. You just can’t outwork a bad diet. So once you have your diet in check, go hardcore on strength training and cardio. Instead of laying out a chest workout and cardio here, click on the link above and it will take you to my previous articles that lays it out step by step.


Fastest way to lose weight and chest fat: Conquer this first!

1)    Antifungal diet

2)    Fasting

The moment you have the diet and fasting under control, quickly add in:

3)    Strength Training

4)    High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Note: If you want the complete package to a fully “manly” body makeover then click here.

Red Wine Health Benefits? Is Red Wine Good For You? What About Alcohol In General?

I understand that this post will not be earning popularity awards any time soon but I was stunned with the findings from the Center for Disease Control. They revealed that almost 70% of Americans over age 18 consistently drink alcohol. What really shocked me was realizing that it computes to over 200 million people. We live in a nation of alcohol drinkers. Is this a problem? Cold the overwhelming increase in disease and illnesses be linked to even moderate alcohol consumption alone? Or am I making mountains out of molehills?

red wine collage Red Wine Health Benefits? Is Red Wine Good For You? What About Alcohol In General?


To Drink Or Not To Drink…That Is The Question

I’m sure you are aware of all the latest studies concerning red wine health benefits, but even doctors are a little wary of giving the green light to consume because Americans tend to take things to the extreme. It’s also a very common thing to hear people give their two cents on how good it is for you and your heart. So is red wine good for you? Or does this just give us an excuse to indulge? What about other types of alcohol? Let’s dive in a bit!

Resveratrol To The Rescue?

Both scientists and health professionals have stated that the antioxidants, polyphenols, and plant compounds found in wine have been known to fight diabetes and even cancer. One of these powerful antioxidants that has been popularized is Resveratrol. Resveratrol is from the grape skins and has been found to fight diabetes, heart disease, and even obesity. If all these benefits are legit, why shouldn’t all of us raise our glasses to good health?

Alcohol Is A Worthless Drug

Harris Stratyner, the director of addiction recovery services at Mount Sinai Medical Center, makes a strong statement in Forbes Magazine on the topic of alcoholism. “Alcohol is a worthless drug that affects every single cell in your body.” Why would he say this? Is there something that researchers may be missing? Well the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology published a piece in the late 80’s stating that producers use moldy grains like corn, barley, hops, and even fruit that are too contaminated with mycotoxins for human and animal consumption are discarded, but not for alcohol production. So in all reality, your beverage has more than just alcohol in it.

Did We Forget…Alcohol Is A Mycotoxin

Alcohol is a mycotoxin byproduct of brewer’s yeast. Both brewer’s and bakers yeast is known as Saccharomyces cerevisiae. When yeast and carbohydrates are introduced for the fermentation process, the slow conversion of alcohol comes into play. What makes matters worse is that brewer’s yeast alone is known to produce uric acid (fungus produces uric acid) which is what people with gout suffer from, diabetes, and increases the chance of woman getting breast cancer. I believe we have severely underestimated how risky alcohol consumption really is.

Let’s Recap..

Wine is fermented with yeast, which is a fungus. The alcohol in the wine is a mycotoxin byproduct of brewer’s yeast. These are just a few things that people should never consume, yet we do it all the time. No wonder why we have soaring rates of breast cancer, liver cancer, and cirrhosis of the liver. Mycotoxins are enabled to wreck chaos within the body. I strongly believe that the most potent mycotoxins from alcohol and antibiotics are directly linked in some shape or form to almost all diseases. I think we are underestimating the damaging effects even in the smallest quantities.

So Once Again…Is Red Wine Good For You?

We know that fungi is known to cause high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease but the powerful antioxidant resveratrol is supposed to prevent these three things. So here you have a cure with an uncommon mixture with the cause?? I don’t doubt resveratrol’s ability to promote good health and help prevent disease, but until they are able to get it fungi/mycotoxin free, it is a waste of time and money. The “health benefits of red wine” or any other kinds of alcohol has way more risks that far outweighs any real benefit.

whole grain cereals 300x300 Red Wine Health Benefits? Is Red Wine Good For You? What About Alcohol In General?

“Those who eat a diet rich in whole grains tend to weigh less.” No they don’t. That is a blatant lie. Don’t let cereal commercials influence their agenda on what good health means.

What Happens When Health Issues Are Taken Mainstream

It merely seems like mainstream food companies, drug companies, and doctors are putting their fingers on nutrition but are recommending foods that make little to no sense for good health. But this is a common practice in our society. Just take a look at our sugar laden, grain (fungi contaminated) cereals, that have the “heart healthy” stamp of approval by American Heart Association (which makes no sense at all). I’m sure you have also noticed the big push on “whole grains” and “gluten free” products that have hit the market. If you are at all familiar with fungi’s role in disease, you already know how pointless and overhyped these foods really are.  I feel this is the same mindset with “red wine health benefits.” I would seriously think twice before you toast your alcohol to good health.

