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Plyometrics Training: How Jump Training Workouts Increase Athletic Performance

Plyometrics Training: How Jump Training Workouts Increase Athletic Performance

PinExt Plyometrics Training: How Jump Training Workouts Increase Athletic Performance

micheal jordan dunking 43223 Plyometrics Training: How Jump Training Workouts Increase Athletic Performance

If you were to place a huge monetary bet on Jay Cutler (professional bodybuilder) or Lebron James in regards to overall athleticism, who would you pick?  For most people the obvious choice would be Lebron.  I just couldn’t imagine watching Jay Cutler running a 40 yard sprint, soaring in the long jump, or excelling at any kind of agility test.  These two guys are polar opposites and both have completely different training goals.  Lebron would greatly benefit with jump training workouts. Jay on the other hand would rather spend his time finding an industrial sized trash bag to wear as pants. Man his legs are huge!!

   jay cutler1 201x300 Plyometrics Training: How Jump Training Workouts Increase Athletic Performance            VS            Lebron James 209x300 Plyometrics Training: How Jump Training Workouts Increase Athletic Performance

                           ( This pair of “extremes” is supposed to humorous but I am trying to make a point.  So bear with me ! )

An interesting thought is that a lot of people equate athletics as being the biggest guy of the bunch.  I have a weak stomach when it comes to viewing fights on UFC so I simply don’t watch it, but if you were to make an educated pick on the fighter who will come out on top….95% of the time would be on the guy who does NOT look like a bodybuilder.  The only exception would be Georges St. Pierre and he makes up for the other 5% because he is simply a modern day superman.

Being Strong And Looking Strong Doesn’t = Athleticism

Another great tip for picking out professional players who are going to have terrible seasons is to view the ones who had too much media press on their “off season workouts.”  They trained super hard in the gym but have completely neglected their actual skills for the sport. An example of this could be a pitcher who trained so hard in the off season to gaining size and strength but never picked up a baseball.  Once the season rolls around, he wonders why he can’t throw the ball.  This also goes for players in the NFL.  Being big and strong is so crucial in this sport that without it, they could get seriously hurt.  A problem athletes in the NFL or any other professional sports team can run into, is that if they concentrate too much on their “gym performance” as opposed to agilities and overall plyometrics training to increase athletic performance….bad and unfortunate things can happen.

The Big 3 Do NOT Determine Someone’s Athletic Performance

I have found that most trainers still believe that the “Big 3”(Bench Press, Squat, Deadlifts) will indefinitely translate to athletic performance.  In actuality, these lifts rank very poorly and are mediocre at best in predicting athletic performance.  I know, I know….negative comments and emails will be flying my way very soon but let me explain first!  I am truly not a fan of these lifts at all for those trying to achieve a more visually stunning body, but I do understand that for some athletes these lifts are crucial for gaining muscle and strength.  I am NOT saying that a great athlete who improves in the “Big 3” won’t become a better athlete, but what I am trying to explain is that by training with these 3 lifts does NOT predict overall athletics.

A Simple Test To Gauge Your Athletic Performance

 Your vertical jump test dominates any other athletic performance predictors.  This is true for both men and women.  If you work very hard at improving your vertical, overall athletic performance will greatly increase.  Now, one thing to consider is that to improve your vertical jump, you may have to engage in exercises like deadlifts and squats.  The only difference is the type of goal that you are trying to achieve.  What I mean by this….if you are an “athlete,” jump training should be a huge portion of your plyometrics training program but if you are an average gym rat trying to build some good muscle, then jump training workouts may have no interest to you.

More To Jump Training Than What People Think

I have only scratched the surface as to why plyometrics training is so important.  There is so much more information that you can find to be very valuable to your overall performance but I just wanted to introduce the idea that most people have never thought about.  I do NOT consider myself an expert in jump training and not all jump training workouts are the same.  This is a very small field of expertise but I wanted to make sure I found “the best” for my readers. The program that I have been researching for awhile and found to have some pretty good feedback with testimonials is The Jump Manual. If your athletic performance is lacking, seriously consider seeking out jump specific training. I know it many not improve the way you look, but I really believe it will enhance your game.  Don’t just listen to me…take some time and check out more information. I think it’s worth it just to see some guys under 6’0 tall dunking a basketball.

jumpmanualad480x60 Plyometrics Training: How Jump Training Workouts Increase Athletic Performance

A Little Side Note

Overall athletic performance can also be helped by shedding that excess body fat.  Excluding football players, I see way to many athletes carrying around more body fat than what they should.  Their performance can increase drastically by dropping the pounds. If you are a consistent reader on my site then you know what I would recommend.


PinExt Plyometrics Training: How Jump Training Workouts Increase Athletic Performance


  1. jump program says:

    Right equipments is a plus points in vertical jumping training. I did plyometrics and I can say that plyometrics is the best workout in jumping higher. This workout includes squat jump, box jump and even lunges. It is very effective if you want to develop your leg muscle fiber, its strength, power and agility.

    • thefitnesschronicle says:

      You are right. I wish I had focused more on plyometrics when I was younger. I have found that both high school and college level athletics are really overlooking this area of fitness. Jump training is “golden” for pretty much all athletes. Thanks for the comment

      • jump program says:

        no problem..You can still develop your vertical jump if you really want to. Maybe not for athletic reason, maybe for health. Anyone can do plyometrics training as long as your body condition is still able in doing the workouts.

  2. Gracyn says:

    I rckeon you are quite dead on with that.

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