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Info about my site…

Info about my site…

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adam e1288068312516 91x300 Info about my site...My name is Adam Johnson. I have been researching, reviewing, and experimenting with fat loss and muscle building programs since 2003. For many years I have been asked “what is the secret” to how I stay lean from both family and friends. Instead of trying to explain what I do and why, I created this site to help both men and women to achieve the lean “Hollywood Look.” Although…. I could care less about what the stars of Hollywood are doing and I don’t ever recommend trying to model their lifestyle, I believe we can learn a lot on how to achieve the same look as they do when they train for upcoming movie roles.

Ripped and Functional…NOT Bulky!

This site is specifically designed and focused on methods to achieve a slim, athletic, and more functionally fit body than the massive “bulky look.”  If for whatever reason you are into that look then this site is not for you. There is a huge group of people that would much rather have the lean Hollywood look than a massive bodybuilder. I’m not a “hater” of huge bodybuilders, you just won’t find information here to give you that look.  Of course there is a vast majority of other  sites, magazines, and forums out there that will steer you in that direction…..just not here. 


Removing the Guesswork!

 iStock 000012937211XSmall1 201x300 Info about my site...
So why listen to me??  I wish I never have to make this statement, but…..“I know for a fact that you are getting really bad fitness advice!” It is painful to see and know that beyond a shadow-of-a-doubt, that much of what is being taught is wrong or at least contributes to a very slow and painstaking route to reaching your goals. I have been working out 3-5 days a week for the past 10 years under the authority of both high school and college lifting coaches with completely different approaches. After training under these strict guidelines I have been able to filter out the bad advice and learned to draw out the “golden” information.  This comes from other great experts as well as my own experiences to develop an approach that flat out works. No more theory or guesswork involved!!!


An Extremely Effective Fitness Approach
I do follow a unique approach to getting lean that works and makes sense!  Boy, who would have thought??

  • • Eating 6-8 times per day is sabotaging a lot of people’s fat loss goals. Why you don’t necessarily need to eat every few hours to keep your metabolism high. How short term fasts will force your body to burn body fat, despite whatever everyone says about it.
  •  Why lifting light weights won’t “tone” the muscles. Lifting for strength without gaining excess muscle is the quickest route to permanent muscle tone.
  •  Slow cardio is boring and a waste of time, but strategic cardio will get you ultra-lean. I don’t believe that Squats and Dead Lifts are the “king of exercises” and I know I will get an earful from a “select” group of people visiting this site. Why I believe most people will have a better physique by completely skipping leg lifting workouts. Tough cardio builds sexier glutes and legs than lifting.
  •  I was very skeptical at first when I started P90X, but I am now a true believe in bodyweight exercises. After a year of this style of working out…. Yes, you can get ripped off of both body weight exercises and circuits.
  • How to get strategic muscle gains for a visually stunning body. Why I believe gaining XX lbs “wherever it winds up” is NOT the route to an attractive body!
  • Women should not train the same as a man! Enough said…I believe woman should be fit with just a hint of definition. I want you to look like a lady. Not a smaller looking man. This is why I highly recommend Visual Impact For Women

I “Practice What I Preach”
I am not “that guy” who spends countless hours taking pictures of himself flexing and posing in front of the mirror like a true dork. On the other hand, I do stay in very good shape all year round because I will never allow myself to be the “guy” who gives out advice but stays behind the curtain looking like a slob and not taking care of himself.

This Site Is Dedicated To The Fitness Experts
There are dozens of other Fitness Experts that I draw my information from and can give valuable research to expand on the presented posts and comments. I have been able to learn even more from the comments in many posts from other websites so I encourage other people with websites to interact and answer questions in the comment section. I also encourage visitors to leave comments on my site whenever possible. Your thoughts and reflections are very valuable to me. I truly hope people can use my site and draw upon this valuable information and get in the best shape of their lives. My life is dedicated to providing this information for you! As this site evolves I will try and provide more and more free downloads to further your fat loss and muscle building goals.

Now Sit Back, Grab A Cup OF Coffee, And Enjoy!!iStock 000007923169XSmall 300x199 Info about my site...

PinExt Info about my site...


  1. Jane says:

    Thank you for your dedication and research what a wonderful website with valuable information.
    Taking my coffee sitting back and enjoying the read. Great work keep it up looking forward to
    your research on women’s health and fitness. That in its self is huge many lies over the years.

    • thefitnesschronicle says:

      The entire fitness industry across the board has a ton of misconceptions/lies but it seems like women’s health and fitness has been bombed the most. I am still doing my research so that I can make sure I provide the best fitness tips for my lady readers. I know my site is more geared towards men, so I really feel like I am dropping the ball on women’s fitness……so be patient and I will provide some great stuff for you ladies.

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