What If I Am In Good Shape?

Don’t get me wrong, people can still be in really good shape and drink alcohol. But it doesn’t always mean that they are healthy. Fit people can still fall prey to disease if they are consuming fungi/mycotoxin contaminated food and drinks on a regular basis. I also know that alcohol (beer, wine, scotch, etc) can be detrimental to a lot of those struggling with weight issues and disease.

Note: I was a heavy drinker in high school and my early college years but I gave up alcohol in 2003 and haven’t had any since. It is amazing to know how much money I have saved because of it and how my body has thanked me for it. I am not afraid to admit that I’m a little bias against alcohol consumption because I know the damage it does to the body, families, and lives.

Are Bosu Ball Exercises Wasting Your Time And Preventing You From Your Goals?

Hundreds of personal trainers are using the Bosu Ball for their clients but is it even safe or effective? There has been a huge push among trainers in the fitness industry to implement a wide array of exercises with the device that it is astonishing. Increasing balance and core strength has become so mainstream that the use of the device has become the norm. With the exception of rehab, could you possibly be wasting your time and energy with Bosu Ball exercises?

istock 000009101996small Are Bosu Ball Exercises Wasting Your Time And Preventing You From Your Goals?

(I seriously wouldn’t mind being a beach bum without being a bum.)

Skill And Ability: Understanding The Difference In Regards To Balance

Not many people realize that balance is an ability and is controlled by genetic traits. Demonstrating exceptional balance can be traced back to very young ages with a lot of high-profile athletes. Without any proper training, kids can display amazing balance capabilities. This ability is a major reason why only some individuals have what it takes to be a world-class athlete.

Why Skill And Work Don’t Assimilate

It is important to understand that skills can be improved but only to a certain extent. If you want to become a better sprinter, practicing on sprints will help develop that skill. Trying to sprint on a Bosu Ball will not develop that particular skill. You will notice your “work” on the Bosu Ball will increase, but the skills of sprinting on land will not increase. This is the same idea with trying to increase balance. Trying to increase balance by using the ball will only help develop the skill of “balancing on the ball.” Overall balance does not increase nor does it carry over into other activities. This is why gymnasts or skiers who have great balance will still have a hard time performing exercises on the ball. Only until they have practiced the skills on the Bosu Ball will they be able to perform the exercises.

But What About All The Core Work? Well Why Is This Such A Hard Pressed Issue For Trainers?

I’m not sure where this obsession over developing core strength came from but I believe it has been completely taken out of context. Trainers have taken this to the extreme by trying to implement core work for just about any exercise you can think of.  Not only has this “working on the core” been way overdone but there is also  too much focus on the use of Swiss balls and Bosu Ball exercises. Performing exercises like squats, dead lifts, overhead presses, and even bicep curls on the Bosu Ball will not show elevated “core” activity. With equal weight, there would be no difference between core muscle activation on solid ground or with the use of the Bosu Ball. Even though it may seem harder, your core muscles are not working and harder. Remember, despite what the “studies show” it is extremely important to find out who funded the study. The claims about the ball are nothing but self funded marketing.

Bosu Ball Exercises Are Bosu Ball Exercises Wasting Your Time And Preventing You From Your Goals?

(Aaahh the madness continues. So much wasted time and effort within the fitness industry.)

Rehab Facilities Have Their Part?

Bosu Ball exercises were originally developed for those in need of rehab. It has been a great tool for both knee and ankle rehabilitation. But for a normal person wanting to increase balance, core strength, or overall fitness capabilities, the use of a Bosu Ball is a waste of time.

Still Worried About Your Core?

Try not to get caught up in the whole “core strength” hype. Your core muscles receive plenty of work any time the body needs support. Whether it is for squats, dead lifts, bicep curls, and even military presses, your core will be worked to support the weight being lifted. But if you feel that you still need to strengthen your core, then doing planks for 2-3 sets for two minutes is all you need. Planks will provide much better results than what Bosu Ball exercises could ever give you.

Note: I do have to mention that I am not trying to put anyone down that use these, it’s just that you have valuable time and if it’s about losing weight quickly then I want you to maximize your efforts to the fullest. If fat loss is your goal then I would highly suggest skipping swiss balls, bosu balls, or those small toning balls. You are better off with intense cardio and strength training.  Of course there are certain occasions where athletics/balance could be benefited with these types of balls but most people are not in this category.